Spirits of New Orleans: Voodoo Curses, Vampire Legends and Cities of the Dead

Join Kala Ambrose, a powerful intuitive and Your Travel Guide to the Other Side, as she takes you back to her roots to discover the most haunted places in Spirits of New Orleans.

The energy of this city is so potent and powerful, that it places a hold on each person who enters this ancient land claiming you as part of its own.

As an intuitive child born in Louisiana, Kala Ambrose grew up exposed to a rich variety of cultures and influences. Her soul flourished along the running waters of the Mississippi Delta and the Gulf Coast. The city that had the strongest influence on Kala was New Orleans, the port city known for its bohemian lifestyle embracing art, music and spirituality.

The city of New Orleans is formed into the shape of a crescent, which is believed by many people to form a sacred chalice which holds and stores energy making it one of the most unique areas in the world in which to perform magic and to see it magnify due to the energy in the land and from the flowing waters of the Mississippi and Gulf of Mexico.


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Spirits of New Orleans is available in paperback and BN Nook

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Kala Ambrose is Your Travel Guide to the Other Side

Prepare to embark on an enticing journey into the haunted history, paranormal activities, magical ceremonies and supernatural rituals and practices in order to fully understand and embrace the cultural significance of the variety of beliefs, superstitions, legends and lore.

Visit the resting place of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau in St. Louis Cemetery #1, have a drink at some of the most haunted bars in the city and spend the night in your choice of haunted hotels. With Kala as your guide, you'll tread carefully through haunted Pirates Alley and down the streets of the French Quarter where ghosts, vampires and other supernatural beings lurk around every corner.

Explore Spirits of New Orleans: Voodoo Curses, Vampire Legends and Cities of the Dead with Kala Ambrose and prepare to be supernaturally and eternally charmed by the city of New Orleans.

Spirits of New Orleans takes you behind the scenes with detailed information about each destination. As your travel guide to the other side, Kala shares travel tips in each chapter of the book listing the best places to stay, shop, dine and party while in New Orleans!


BOOKish rates Spirits of New Orleans the #1 book to read after watching American Horror Story: Coven!

Thank you to everyone involved for this wonderful honor!


Kala Book Tour for Spirits of New Orleans

In just about the most perfect bucket list book tour you can imagine as an author, I traveled around the Southeast with my book Spirit of New Orleans, stopping at Barnes and Noble's, indie stores in many states and then arriving in New Orleans where I was spoke and presented my book at the Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Conference and Vampire Ball.

I was so excited to meet one of my favorite authors Anne Rice and her son Christopher as we hung out in the author's lounge at the Ball, The next night, I signed books at the extremely enchanting New Orleans Witches Ball in a gorgeous historic mansion, where the rituals and ceremonies were out of this world.

To top it off, Bookish then recommended my book as the #1 guide to read after watching American Horror Story Coven's TV show, filmed in New Orleans.  Amazing book tour that I will never forget!

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“Let Kala Ambrose be your tour guide to the ghosts, spirits, and revenants of New Orleans. As someone who has read virtually every book about hauntings in my beloved Crescent City, I can attest that Spirits of New Orleans by Kala Ambrose ranks among the best. What so distinguishes Spirits of New Orleans from the rest of the contenders is the respect with which Ambrose treats spiritual topics—something that is indeed rare. She writes about New Orleans with love, offering practical travel advice, alongside chilling tales of ghosts and vampires. Ambrose’s writing is evocative and her eye for truth is sharp: just read her chapter on Madame LaLaurie. Highly recommended!” — Judika Illes, author of The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells; The Encyclopedia of Spirits; and the Encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints, and Sages.

“New Orleans, a city with an almost palpable mystique of the supernatural, the unknown, the unexplained. A city of Voodoo, Zombis, haunted mansions, vampires, and moldering crypts. Imagine visiting this iconic city with a trusted guide who can not only inform about the extensive ethereal population of ghosts earthbound in their old haunts, but one who can actually speak to the spirits themselves and relay their fascinating stories. In Spirits of New Orleans: Voodoo Curses, Vampire Legends and Cities of the Dead, spiritual teacher, priestess, and oracle Kala Ambrose has written a fascinating book that is bound to become a paranormal classic.” – Brad Steiger, author, Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places.

“Kala Ambrose’s Spirits of New Orleans shows us how New Orleans is a magical city filled with hidden spiritual secrets – it is a practical, entertaining, and expert guide to its other side.” – Bradford P. Keeney, Ph.D., author, professor, and internationally renowned spiritual teacher.

“Once again, Kala Ambrose delivers the supernatural goods and takes us on a wild ride as we discover the truth about the paranormal entities of one of the nation’s most mysterious of all places: New Orleans.” – Nick Redfern, author, Monster Diary.

“Ambrose takes hold of readers from the first page, blending history and legend together seamlessly as she leads them through the plentiful spiritual landscape that is New Orleans. If you only read one book about the supernatural this fall, make it this one.” – Chic Darling

“From the moment I picked up Kala Ambrose’s Spirits of New Orleans I couldn’t put it down. Not just because it’s a well written book of spooky stories from the Big Easy, (which it is) but because it’s also an extremely practical tourist’s guide to navigating the places where they occurred. Complete, of course, with all the juicy history behind them and the author’s first hand (aka psychic) experience of them. And that’s what makes this book a must read. With a writing style that is as engaging as her stories are compelling, Kala not only introduces you to places in this mystical city that you never knew existed, she brings you up close and personal to the intensely occult side of it that most of us never believed could. But then, as a native of Louisiana herself, what better guide could anyone have to the spiritual underbelly of New Orleans than the one written by this extremely talented spiritual intuitive. Buy this book and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Besides, when you find yourself on a plane for New Orleans in the very near future (and, believe me, you will) you’ll be glad you did.” – Marguerite Manning, Bestselling author, Cosmic Karma, Understanding Your Contract with the Universe

“Spirits of New Orleans is a delightful read. Chock full of fascinating stories and information about New Orleans and its history, this is a must have book for anyone drawn to the romantic, fascinating culture of that city. Kala Ambrose shows herself to be a wonderfully imaginative writer in the best southern style. The book reads as if it were a friendly conversation. Kala Ambrose knows New Orleans like the palm of her hand, and she clearly loves the city for all of its uniqueness. The book makes the reader want to visit the place and explore everything that that she talks so engagingly about. The city as seen through the eyes of Ambrose offers a rich experience of old stories and legends, and tips on some fascinating places to go. The city with all of its spirits just comes to life in this book. With work like this coming from the pen of Kala Ambrose, it is clear that we have a wonderful writer in our midst.” – Raphael Simons, International best selling author and astrologist

“In this gem of a read, Kala Ambrose takes you back to her roots and gives you a behind the scenes look of the Spirits of New Orleans. So, just how haunted is this historical city? Spirits of New Orleans takes you behind the scenes from graves and bars to hotels and cafes. Visit the LaLaurie House and connect with the ghostly monk at Place d’Armes, and hear the ghosts at Hotel Monteleone, which has been a favorite haunt of many famous writers, including William Faulkner, Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams, Anna Rice, Ernest Hemingway, John Grisham and more. Jackson Square is a paranormal researcher’s delight and the Old Ursuline Convent on Chartres Street was rampant with vampires who on occasion, apparently return to walk the grounds. Kala says that Pirates Alley is very supernaturally active (she says its great for paranormal researchers to visit). You can also learn about ghostly harem dancing for the Sultan at the Gardette–LePrete House”. – Renee Blodgett, Managing Editor/Founder of We Blog the World

“Kala, thank you for such an fun and entertaining book! If I ever make it to New Orleans (as I have planned in my life sometime, I want to look you up and have you be my real life tour guide. As a paranormal investigator, I found this book to be a great guide in and around the dark sides of New Orleans. This book is filled with so much; ghosts, death, and voodoo. it was a great road map of solid information for someone who’s into taking dark tours or investigates the unknown. The book is well written. This is saying A LOT; a huge plus for someone who has read a ton of paranormal based guides. The grammar, spelling and outline of the stories had an easy to follow flow to them. Kala is articulate and portrays that in the way she’s composed this book. I enjoyed the fact that she puts a personal take on some of the stories, leaves it more personable over dry textbook style as other paranormal road map books have been. If you’re into the paranormal, ghost hunting, historical events or spooky ghost stories read this book! – Regan’s Reviews – GoodReads

“I found it to be nearly impossible to pull myself away from reading Spirits of New Orleans, as it introduced me to an unknown local history and folklore. The tips within the book were detailed and are curious enough for me to consider visiting the places mentioned in the book when I have the time to spare. Spirits, undoubtedly, was put together in order to serve as a comprehensive guide to New Orleans’ transcendental nature. A highly recommend addition to any book collection. ” – AIDY reviews

“Kala, I want to thank you for your wonderful book, Spirits of New Orleans! I read it from cover to cover; traveled to NOLA for my first time. [although it felt as thou I was returning home?] Your book was not only informative but so entertaining and without a doubt MADE MY TRIP. So fun, accurate and I even went to have a tea reading with Otis at Bottom of the Cup Tea Room! We stayed at Hotel Monteleone which was outstanding; shared your book with them. They enjoyed reading it and went on to share all their stories and research with me as well! There is much to say about the rich history of the south not to mention their southern charm and hospitality! Thank you again, your book really did make my trip. I am already planning to return….with respect,” -Lauren, Idaho

“This is by far the best researched and most interesting book I have read on haunted New Orleans! Kala does a great job of blending the local legends with actual historical research, as well as sharing stories of her own personal encounters with ghosts and vampires in different parts of the city. I particularly enjoyed the chapters on the LaLaurie house, Congo Square, and the Ursuline Convent vampires, all of which contained information that I had not read elsewhere. Kala also includes her own travel tips at the end of each chapter, which not only highlight the must-see attractions in each area, but also give recommendations regarding the best times and locations to seek out ghosts and other supernatural activity. This book is written by someone who has intimate knowledge of the city, and it captures the spirit of New Orleans perfectly! After you read it, you won’t be able to resist visiting this amazing city. If you read only book on haunted New Orleans, this is the one that I recommend!” – Susan G. Baton Rouge, LA

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