Are You Stirring the Cauldron this Halloween

Ever wonder why cauldrons are featured so prominently during Halloween and associated with witches?  Maybe you're 'engaging' in this magical practice and didn't even know that you are!

You may be thinking, what are you talking about Kala? I don't use a cauldron, how am I part of this magical old world practice?

Sure back in the day, meaning way back in the day centuries ago, cast iron cauldrons were the pot used to cook over an open fire. 

I mean once upon a time, the cast iron cauldron was the Instant Pot of its day!

But the way we cook has evolved over time and rarely are cauldrons used to cook with, except maybe while camping out as seen in the old western movies with a pot of beans roasting over the fire. 

So why are cauldrons still represented today with magic?

The reason is that cauldrons are a symbolic shape and tool. They represent the energy of the Divine Feminine. The shape is round and nurturing and represents that good things come from within, symbolizing the womb within the woman, where life takes root and grows.  The cauldron is similar to a chalice, (a round cup to gather energy), which is also a representation of the holy grail.

Photo: Copper Cauldron - Kala Ambrose Intuitive Interior Decor

There are also deeper magical practices that cast iron cauldrons are used for in certain circles. Iron is one of the most abundant elements on earth and is created by an explosion of stars. Iron is the heaviest atom created from these stars.  Everything on earth has a bit of iron in it, including plants and people.

Iron is an element that creates an alchemical transformation when things are burned away inside. Alchemists speak about their work of turning lead into gold, referring to the inner transformation when work is done within.  One simple but very helpful ritual includes writing things on paper that you are ready to let go of and burning this paper inside the iron cauldron somewhere safely, so that the energy attached to this memory and emotion is forever released from your thoughts and your aura. There's also much deeper symbolism hinted at in the story of leprechauns and their pot (cauldron) of gold found at the other end of the rainbow (chakras).

Other practices include boiling herbs inside the cauldron that were used by midwives and healers to create poultices and medicinal elixirs.  The cauldron is made from iron, which represents the element of earth, it is heated over a flame, the element of fire, liquid is added into the cauldron to boil the ingredients, the element of water, and it is cooked and then cooled in the open air, the element of air.  The act of stirring the cauldron while speaking words of intention, invites spirit to join the process.  The cauldron usually stands on three legs, invoking the power of three.  I could go on and on, but that's a whole other long in depth report on rituals and practices used by these practitioners of old Europe.

Photo: Symbolic Cauldron on Three Legs over Fire - Kala Ambrose Intuitive Interior Decor

Many psychics still use the practice of scrying where they gaze into a round bowl filled with water to see images form before them. This ancient practice harkens back to the old ways of divination by gazing into a cauldron or chalice or bowl filled with liquid in order to see the future. Nostradamus was well known to have used a bowl filled with liquid to receive his predictions.

We still use these magical practices today. 

What wait, Kala what are you saying? How do I stir the cauldron?

When we pour champagne or wine or water or any beverage into a glass and lift our glasses into the air in order toast to something or someone and all drink together, we are creating a magical ritual.

In this act, we are charging the water within the round cup with our intention and wish, we are inspired by the fire of our passion and desire, we lift it into the air and the beverage in the tea cup, champagne or wine glass is made from earth elements, tea leaves, grapes or other substances. We invoke the elements and invite them to combine with our wish to come true. We heighten this practice by including others in the toast, so that the wish is multiplied by many.

Did you know that you are magic and create magic when you make a toast? 

There are so many ancient practices and rituals that are still done today that stimulate energy and create magical outcomes.

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A toast to your great success!


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