Kala's 2020 Future Trend Predictions - New Year - New Decade

Here we are on the eve of not just a New Year, but an entire New DECADE.

It's exciting, energetically it feels good to me on a "global consciousness" level.

I see good things coming in 2020, even better things for 2021 and by the end of this decade in 2030, a world that we could have barely imagined in 2010.

Why do I feel good about 2020?

First, let me explain how energy works within and around us…

In a nutshell, what we think, we create. We are co-creators with the Universe.

Your thoughts gather in the energy field around your physical body known as the aura

The more you focus on a specific thought, the larger it grows in size and strength in the mental field of the aura bubble around you.

If you combine that mental thought with the emotional energy field in the aura surrounding your physical body, the thought then accelerates and magnifies even greater.

Each person does this on some level every day. If you wake up every morning and have the same thought, it soon...

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