"I believe being surrounded in a beautiful environment with inspirational home decor, stirs the soul, encourages our creativity and uplifts one's mental and emotional well-being". - Kala Ambrose.

Kala is a Certified Interior Decorator (C.I.D.) as well as trained in Traditional Feng Shui and a Member, Color Marketing Group.

Her book The Awakened Aura, has received three prestigious awards for her work in this field of color, auras and energy fields.

Intuitive Interior Decor SCHOOL with Kala Ambrose

Kala Ambrose is an Intuitive Interior Decorator who sees the energy field known as the aura around people, places and nature. She designs homes that not only look beautiful, they create a happy, harmonious, loving environment for you and your family!

Kala's intuitive interior designs are truly bespoke, renowned for capturing the spirit of both the room and your personal style. She taps into the energy of the home and reads the auras of you, your partner, your children and other family members in order to create sacred space, using distinctive color and energy flow designs for each room that reflect your heart and soul in a personal and empowering manner.

She incorporates color in paint, fabrics, window treatments, flooring, wallpaper, lighting, furnishings and home décor selected specifically for your incomparable style, all designed with the intention to stimulate and awaken the energy in your home.

She is passionate about doing private Intuitive Interior Decor consultations with her clients and now she is pleased to announce~~ YOU CAN NOW STUDY WITH HER IN HER INTUITIVE INTERIOR DECOR SCHOOL! See details below.

What You'll Get in Decor School

Kala’s Intuitive Interior DECOR School is a Guide of How To Declutter and Decorate your home.

In this course, you'll explore:

How to clear the energy in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields in you and your home in order to reach your highest and full potential.

How to create harmonious rooms that are pleasing to the entire family.

How to create a home of your dreams that not only looks beautiful, but stimulates a happy, loving environment for you and your family!

This is a self study online course designed to allow you to study on your own time and pace.

Topics discussed in this course include:

  • How Does Decluttering a Room Change Our Lives

  • How Paint and Color Change the Energy in a Room

  • Creating a Home Decor Plan

  • Using Intuition to Read Your Home

  • Selecting Colors that Awaken Your Energy

  • Finding Your Personal Taste

  • How to Speak to Your Home

  • Planning a Room from Start to Finish with Decor

In Each Level of the Course, you'll watch a new video from Kala as she teaches you each step of Intuitive Interior Home Decor.

Homework is also assigned to help you explore how to declutter and decorate your home. 

BONUS: With the purchase of this course, you receive a one hour private consultation with Kala over FaceTime where you can show her a room in your home and discuss ideas of how best to decorate the room.


Intuitive Interior Decor SCHOOL with Kala Ambrose

Kala is an Intuitive Interior Decorator. In this Intuitive Interior Decor course she'll show you how to: declutter your home and your life, read the energy in your home, connect with your personal style, select the best colors for your mind body and spirit in each room and learn how to intuitively decorate your home.


Now more than ever our home is required to provide a feeling of serenity and comfort as a retreat from the distractions and turmoil of the outside world. When we can connect with the energy of our home and decorate it to harmonize with our personal hopes and dreams, our home becomes a sacred space, a sanctuary that nurtures us at the mind body spirit level.

If we understand how specific colors, patterns, fabrics, artwork, crystals and gemstones, decor and lighting can captivate and enhance this energy, we can invigorate, nurture and create a peaceful, joyous, loving environment.

The intention of interior décor is to bring harmony between people and their homes. In traditional feng shui, one of the most important "cures" (a correction to adjust the energy in a space) is to restore order by the removal of clutter and negative energy from the home. This allows positive energy (chi) to circulate fully throughout the room. By removing overwhelming stimuli (clutter) a more peaceful environment is created. Removing clutter is very beneficial, but that's just the first step of the process.

The next step is to connect with the soul of the home. Each home has unique energy and personality and a birth date of its own when the home was built. It has a style: modern, traditional, Victorian, craftsman, contemporary and the structure and layout of the home defines how it flows and moves energy. The soul and personality of the home must be recognized so that the décor in the home can compliment the energy and bring harmony.

Step Three is to identify the color palette in your energy field in order to blend these colors into your Interior Décor. This is done with a consultation with Kala to see the colors in your aura (the energy field around your body) that bring you the greatest joy and comfort.
Each person is unique and the colors that surround your energy body are communicating to you which colors are best suited for you in your life.

Kala works with each client to see the colors in their aura so that these colors can be expressed in the home decor, creating a space that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also energy enhancing and uplifting. Your space reflects your personality and style while also energizing you with your personal colors.

Having a home that is uniquely decorated for you and who you are at the mind body spirit level brings a whole new level of what interior décor can do for each of us.

The home is our sacred space. It is our sanctuary, our temple and it should reflect how we think and feel and love. Imagine how your life could change if you knew how energy and color work and could turn your home into a nurturing sanctuary and sacred space.

"It's time to explore your spirit and discover how to create the life you’ve dreamed of living, by redesigning your life from the inside out.” - Kala Ambrose


ReDesign Your Life from the Inside Out!

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