Meet Kala Ambrose - Your Travel Guide to the Other Side

Award winning Author, Renowned Intuitive, Wisdom Teacher, Intuitive Interior Decorator, Podcaster and Lifestyle Expert, Kala helps Entrepreneurs, Wisdom Seekers and Visionaries live their best life.

Author of six books including The Awakened Aura, The Awakened Psychic and The Awakened Dreamer, Kala Ambrose is considered one of the country's foremost experts on mystic spirituality and intuitive ability. She has taught thousands around the world how to create a life through conscious intuitive awareness that is in tune with their life purpose and goals.

Kala believes that to Explore Your Spirit, there are Many Paths, One Destination. With this mind, she offers a variety of options here for you to explore including: her Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences TM with online courses, private readings and entrepreneurial coaching, intuitive interior decorator services and her books and blog to provide you with information on metaphysical, psychic and spiritual information. 

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Aura School

It’s Time to See the Energy Around You. Six Weeks of Aura Exploration with World Renowned Intuitive, Author and Wisdom Teacher Kala Ambrose

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Psychic School

Discover Your Hidden Psychic Talents. Six Weeks of Psychic Exploration with  Renowned Intuitive and Wisdom Teacher Kala Ambrose.

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Dream School

It’s Time to Harness the Power in Your Dreams. Three Weeks of Dream Exploration with World Renowned Intuitive and Wisdom Teacher Kala.

Dream School 2020

Wise Woman

Kala’s Wise Woman  One Year Course is available in Twelve Amazing Monthly Lessons. Explore Reading Tea Leaves and the Magic of the Seasons.

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Wisdom School

Three Weeks to Exploring the Soul Searching Questions - Who Am I and What is My Purpose Here?

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Home Decor

Connect with the best colors for your wellbeing and learn how to intuitively place them in your home.

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Akashic School

Explore your Akashic Records and identify what karmic past life actions are active in your present life.

Coming 2020

Writer School

Tips on how to awaken your muse and write a book from award winning author of six books, Kala Ambrose

Coming Soon

ReDesign Your Life from the Inside Out!

Kala shares how mystical spirituality and intuitive awareness can help you live your best life. Subscribe to her Free Newsletter for Tips on How to Intuitively Decorate Your Home and How to ReDesign Your Life from the inside out, one step at a time. 

Intuitive Interior Decorator

Kala Ambrose is an Intuitive Interior Decorator who sees the energy field known as the aura around people, animals and nature. Her designs are renowned for capturing the spirit of both the room and her client's unique personal style. Kala offers consultations to connect with the energy of you and your home in order to create unique interior décor that reflects your heart and soul in a personal and empowering manner. Her Intuitive Interior Decor consultations include designing a master plan to create sacred space in your home.

Blog Posts

Author, Muse, and Intuitive Lifestyle Expert, Kala writes about psychic ability, entrepreneurship, awakening consciousness and inner wisdom. As an Intuitive Decorator, she shares how color transforms lives through home decor.

Private Intuitive Consultations

Private Intuitive Consultations, Entrepreneur Coaching and Intuitive Decorator Sessions are available with Kala Ambrose

Kala In the Press and Teaching


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