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wisdom teachings Jun 30, 2019
In my last newsletter, I asked if you have an animal totem that you are connecting with, and I mentioned that I’ve had a wide variety of animals come to me lately including: (coyote/manatee/pelican/peacock/dragonfly/snail/dog/heron/racoon/owl and butterfly).
Each of their appearances in my life have been profound as they were focused on gaining my attention and wanting to engage with me – at times to warn me of things to come and in most cases, to teach me more about what’s going on in and around me. 
Spirit sends messages to us daily in a variety of ways to communicate with us and animals are one of the messengers.   When it’s possible, Spirit will send the animals directly to engage with you in person and when it’s not, they will send them in their astral form and in your dreams.
Here’s one of my most recent experiences
I’ve had the honor and privilege to connect with Dragon Energy….
In mid January of 2018, I was deep into a daily meditation practice, exploring my thoughts and feelings without interference from the constant thrust of other opinions in the outside world.  The Season of Winter is designed to bring this opportunity for solitude, in order to reflect and go within. When we spend time in deep meditation, we hear the calm, wise voice of our Higher Self, which is always there waiting to be our guide.
One evening after a particularly enlightening experience during my nightly meditation, where I had come to the realization that I was ready to begin a new journey, I drifted off peacefully to sleep and entered Dream Time.
(As I explain in my book, The Awakened Dreamer, I’m a very active dreamer, who remembers my dreams, can lucid dream and can consciously change my dreams as they occur).
In my dream this evening, a spirit guide spoke to me in my dream and said, Fear not, for you will be receiving a powerful sign that all is well and that you are loved and watched over always.  In this dream state, I heard the flapping of wings and it was at this point that I awoke…
With my eyes now open, I lay in bed in the darkest of night right before the sunrise begins and to my surprise, I could still hear the flapping of giant wings that were in my dream and they were getting stronger. I closed my eyes to scan psychically into the other spiritual realms and it was then that I saw my Dragon.  He was absolutely gorgeous and he was flying right over my home. His wing span was so long that it covered most of house and I could feel the vibration of his wings as they flapped with great strength.
I should say at this point that while exciting, the energy of a Dragon is intense and a bit frightening.
I forced myself to relax and breath deeply and open to feel the energy of this magnificent being, beyond the initial energy of enormous strength and power.  Once I opened to connect with his energy, I could feel the offer of protection and wisdom.
He explained what type of Dragon he was (as Dragons represent the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit). He invited me to connect with his energy and I accepted the invitation to take this new journey.  A moment later he was gone and I was still taking in the experience.
I began to question myself, did this really happen?  Was I really awake or had I just had a dream within a dream, where you think you’re awake, but have just entered a new dream. 
Seeking further confirmation I got up out of bed and threw on a robe and stepped outside through my front door into the cold Winter air. I sat outside in the cold darkness of night that only Winter can bring and took several deep breaths in of the crisp cool air to ensure that I was fully awake.
I sat down on the bench near my front door and asked Spirit to give me a sign that I had truly connected with Dragon energy, as this is a totem that I had never experienced before and the feeling was so incredible and other worldly.  
I sat there for a few moments in the darkness of night, feeling the cold air around me, waiting for a sign. I chuckled to myself, thinking what am I doing sitting out here in the middle of the night and thinking about how life’s twists and turns had brought me to this place.
And I waited another minute and then getting stiff in the cold,I stood up to walk back into my home.
As I reached to open the front door, there on the door in front of me was a Dragonfly!   In the middle of a cold winter night...
He was gorgeous and patient, as I asked him if I could take his photo to have it to always remember this experience and he complied, allowing me to take several photos of him, all while I chatted with him and thanked him for showing himself to me in this form on the earth plane.
Later that day, I reached out to a friend of mine who is a researcher in the field of insects and their behavior and he shared that it was highly unusual for a Dragonfly to be out in this very cold weather as well as being out during the nighttime at all.
He described the experience of just seeing a Dragonfly during this time as extraordinary
I couldn’t agree more as I am now three months in on working with Dragon Energy and am receiving incredible insights on how to connect with these magnificent beings.
I'll continue to share more animal totem connections and stories with animals who have introduced themselves to me in their more direct physical form, including my meeting a coyote face to face.


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Until then, yours in exploring life’s greatest mysteries….
– Kala Ambrose Your Travel Guide to the Other Side

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