When Dreams Warn You of Danger

dreams Jun 26, 2019
I’ve promised to share more stories about how animals continue to communicate with me in my dreams and in person.
Here’s the next story….  This story deals with dreams and messages that try to help us through the hard, troubling, difficult times.
Many years ago I began having a recurring dream that haunted me.
While I have a lot of recurring dreams, they typically are warnings for me to give to other people.  This time though, the recurring dream was about me.
If you’re reading my new book, The Awakened Dreamer, you know that I describe the four types of dreams that people have the most often and one of these types is a recurring dream.
Recurring dreams are trying to get your attention, to bring something to your conscious attention. Sometimes this is to help you understand a situation better that you are trying to process in your daily life. Other times this type of dream also falls under prophetic dreams, where Spirit is trying to warn you of something to come.
What has been interesting for me to note, is that many times when I have a prophetic and recurring dream, there is usually an animal in the dream who delivers the message.
So back to this dream I had years ago….
In this dream, I was doing laundry, carrying a basket of white clothes to the laundry room. I should first explain that I enjoy doing laundry, I find it to be a very Zen activity that is relaxing.  So in this dream, I’m happy and calm, humming a tune as I enter the laundry room.
I place the basket onto the floor and as I reach in to grab some of the laundry, a small snake jumps from the basket and bites me.  It hurts, but more than anything it just surprised me. I look at the bite and see that it’s not that bad and that the snake is not poisonous.
The next night I have the same dream again, except this time, the snake that bites me is much larger and the bite hurts much more! Again, I am surprised that this happened to me and also relieved that the snake is not poisonous.
On the third night, I have the dream again and this time the bite is very large and deep and I can instantly feel that I’ve been poisoned. I feel the poison running through my veins and I grow weak.  As I look down at the snake, I see its face change into a person I recognize.
Later after I’m awake, I sit down with my Dream Journal and I look at all of the clues that the dream has provided to me. As I begin to interpret the dream, I am able to decode the message working from the most recent dream back to the first one and here’s what I see…
The face of the person on the snake in the last dream, shows me that I am going to have a very negative interaction with this person, so I have identified where the problem is coming from. Then looking back at the three dreams, I see that this person will engage with me the first time and it will be an uncomfortable conversation, which will hurt, but not be too bad, (the first bite).
The second altercation will also come out of the blue (like the surprise second snake) and will hurt a bit more as the problem with this person is growing in size.
The third encounter with this person will be a very bad one, which will hurt me deeply as this person will betray me (poison me) and I will take a long time to recover from their actions.
As I looked through more of the notes from my dreams, everything is a clue. Doing laundry is a happy activity for me, I see it as taking dirty clothes and restoring them to their original beauty. 
This indicates that the conversations I will have with this person will be dealing with their shadow side and though I am attempting to help them, their anger and nature will be to lash out at me.
The clothing in the laundry basket is all white and each time I reach into the basket, I am happy and calm and in a loving space.  Each time that I am bit, it is a surprise to me, because I was coming from a place of love and light and am surprised to see this person react in such a negative manner.
Lastly, while there could have been any type of animal that could have attacked me in the basket, (I once had a client who had recurring dreams of being attacked by a group of badgers), this dream was symbolized by the snake.
The snake represents wisdom, earned through experience.
This representation in the dream told me that these experiences were coming to me from this person and that while I could not avoid the experience, that if I kept my wits about me, I would have much to learn about this person and how they acted and reacted to the world.
Perhaps in the future I might be able to help this person in some way, but for now, I was being warned that they were in a dark and angry place and that their anger was going to be directed towards me. I spent some time in my daily meditations, asking Spirit if there was anything that I could do to avoid this experience and they showed me that short of avoiding all contact with this person and every person that they knew, there was no other way to avoid it.  A third person was involved who was going to start this ball rolling and many people would be affected by this person’s actions.
Understanding now how this was going to play out, due to karmic events and lessons, I prepared myself for what would come, knowing that I was meant to bear witness to it and take part in some way.  I appreciated having these warning dreams, so that I could consciously prepare for what was to come.
That particular dream occurred over a decade ago, warning me of an event at that time.  It was a really tough experience, but like all things in life, we make a conscious choice of how we handle each experience that life brings and how much we allow it to define us and control our thoughts and emotions.   I’ll probably never forget that dream because it was so specific in how many times the attacks would come, how they would grow in intensity and how each would feel when they occurred.
How Spirit Moves to the Next Level When Dreams Can't Reach You
More recently, I was going through an extremely difficult time, struggling through the deep grief of my husband passing away.   My dreams were jumbled and my sleep was restless and so communicating through my dreams was not very effective for me during this time.
When we are very stressed or ill or in deep grief and other situations like these, it’s challenging to sleep well and very difficult to remember our dreams.
During this time, Spirit was trying once again to prepare me and warn me about a person who was about to engage with me.
I needed to be prepared, for they were not coming to see me with good intentions and I was in the most fragile state of my entire life.
I’ve found that Spirit really watches over me and protects me, knowing that I’m an Empath, so my heart is open to all, wanting to help and heal at the soul level.
Sometimes as I move through life in this loving, empathic compassionate state, I’m caught off guard by people who appear in a very scared and angry state. They are drawn to the light around me, which emanates a peaceful loving vibe, but at the same time, they are wrestling with things inside of themselves that cause them to repel from the light as well.  I have the utmost compassion for people when they are in this state of being, for it’s an enormous struggle.
Spirit knows that my work here is to be of service, but they also know that I am often like that quote —  “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” in my heart space of wanting to help.
In this case, Spirit realized that they couldn’t get my attention through my dreams, as I was too deep in my grief.  When our heart is broken or we are under great stress, it is a shock to the aura system and we disrupt the flow of energy and communication from our energy bodies to the higher self and spirit realms.
So they took it a step further and brought the animal messenger to cross my path directly. Three days before I was supposed to meet with these people, I began to see the warning signs.
First came the crows, at a time of year when they are not near. They perched around my house, loudly cawing to get my attention.
I passed by them without a thought, not really caring what they had to say to me, though usually I would stop and engage with them.
I was so deep in my sorrow and grief and pain that the crows would not be enough to grab my attention.
That afternoon, as I was driving in the middle of a city, in the middle of a subdivision, I stopped my car at a crosswalk to check for any pedestrians and then to drive over the speed bump.
As I did, I saw an animal out of the corner of my eye on my left and as it grew closer, I saw that is was a Coyote!
I was shocked! How could a Coyote be walking around here in the daylight in the middle of this city and manicured subdivision.
And then to my surprise, he peacefully engaged with me....
He not only walked, he strolled. He stopped and looked directly at me and he took his time to walk across the crosswalk in front of my car, looking at me the entire time as he did.  
He made sure that I noticed him, even giving me time to pull my phone out of my purse and take these photos that I’m sharing here with you.  He stopped in front of the word Stop and looked at me, doing all that he could to tell me to Stop, Pay Attention and Notice what was around me.
I got the very powerful message from Coyote.
He was warning me of tricksters and people who pretend to be something they are not.
When I arrived home, I went into my connection with Spirit and was able to open my energy to mix with Spirit and see what they had been trying to communicate to me about the people I would be meeting with soon.
I was now prepared for this meeting and awake enough now to look beyond what they would be presenting to me, in order to see what the motive behind their motive truly was.
I am so grateful to Coyote for delivering this message to me in such a powerful way, at a time when I could not pay attention in my dreams.
More animal stories to come, including ones that are much more fun and light hearted!
Next up, I want you to meet my new friends that I call the Boyz in the Hood  🙂
In the meantime, check out my book  The Awakened Dreamer and start thinking about what your dreams are trying to tell you!
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