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animal totems Aug 28, 2019

In my work as a Spiritual Wisdom Teacher, I believe that we learn in a variety of ways, which I describe as "Many Paths, One Destination". I believe that we choose different paths in order to learn and grow, with the final destination being to know ourselves at the deeper soul connection. I also believe that Spirit is always communicating with us, sharing information with us every day in order to help us along our journey.

One of the ways that Spirit connects with us is through the Animal Kingdom. Many cultures have understood that each animal represents certain emotions, qualities, habits and experiences. When an Animal shows itself to us, it is doing so in order to reflect back to us what we are currently experiencing, what we need to learn and most importantly, what energy is surrounding us at this time. For this point in time, the spirit of the animal connects with our spirit and becomes a totem/sacred symbol.

Sometimes, the spirit of these animals stay with us for our lifetime, as a guide to finding our strength, courage, wisdom, and playfulness. This begins in childhood when we are attracted to certain animals and we collect them in our room as stuffed animals, toys and pictures on the wall.

Think back now to when you were a child, what animals did you love?  Do you still love them as much today? If so, they are probably one of your life long totem animals. You'll want to research their characteristics and qualities in order to understand what they are trying to tell you.

You'll also want to pay attention to animals who present themselves to you on a regular basis or in a deeply profound way. You can read about some of my experiences with animals who appeared to me to share their message, including my dragon/dragonfly, my wild coyote and others.

This happens often to me, that an animal will enter my space in order to share a message with me.  When it's practically impossible for them to get to me directly, (like a penguin coming to the Deep South for example), the animal will begin to communicate with me in my dreams. I will also begin to see this animal everywhere I go; flyers in my mail, books and magazines, on TV, a mascot for sports, hundreds of ways until it reaches my conscious attention that this animal has a message for me and I need to research the metaphysical and shamanistic meaning of this particular animal totem.

Eight months ago, a new spirit totem animal began revealing itself to me. One that I had never paid much attention to or thought about often to be honest. That's usually one of the easiest ways to know that the spirit of the animal is reaching out to you with a direct message.

The animal that presented itself to me at this time is the Flamingo

I began to have vivid dreams about the Flamingo, the colors, sights, and sounds were so strong that I would wake up thinking I had been standing there with in the water with the flamingo, observing its life and daily habits and patterns.

The Flamingo totem energy was very strong and stayed with me. As I researched the spiritual meaning of this gorgeous bird, I was amazed at the information.

Here's what Flamingo Totem Animal Energy Means:

  • Flamingos often stand on one leg. The spiritual meaning of this is balance.
  • Flamingo energy helps you get in touch with your emotions in order to release them. It helps you transform sad energy, let go of things that no longer make you happy or serve a purpose in your life, and prepares you to engage in life again to become happy and playful.  When you look at a flamingo, you can't help smiling in wonder and joy!
  • Flamingos don't exactly "blend in well" in nature. It's hard to be that bright pink and not stand out. I resonate with this as a person who was born with very bright red hair, I've never been able to blend into the crowd and when nature makes you this way, you learn to go with it. Flamingo teaches you to embrace your divine flamboyant, vivacious self, just as you are!   We describe color as it relates to the aura and our emotions, including saying someone is true blue, or a ray of yellow sunshine, or green with envy, in a grey fog, or seeing red.  When I see the flamingo, it feels so happy and joyful and playful and fun, that I describe it as "tickled pink"!  and I think that's part of what Flamingo energy is trying to restore in me.
  • In ancient Egypt, Flamingos were associated with Psychometry, the art of touching something and feeling its energy. I have the gift of psychometry and work with it when decorating my client's homes. I can feel the energy of furniture, décor and various items when they hold energy from other people. Energy sticks to substances like furniture, art, jewelry, and home décor, so you want to be careful when purchasing antiques or used furniture and décor items, because you may be bringing more home with you than you expected.  Flamingos were also revered in Egypt because they were considered masters of the air (flying) as well as living on land (earth) and in the water.  The spiritual significance of this was that they could also move between these three planes, carrying messages back and forth.
  • Flamingo energy prefers a zen type lifestyle, calm, introspective, looking below the surface, they practically operate in a yoga master stance for a majority of their time, but their unique color and energy forces them to be noticed and to shine in the spotlight.
  • Flamingos are willing and open to move often in order to find better locations that serve their needs as their needs and desires fluctuate and change.

In January when Flamingo energy first began making itself known to me, I knew that changes were coming and that I was indeed ready to embrace these changes whatever they may be.  Flamingo has stayed with me, so much so that when decorating my new office, it was the first piece of art I purchased to have a daily reminder of what Flamingo wants to teach me.

The picture here is of the Flamingo Art I purchased from Grandin Road for my office. In my work as an Intuitive Interior Decorator, I believe that our home and office décor reflect our thoughts, emotions and spiritual well-being. Where we live and work should be a sacred space, filled with energy and décor that reflect the energy of what we are working to create, to symbolize, to restore, and to enhance.  My Flamingo art symbolizes my work as a psychic who travels to the spiritual planes while remaining in balance and grounded on the earth plane.  It also represents the intention that I am manifesting, which is be open to new life experiences and playful times.

I amplified this intention in my office with this gorgeous Pink Rose Quartz, which emits unconditional and restorative love and healing of a broken heart, and then to complete the trinity of energy and manifestation, I added Pink Amaryllis, which means determination and success after a long painful struggle. The flower has three petals, bringing in the trinity energy that I subscribed to with this intention. If the bulb of an Amaryllis is well cared for, it can bloom for over 75 years. If you've ever grown an Amaryllis, you know it begins as a seed, that can take three years to become a bulb and then after the bulb is planted, it takes quite a while before it blooms.

It is said that every seed and bulb of a flower, even in its darkest days on earth, holds the light buried deep inside and over time, it blooms again to express the glory and power of the light. The long growth cycle of the Amaryllis is symbolic of this journey and is a special flower to give to creative people as it represents the process that begins within as a seed of thought and then time and patience is required for this manifestation to eventually bloom.

In my book, The Awakened Aura, I explain about the meaning and energy of every color and include how to activate this color in your life using crystals, flowers, music, mantras, paint colors and décor. You can read about the energy of PINK here on my blog.  

As seen in the photo I share here in this post, I have created the trinity energy of Pink in connection with the visit from my new totem animal, the Flamingo. The intention I have set from the information that I received from the Spirit of the Flamingo visiting me, has then been consciously activated and enhanced by my addition of the rose quartz and the amaryllis.

I'm passionate about sharing how important it is to be aware of how Spirit communicates with you daily in a variety of ways including through animals and through the use of color. I want to explain how your surroundings greatly affect your thoughts, emotions and sense of well-being. I think people have misunderstood what was meant during the "urge to purge" minimalist trend and that it's left them feeling more confused about what to have in their homes.  It's not about NOT having material"things"...

It's about mindful, conscious, awakened connection to understanding the energy of each item that you place in your home. Your home should look and feel beautiful in the way that works for you. Each item should be carefully considered and then displayed in a conscientious way so it enhances your energy and intentions.

When we engage in this mindful intuitive interior décor process, we transform and connect mind body and spirit into our home. We express who we are, where we are going and what defines us as a person.  This is the work I do with my Intuitive Interior Decor clients, helping them to rediscover the "treasures" in their home, while also reminding them of the treasures they hold inside their mind body and soul.

It's a three-part process, as within, so without, and when the interior décor project is complete, there is a new understanding of self and what it means to create "home".

I hope you'll ask Spirit to introduce some of your animal totems to you and that when some of these animals connect with you and want to stay with you for a while, that you'll consider bringing their energy into your heart and your home.

Until next time, wishing you a home filled with love, light, laughter and joy!


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