Tell Your Chakras and Your Home it's Time to Party Palm Beach Style this Summer

Summer is almost here and it's time to welcome the season in a big way with splashes of color! When I say splashes, I really mean lots and lots of color!

As a person who sees auras, I recognize how important color is in our life, in what we wear, in our home decor and around us throughout the day.  In my work as an Intuitive Interior Designer, I work with each client to bring color into their home to make it a happy and welcoming environment.

How important is color? Let's talk about the ancient practice of Chromotherapy.

Many ancient cultures including the Egyptians practiced Chromotherapy, which is also referred to as light therapy or colorology.  Chromotherapy is based on using color to adjust the energy level and vibrational frequency in the body to help with wellness and balance. 

We are essentially bodies of light and the light in the aura can be viewed through the prism of seven colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet), what we call in the design world ROY G BIV and then their variations of those colors.  When I see the aura around a person, I see the white light energy field around them and then the colors they reflect from their chakras through this auric field. Each color is created by the energy vibration they are radiating from their thoughts, emotions and physical and spiritual well being.

How does this work? Well to get really technical about the science of color, a color is created from the energy being radiated by a light source, in what is described as a visible color spectrum. The wavelength of the energy radiating from the source, creates the color that we perceive it to be through the electromagnetic spectrum.  The sun is our brightest light that we call white light, which contains the spectrum of all colors. You've probably noticed this if you've ever held a clear prism into sunlight and seen the rainbow of colors reflecting off the prism. Basically though, color is created by how your eye perceives different wavelengths of electromagnetic light. 

Ok, so each color radiates at a different vibratory level and the ancients understood this and used color to help the mind, body and spirit. You can learn more about how the ancient temples used color (in my books, 9 Life Altering Lessons and The Awakened Aura,) which shares how they used botanicals, crystals, and other forms of color energy to heal and balance. The energy frequency that you generate with each thought, action and emotion, generates color through your aura. Red for example, has a short strong energy vibration related to passion or anger while blue is a calm and long energetic vibration related to being relaxed and in a steady frame of mind.

In my work as an Intuitive Interior Decorator, I work with each person to see which colors are radiating in their aura and so which colors they need to bring into their home decor to help balance and lift the energy in their home.

(Photo: Palm Beach Decor Style - Kala Ambrose Intuitive Interior Decor)

I also explain how to rotate colors in the home in order to connect your spiritual self with nature and the seasons. For Summer, it's all about Bright Happy colors and one of the decor styles that I adore, that brings in all of these color filled happy feels, is Palm Beach style. 

Palm Beach decor incorporates so much color and texture and glam and can be over the top. It's the complete opposite of Minimalism, as it definitely enters the territory of Maximalism.

If you're unfamiliar with Palm Beach style, it's quite a mix of things. It's tropical, it's preppy and it has the glam and shine of old Hollywood.  The colors typically used are pink and green and blue and white. There's always a bit chinoiserie, palm leaves and bamboo, along with seashells, coral, florals, and animals and they are all gathered together along with shiny lacquered furniture to create a full, bold, lush dramatic presentation.

The photo posted here is a room in my home where I'm enjoying creating some Palm Beach style decor just in time for Summer. It goes well with my new bathroom, that I just wallpapered with banana leaves and the feel is oh so cool and fun.

Have you broken out of your old energy patterns lately and explored trying new bold colors in your home? Maybe it's time to shake things up and wake up the energy in you and your home.  The bold colors of Palm Beach style will definitely make you smile. :)

Drinks on the Veranda anyone? Let's do this!

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