Sneak Peeks of New Fall Decor

Fall is around the corner and this year the colors are bolder than ever!  Instead of going with traditional colors of bright orange and black for Halloween and brown and orange for Fall decor, this is a year to try something new and break out from the old colors.

Let me show you a couple of ideas!

Pump up the energy in your home with jewel tone colors this Fall, including golden mustard, tangerine orange and fuchsia pink! This fun twist from traditional colors, brings a vibrant burst of energy into your home, announcing that the holidays are coming and you are ready to party. 

BONUS: If you're someone who is affected by the changing of the seasons, when skies get gray, the weather turns cold and daylight grows shorter, these juicy full of life colors are sure to brighten your home and your spirit!

Here's a few examples of how you can easily add these colors without redoing your entire home. They can be changed seasonally and are budget friendly.

First up, pillows and candles.  The golden mustard pillows pair wonderfully with the deeper pink pillow and the fuchsia pumpkin delights the senses with a luxurious taste of fall. The pumpkin is soft, covered in velvet and the gold stem is the crowning touch.  Candles in rich tones of color tie it all together and the lavender sphere adds interest and calms the color palette.

Poufs (soft ottomans) are a hot trend this year. Consider adding some to the living room as extra seating or even gather two or three of them together in bold jewel tone colors to create a coffee table. Add a tray to go on top of one of the poufs to hold drinks and voila, you've created a one of a kind design that can work as coffee table when pushed together and can also be pulled apart for additional seating as needed.

I grouped these three poufs together in bold shades of blue and golden mustard to create a coffee table. I absolutely love the design with the elephants on the lighter blue, adding contrast and interest.

Alright, we've used some wonderful colors to brighten up the place for Fall. Now it's time to add some pumpkins. There are so many choices out now. Let's check out some of them.

I'm obsessed this season with chalk paint pumpkins, which again are available in a variety of deep jewel tone colors.  The elaborate gold metallic stems really raise the bar on this look. I've paired the pumpkins with this whimsical moon phase sign. I can't help but smile every time I look at them gathered together!

Here's an old designer trick. If you want to create interest and stand out with your decor, don't spread your items all around your home. Instead gather some of them together into a group and it will make then look much more interesting.

Speaking of whimsical, I love coastal decor and I enjoy working it into the holidays as well. 

Here's my take this year on....

How a MERMAID would decorate for Halloween! :)

 Mermaids love Fall like everyone else, they just keep it true to their colors and it's a beautiful style. I've used the lavender sphere here with the sage green pumpkin and added some softer color pumpkins in front with golden berries to add interest. The Cinderella style rhinestone pumpkin is a soft white velvet and adds shine and glam to the gathering.  This grouping works well with coastal decor already in place on the table including the white starfish, shell, and sea glass. For clients who live in Florida, California and other coastal cities where they don't have the traditional Fall changing of the leaves, they appreciate a nod to Fall and the season while keeping true to their natural surroundings.  

And here's how a PIRATE might decorate for Halloween.

Gargoyle's guard his booty filled with custom whiskey's. If you look close in the middle lower section there of the cart, you'll even see a bottle marked Love Potion. :)  The pillow - "Did you drink a love potion or are you just happy to see me"?  is always good for a chuckle at the bar cart here.

Here's a close up (see photo below) of the Love Potion and a whiskey that I'm fond of because it's so romantic. It's called Jefferson's Ocean and here's how they describe it - "Aboard the deck of a ship, barrels of Jefferson's Ocean bourbon travel to twenty-five ports, five continents, and cross the equator two times. This bourbon is aged At The Mercy of The Sea. Experience a voyage yourself".  

That's right, they put the barrels of whiskey onto ships and let the movement of the ocean gently rock the whiskey back and forth under stormy skies and moonlight seas. It's so romantic!  How could you not want to take a sip? Any pirate worth his weight in gold must have this in his collection.

 But I'm digressing into pirates, bar carts and whiskey, so let's get back to Fall... Speaking of glitter, glam and shine for Fall, I'm in love with this gold sequin pumpkin!

AND here's a fun look at Halloween with a happy stripes ghost pillow, to put a smile in any room.

Of course, I have to give my nod and spin to the traditional Halloween look this year with my pumpkin witch gathering here.

And in case you're wondering what those pumpkins look like on the counter behind these, here's a close up of back there. Chalk paint pumpkins and an incredible cinnamon scented candle against some spooky books.

Wishing you a very Happy Fall season and Halloween!  

If you'd like to explore your inner decorator, check out my Intuitive Interior Decor School!



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