Pink in the Aura

As an “Auracle", a fun play on words (aura + oracle) to describe a person with psychic abilities who can also see the aura, I’m often asked what each of the colors mean in the aura. 
The answer is that the colors have a tremendous depth of meaning and when seeing them in the aura, several things must be taken into consideration including:
  1. What section of the auric body is the color appearing, is it in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual fields of the aura?
  2. How deep is the color, is it light pastel, or a deep jewel tone or is it mixed with other colors?
  3. Does the color appear stationary or is it in the process of changing into another color?
Just as in nature, the only constant is change and the colors in our aura change according to our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health and well being.
Lately, I've been seeing the appearance of pink in the aura.  Many of us are being surrounded “in the pink”.  I’ve seen this color around so many people lately that I thought I would share an excerpt from my book, The Awakened Aura: Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body, which explains how the aura works, how to see auras and how to identify what the colors mean.
Seeing Pink in the auric fields of so many people is very exciting to me, as it indicates that our heart chakras are awakening and opening to love and joy. Want to help expand the pink in your aura to attract love and joy?
Here’s an excerpt from my Awakened Aura book about the color pink and what you can do to work with the color:
“… Pink in its clearest form in the aura represents joy, romantic love, and an optimistic view of the world. When the pink is mixed with a bit of orange, it has reached its highest level, mixing the second (sacral) chakra into the higher forms of love of the fourth (heart) chakra and this represents balance between the physical, emotional and spiritual forms of love. Pink in warm shades flaring around the aura indicates the person is falling in love.
A washed out and faded pink or a muddy pink represents a person who has not developed fully from their childhood. They are struggling with immaturity and in uncertain in matters of love and relationships. They often struggle with co-dependency and feelings of helplessness.
Pink is rarely seen as a predominant color in the aura for extended periods of time. The most common examples of seeing pink in the aura include: the first trimester of pregnancy, when a person is falling deeply into romantic love and around newborn babies.  Attracting pink into the aura can assist with healing the emotional and physical body, especially to do with the heart.
Recommendations to Balance Pink in the Aura:
Foods: sherbet, pink grapefruit, pink lemonade, and watermelon
Home Décor: light pink in the home works best in a young girls room. Bolder shades of pink including fuscia make wonderful compliments against deeper jewel tones such as sapphire blue and emerald green.
Clothing: Wear fuscia pink to express confidence and passion. Light pink is soft and inviting and expresses a gentle, artistic soul.
Gemstones: rose quartz
Flowers: pink roses, hibiscus, pink alstroemeria, pink lilies, pink Gerber daisies, stargazer lilies, pink carnations, pink orchid, wild basil, pink lady’s slipper
Music: To connect with pink energy, listen to an old song by Glenn Miller called “In the Mood”.
Activities: Falling in love will turn your aura pink in a “heartbeat”. Learning to love your self first will keep it there.
Mantra: I am filled with love. I glow with loving energy and love myself inwardly and outwardly. Every thing I see is through the eyes of love and that love is reflected back to me. I am in the pink and see the world through my new shade of rose-colored glasses.
To learn more about the Aura, check out Kala's book, The Awakened Aura or study with her in her AURA SCHOOL

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