From a Sad Yellow to a Fresh Hello Gorgeous!

We all have that one room in our home that we wish could be different. Maybe the room is too small, too dark, too something that's just not right.  In my current home, it's the guest bathroom. It's small and shaped at an odd angle. You can get in there to do what you need to do, but there's nothing fun or relaxing about it.

There's not much that can be done with this space, it's squeezed into an area where there's no room to expand the walls ,so there are serious limits to what can be done.

The most apparent problem in this space is what greets you when you walk into it, which is the very old, outdated wallpaper.  You know it's old when you see it, for several reasons, first, wallpaper has been out of style for over two decades and is only making a comeback now and second, it has the trademarked look of 90's wallpaper, which means, it's not just wallpaper, it also has a wallpaper border on top of the wallpaper.

Let's take a look at the bathroom: (Before)

Sometimes you get used to a room and don't even realize how much of an impact the old decor is affecting your mood. The old paper was dismal and while it was a light color, it didn't do anything to bring life or excitement to the room. The yellow hue created a sallow look that felt depressing and low energy.

And just to get a close up view of the border wallpaper:

As you can see, this is a very basic guest bath and in this project, we are not renovating the bath. The tile and tub are staying where they are and we are going to create a refresh on a low budget, by just changing the wallpaper.

Step One: Removing the wallpaper, wow, the room already looks and feels better! 

Step Two: I show my wallpaper guy the new paper I want installed.

He looks at it and tells me he thinks it's too dark for the room. Trust me I say, the room has white cabinets, a white shower and the floor is light. It can handle the contrast of a bolder darker color against all the white, it's practically begging for it.

Here's my choice, Banana Palm wallpaper.

I've always loved banana palms, my grandparents had a banana tree in their backyard and I loved playing under it as a child. I would watch the tiny bananas grow and imagine I lived somewhere very exotic and tropical. In reality I was living in Bayou Country in Louisiana, but playing out there under the banana tree, I was a great explorer and I would listen to the birds chirping and imagine my very own parrot would join me there one day.

I love that Palm Beach decor is such a hot decor trend now and so it felt like the perfect time to transform this quirky bathroom with odd angles into something fun.

Here's how it turned out. (After)

I left everything else the same in this room, including little things like the hand soap, to clearly show how different a room can look by just changing the wallpaper.

Got a room that you think is ready for a refresh with some wallpaper? Maybe the best news is that the new wallpapers are peel and stick and very easy to apply. What's your room saying to you right now, maybe you are both ready for a change.

Need some help redecorating? I'm available for Intuitive Interior Decor Consultations where I work with you to design your room while also tapping into the energy of you and your home to find decor that inspires and touches you at the creative, loving, mind body spirit level.  More info about my design work can be found on my website.

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