Why Witches Wear Pointy Hats and Other Magical Fashion Tips

Ever wonder why witch hats are so pointy? There must be a point to it right?

Photo: Spirits of New Orleans book by Kala Ambrose

Once again my dear friends, as your travel guide to the other side and all things mystical, it's time to delve deeper into the meaning of these icons of Halloween.

Back in ancient times and up through the late Middle Ages, women of nobility wore pointed hats. Queens and princesses wore them, aristocratic noble wealthy women wore them. They were symbols of power and prestige. Later in the 19th century, Queen Isabella of Spain brought back the fashion of wearing a very tall hat with the veils and interestingly enough, I write about Queen Isabella in my Spirits of New Orleans book, as she gave magical iron gates to two sisters who lived in New Orleans who were female entrepreneurs running a business.

Photo: Divine Feminine Energy Blessing the Witches Hat - Kala Ambrose Intuitive Interior Decor

Hmmm, so here's another reference to magical energy in iron as I mention in this blog post and now we have this very powerful Queen, wearing a tall hat, giving this gift to these two strong females in New Orleans.

These iron gates are still standing at their establishment, they are called the Charmed Gates and legend says that Queen Isabella had them blessed and if you touch the iron and make a wish, it will come true! These gates are at the entrance of this same location, which is now called The Court of Two Sisters.

Photo by Kala Ambrose - Charm Gates in New Orleans, in her Spirits of New Orleans book

Gnomes and other magical beings have always been depicted as wearing pointy red and green caps. We reference Old Europe with these hats, but they were also seen in ancient Greece, in the Bronze Age, in Scythinan tribes, in Phrygian wear, and in many cultures, depicted as helmets, caps and hats associated with magic and wizardry. 

One of the most interesting discoveries of an ancient culture that wore pointed hats are the Tarim mummies. Scientific tests on these mummies discovered in China, show some very interesting results, which include:

  • These mummies date back to 1800 BC.
  • While discovered in China, they are of Caucasian origin with red hair.
  • They are all wearing pointed hats.

Ancient Chinese historical documents referred to receiving these visitors with red hair, but these texts were later discounted as hard to believe. The discovery of these well preserved mummies with red hair and pointy hats have sent scholars back to exploring these ancient texts and reports. When I say well preserved, I mean VERY WELL PRESERVED.

Look at these images of the mummies with the red hair and pointy hats.

Does this harken back to stories of the red haired people from Atlantis who left before Atlantis sank to share their knowledge with other cultures around the earth?

Alas, again another fascinating topic to delve into, but we're here to talk about the pointy hats. You want history, I'll talk history, let's go! But in interest of keeping this blog post short and somewhat quick to read, I'll move on to the point of the pointy hats!

Wait, I can't... just one more example please, look at these GOLDEN HATS worn by priests from the Bronze Age. These are not fashion statements, these are made to be worn with intention.

What is the point of these pointy hats?

Photo: Witch Hat Clock - Kala Ambrose Intuitive Interior Decor

As you know, I'm a wisdom teacher, and I share the teachings from the ancient mystery schools. In these teachings, there is an axiom called As Above, So Below. It describes that what is found in the spiritual planes above, can be created here on the earth plane. This is a deep lesson that I discuss further in my book, 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled and in my online Wisdom School

Briefly, it covers how the soul/higher self resides in the higher planes in an inverted pyramid shape and that as the soul enters the physical body on earth, it enters through the point of the head through the crown chakra. At that touch point it creates an upright pyramid shape around the body and aura, filled with information and the ability to exchange energy back and forth from the earth plane to the spiritual planes. 

Photo: Inverted pyramid from above, filled with information, light, and energy, touching down to the point of the smaller upright pyramid below. Image found at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

When magical beings and practitioners, high priests and priestesses, witches and wizards, and religious and spiritual practitioners wear pointy hats in the pyramid shape, they are gathering the energy and harnessing it around their crown chakra, in order to better direct and focus this energy in their rituals and practices. 

When it is understood how to direct energy by wearing this hat, it can be a very powerful life altering tool. 

Some historians try to discount the fact that witches wore these hats in Old Europe for any reason other than saying that while the conical hats went out of fashion with the nobility in the late Middle Ages, that the rural people in Europe didn't know any better and kept wearing the hats.

This may be factual to a point, but I think they are not looking deeper and are too quick to discount that some of these people knew exactly what wearing pointy hats can and still do magically when used correctly with the right intentions.  

I've also heard some in the magical community saying they no longer wear the hats, seeing them as just a fashion statement of the time, but I'm hoping that they'll dig a little deeper to uncover the true power found in these timeless hats that worn by many magical practitioners from cultures around the earth for centuries.

Are you wearing a witches hat this Halloween? If so, give it some thought as to what information you could tap into coming from your higher self on the other side.

Ok, if you've read this far, I can't resist sharing this adorable photo with you! This is my little pup Griffin leading the way for what I call --  The Annual Running of the Witches Hat and Broom down the hallway to announce the Fall Equinox and turning of the season. Can you feel the magic and energy in this photo!

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