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Build a Crystal Grid to Help Manifest Your Goals


When manifesting your dreams and goals, it's helpful to design a visual representation of what you are working to create.

Step one is always to write it down, as the act of writing your intention focuses your energy and announces to the universe that you are in the process of becoming a creator and are asking that this thought (dream/goal/wish) come into being.

After writing down your goal, many people then create a vision board, using pictures to help inspire the idea of what they wish to have. They find that looking at this concept helps them feel what the experience would look like.

But what if you already know what you want to manifest? You can see it and feel it, you just want some help focusing your energy and some tools to help you magnify this energy so that it can come to you as quickly and smoothly as possible?

Building a crystal grid is a powerful way to gather and harness energy in order to align it with your purpose for manifesting. The sacred geometry blueprint...

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Here We Glow! Solstice Jupiter Saturn Conjunction - Listen to Your Dreams

dreams Dec 19, 2020

A Life Altering, Pivotal, Earth Changing, Celestial Winter Solstice is here and this year it heralds the ending of the old age and the introduction of new beginnings and a new world including:

  • An emergence from our modern day Dark Ages, into a New Renaissance, where we will 'rediscover' the importance of the arts, culture, creativity, design, architecture, scientific discoveries and most importantly, Intuition.

  • Movement from letting go of old dreams and old ways of thinking and living, into adopting new opportunities for growth and expansion. There is no going back to the old ways, they will no longer work for us.  Each of us will be forced to leave something behind (beliefs, ideals, thoughts, habits, lifestyle, and old patterns) this coming year in order to make room for the new things to come.

We are in the midst of this death/rebirth cycle as we embrace the astrological Age of Aquarius. We will view this celestial energy around the world as a Bright Point of Light as seen...

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Blending Your Holiday Decorating Styles

holiday decor Dec 02, 2020

Happy Holidays! It's that wonderful, joyful, thoughtful, generous time of year! And it's time to get your decorating on!

I love a variety of decorating styles for the holidays, from the traditional colors of red and green to the new modern versions.  There are so many wonderful options now when decorating for the holidays.  The best part? If you like, you can have several different styles throughout your home, just keep the style the same in each room and from there you can offer a fun tour of different holiday displays in various locations throughout your home.

Here's a few snapshots of the decorating at my place and the different styles, let's take a look...

First up, my beloved "Lady Trees".

I name my Lady Trees and this beautiful lady in red is named Scarlett. She has a traditional look to me with her red and green colors. I tried to wrap her ribbon but it was just too fussy. So we removed the ribbon and adorned her "dress area" with a multitude of berries, picks and...

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An Intimate Dinner with Spirit

halloween Nov 30, 2020

Halloween is the time of year when the veil lifts between the earth plane and the spiritual planes, making it the easiest time to communicate with loved ones who are in spirit.

This year on Halloween, I held a private dinner with some dear friends, where we gathered for a dinner of this type.

The event is intended to reach out and connect with our loved ones on the other side, by inviting them to a special dinner held in their honor. Each guest brings a favorite dish of their loved one to share at the dinner. 

Here's how the evening went for us...

Guests were greeted into my home by candlelight, leading them into the dining room. 

 The dining table was set for a formal dinner for the evening. The intention is to create sacred space to gather and hold the energy while loved ones come through to visit.

A variety of metaphysical items were given to each guest once they sat at the table. These included a bracelet to wear, made from select gemstones, which protected...

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The Attitude of Gratitude

gratitude Nov 06, 2020

Each November I practice a form of Mindfulness that I describe as living in the energy of Gratitude.

For the entire month, I wake up each morning expressing my thankfulness for people, places and things in my life. I challenge myself to find different, unique and new things to be grateful for each day, never to repeat the same ones for the 30 days of November. I continue with this state of mind ("be-ing" ) all day and end the evening reflecting upon how many things I have to be grateful for each day. This is what I describe as Level One of my practice.

Level Two is when I reach out to people in my life (during the entire month) and have a direct conversation with them, thanking them for being in my life and explaining to them what I appreciate, love and respect about them. I engage in this practice for the entire month of November and it often shocks people, as I share my thoughts and feelings with every person I see each day, from a clerk at the store, to a good friend, a stranger...

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Three Steps to Awaken Connection and Transformation at Thanksgiving

gratitude rituals Nov 02, 2020
Creating a Conscious Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family can lead to empowering conversations, creating the opportunity for each guest to reflect on the good in their lives and reaffirm their commitment to go forth and create their dreams in the New Year.

As we gather around the table at Thanksgiving, we are offered this opportunity to celebrate:

1. Gratitude

2. Reflection

3. Abundance

We symbolize ABUNDANCE in the dinner feast (BODY) and express our GRATITUDE (MIND) to those seated around the table.  The REFLECTION (SPIRIT) comes from looking back at this year at what we have experienced and how we have grown.
If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I love to share tips on how we can continue to grow spiritually along our sacred journeys. The holidays always supply ample opportunities to do just this.
I know you’ve probably got your Thanksgiving dinner arranged and that you have been mindful of...
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Timeless Advice - Desiderata

gratitude Nov 01, 2020

Given the chaos of 2020, many people think we've never seen such tough and challenging times like these. I think history repeats itself and there have been situations throughout the centuries here on earth where we've been rocked to our core and asked to find our inner strength and rise again.

Perhaps you've read this piece before, many of you might connect with it for the first time. It was written 100 years ago and I think the advice bears repeating again, as it is a timely today as it was then.

Here's a small sample from this poem...

..."You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should".

It's called Desiderata, a poem written by Max Ehrmann.

You can read it here.

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Are You Stirring the Cauldron this Halloween

Ever wonder why cauldrons are featured so prominently during Halloween and associated with witches?  Maybe you're 'engaging' in this magical practice and didn't even know that you are!

You may be thinking, what are you talking about Kala? I don't use a cauldron, how am I part of this magical old world practice?

Sure back in the day, meaning way back in the day centuries ago, cast iron cauldrons were the pot used to cook over an open fire. 

I mean once upon a time, the cast iron cauldron was the Instant Pot of its day!

But the way we cook has evolved over time and rarely are cauldrons used to cook with, except maybe while camping out as seen in the old western movies with a pot of beans roasting over the fire. 

So why are cauldrons still represented today with magic?

The reason is that cauldrons are a symbolic shape and tool. They represent the energy of the Divine Feminine. The shape is round and nurturing and represents that good things come from within, symbolizing...

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Musings on Voodoo WhoDo? and Visiting Harry Potter

holidays Oct 19, 2020

Greetings Fellow Traveler, it's me again, your travel guide to the other side popping in for a quick chat.  What's on my mind today, you ask?

Well, mostly my thoughts are that it's almost Halloween, a time of fun, mystery and magic!

I can't talk about books and spirits and psychic ability and interpreting your dreams and reading auras and intuitive interior decor all the time, can I? 

Actually I can and I love to do it, but it's also important to take the time to laugh a little and enjoy the sweet things that life has to offer. So let's explore a little of that shall we...

On that note, two years ago, (pre-covid) to visit the World of Harry Potter at Universal in Orlando and can I just say - Amazing!  I could not LOVE J.K. Rowling's books anymore than I already do and I was a little worried that it wouldn't be able to be portrayed well in a theme park atmosphere, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. It's wonderful, I didn't want to leave, it's so magical I...

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Make Magical Gatherings for Halloween


I love decorating for Halloween, starting with the entrance to my home. This year it's challenging in a new way, as I'm in a condo, where there are some restrictions of what I'm allowed to do and I don't have a yard to play around with. I do have a landing though where I've been able to decorate.

The video above shows the area where I have some outdoor furniture on the landing and the photo here shows the entrance. No matter how much space you have or don't have, there's always a creative way to make some seasonal fun, that you and visitors will enjoy. Even my UPS delivery guy tells me he loves seeing the changes I've done as he delivers throughout the seasons.

Here's a few pictures of what's new. My ghost girls are still floating around, if you remember pictures from other seasons where they were out in the front yard. I have them sitting in flower pots this year so they can stand up and do their thing.

These white hutches are probably my most favorite pieces of furniture that I...

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