Super Full Pink Moon - Kala's Ritual for New Growth, Hope and Prosperity

ask kala Apr 26, 2021

Welcome to Ask Kala! In this column, Kala invites you to email your probing metaphysical, magical, spiritual, and supernatural questions.

Due to the volume of email she receives, she isn't able to answer back individual e-mails. Instead, she’ll choose interesting questions and answer them here.

Today's question is:

"Good morning Kala! Hope you had a good weekend. I am working hard on a lot of the advice you gave me during my consultation with you. I read that tonight is a Scorpio Full Moon and a lot of what I’ve read has lined up with a lot of what I’m feeling and going through. I wanted to do a little ritual or something tonight for it and was wondering if you had any advice/guidance on what I should/shouldn’t do. I'm so grateful for you and for our talk, it really helped me so much, thank you"! - Claudia, Florida

Hi Claudia,

It's wonderful to hear from you and I'm so happy to hear about all of the positive steps you are taking since our time together.  Here's the most exciting thing I want to say to you... You could not have chosen a BETTER TIME to do a full moon ritual than the one right now! LUCKY YOU, your higher self is guiding you well to doing exactly what is best for you at this time and a ritual tonight is one of the perfect ways to harness this powerful energy. Let's talk about it!

This is a very optimistic Super Full Pink Moon which delivers Hope, Generosity, Kindness and New Growth!

The best intentions work with this moon when we focus on moving forward and taking big steps to create a new direction filled with new hopes, dreams and desires. On top of all of this, it's a Scorpio Full Moon, which means it's super charged with the power to transform all things, as this is the magical ability of Scorpio. 

So with this in mind, this would be a time less to grieve or to think about the past and painful memories, rather it’s best to see all situations in a positive new light and perspective.

For example, instead of saying - I release the pain of this current situation, (which has our thoughts reliving that emotion and still focused on the sadness and pain), one would speak instead from a positive transformative place of power and say --

"I transform this situation into love and generous kind thoughts for all. I am filled with positive thoughts and good energy and I wish the highest and best for all. I move forward with ease and grace, knowing with each new step I take, I am on the right path and good things are on their way to me now. I give thanks for all the new good I will soon receive and I honor each person who has taught me through experience more about myself and who I am". 

To do this in a ritual under the moon tonight, where you wish to let go of and transform what was a painful memory in a relationship for example,  light a pink candle tonight and place a picture of you and the other person nearby. 
Visualize the time you were together as a loving experience and say out loud to the picture:
"Thank you for the good times and the love and being part of my journey in this lifetime. I wish you well on your new path as I walk confidently in the direction of my new path. I wish the best for us both and take only the good memories and good feelings with me. Be well".
Then picture your higher self saying goodbye to this person and see the energy cords in your aura that were attached to them loosen and break free, setting you both free for new independent journeys.
When you’re ready, blow out the candle and spend some time under the moonlight thinking about the new good coming to you soon. Visualize your new hopes and desires that you’d like to see manifest. Do not think about the past or this relationship, instead think about the future and the new experiences to come. The energy of this moon will help draw it to you soon.
This is one example how you can use this ritual with a relationship that has ended, but it can also work just as well to release an old habit, an old way of thinking or living or anything you'd like to transform at this time.
Also, if you’re interested in taking this kind of higher consciousness work to the next level, I’m creating an online Master Class: Prosperous Living, gathering a group of people who want to meet once a month to mastermind and co create energy together for the good of everyone using these magnetic laws to attract new love, good health and continued wealth. The group will meet once a month on zoom where we will discuss these concepts and natural laws together for six months.😊 if you’re interested in joining the group, here’s the details 🥰☀️ 
Wishing you much love and all of the many wonderful things that are coming your way! Be Well.  All the best, Kala

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