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auras Apr 07, 2021

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Today's question is:

"Hello Kala! I have loved your book The Awakened Aura for about 6 years now. It’s inspired me and it is very beautifully written. In the book you talk about 2020 being the year that human beings evolve into more conscious beings, auras strengthening and humans becoming more in tune".

"I was wondering if you were working on any blogs, books, or articles that pertain to this?
After everything going on, I am attending a peaceful protest today to pass out supplies and offer support and I will be around a lot of people
who are seeking change.  Thank you for your time and books" 💕 - Brittney G.

Hi Brittney,

Thank you for being the beautiful light worker that you are and for all that you are doing to help the world. We're all in this together and every bit we do to help another makes a big difference!

In answer to your question, Yes! I have been seeing the next evolution in the aura that I wrote about in my The Awakened Aura book and it's excited me even more than I originally had hoped!

When I first wrote The Awakened Aura, I had compiled notes for years on the changes I was seeing in everyone's auras. It was fascinating to watch, as I observed people's aura in various stages of growth everywhere I went and with each person who contacted me for an Aura Reading, I was able to delve deep into the various layers of their aura and determine what was occurring in their spiritual evolution.

This is done through viewing the aura layers around each person, (the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers) where I see the colors, shapes and the karmic markers/imprints that have been placed in the aura from the person's akashic records.  I'm then able to connect with the person's guides and venture into the Akashic Records to see what each of these markers represent.

Back in 2010 I was seeing a big aura cord coming out of each person's solar plexus, which appeared to be assisting in dumping a lot of toxic energy out of each person from their lower three chakras. The cords ranged in size from a thin garden hose size to a large hose like you see on a fire truck. The size indicated how ready the person was to dump their negative stuff and move on, some were able to do this quickly and others needed a smaller stream of release in order to process and let go.   In the last chapter of The Awakened Aura, as you mentioned, I talk about what this process is doing to our energy bodies and how it is preparing us to evolve into our next state of being.

Now in the Spring of 2021, beginning in March of this year to be exact, I am noticing a distinct change in the aura bodies of people once again!  I'll attempt to describe it as best as I can at this time….

The aura around some people is beginning to expand in new directions. Where there once was one cord in the aura (that expanded from a person in love for example), this cord still extends to the person that they are in love with, but at the end of the cord, it opens and expands into three, and sometimes more, smaller cords.  It reminds me of a plant, the cord being the stalk and at the end of the stalk are small branches that open up.

I used to see this "love cord" as it would wave out from the person in love and reach out until the other person's "love cord" would reach back out to them and they would make the "cord connection", which strengthened the relationship.

Now the "love cord" reaches out and the smaller cords at the end wrap around the smaller cords from the other person and they knit together.   I use the term knit, because it gives a great visual as to what is happening with these cords.  If you've ever watched someone knit a sweater, you see there is a beautiful process of bringing the strands/cords together. A good knitter knows how to do this just right in order to make the sweater strong, without making it too tight or too loose. A great sweater fits just right. It hugs the body without being too tight or constrictive and without being too loose where it hangs and doesn't fit well.

These small cords do the same thing, they connect the cords between the two people, (not too tightly and not too loose), perfectly where they make the connection soundly while leaving with space for energy flow in between.

When we think of a sweater that has been knitted, if the stitching is too tight, it becomes uncomfortable and constricting and we will soon pull it off of our body and no longer wear it. If it is too loose, it sags and becomes shapeless and quickly loses our interest as it weighs us down.

It is the same in relationships, if we cling and hold on too tightly, it can suffocate the other person and they will pull away. And if we don't nurture and care for the relationship, it can sag and we lose the connection.

Knitted sweaters that are made well, still require care and we have to be careful not to snag them on something sharp. If we create a snag, we can make attempts to repair the sweater but that area is always weakened and over time, it finally wears out from the snag and suffers its demise.  It's the same in relationships, they must be cared for and if we are too critical and say very hurtful things to the one we love, we can create a snag in the cords and they too will wear out.  An apology does not repair the snag, if the words have been very damaging. It takes a long time and a lot of positive action to repair the damage done and it will always be a tender and fragile spot.

What I'm seeing now in some people's auras are these new love cords with the small branches at the end and as they intertwine with someone they are in love with, the small branches create an elaborate crystalline grid that amps up the energy flow and connection. Once these cords have connected with the other person's cords, the energy levels up and the cords then lock into place and change color into a clear/iridescent color that shows all of the chakra colors in them.

These connections are created when two people are in a relationship where they have taken the time to come together consciously first in conversation, getting to know each other, and then building trust and intimacy. They connect first in their higher chakras, communicating through the throat chakra, exploring their feelings through the heart chakra and connecting spiritually through the third eye chakra.

Because they've connected cords through their auras in the higher chakras first, when they take the next step and become sexual partners, they have paved a path for strong connection on the mind body and spirit level, because the higher chakra cords have connected first through the aura before the second chakra/sexual cord connects between them. This creates a stronger more intimate bond between the two people.  I explain this in depth in The Awakened Aura book on how we create cords in the second chakra with every sexual partner we have and how that affects our relationships.

These new iridescent cords that are linking people together who are in love, begin to then "knit" a pattern around both people's auras, all the way around their bodies, creating an even stronger bond between them.  The effects of this knitting are incredible. One effect I have seen is telepathy being created between the two people, as this knitted close bond allows for information to transferred back and forth at a much faster pace.

A second effect is a heightened sense of empathy and understanding for the other person. Consciously or unconsciously, we seek out a partner to help us grow and evolve and understand ourselves at a deeper level.  The end goal for each soul here is to become self-realized and balanced with the divine masculine and divine feminine energy that resides in each of us.  If we emit a lot of feminine energy, we will seek a partner who emits more masculine energy, as we seek to learn more about that aspect of energy.  This works the same for heterosexual and homosexual couples, as there are attributes of each person that we choose to partner with, who have qualities that we admire and want to understand at a deeper soulful level.

So as we knit the cord energy together with our love partner, the telepathic ability grows stronger and we are able to "feel" even more what it feels like to be the person that our partner is, including how they think and feel. It gives us deeper understanding and empathy for what it feels like to walk in their shoes. 

This allows a romantic loving partnership to develop further than it has before as our empathy gives us more compassion and awareness to what the other person is feeling and thinking.  It becomes a much stronger level of spiritual awareness and connection.

This is just one level and type of new cord that I am seeing now expanding in the aura and as you can see, it took me a while just to explain this one cord! J  Maybe you are right and I need to get to writing a new book on the aura and what's coming for us all with these new upgrades and expansions. You won't believe what I'm seeing with the cords coming out of the third chakra, wow!

Thanks so much for the great question Brittney!

Wishing you all the best,

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