Using Quartz to Amplify Positive Energy in Your Home

In my work as an Intuitive Interior Decorator, my job is connect to the energy of each person (by seeing the colors in their aura) and then reflecting this colorful energy outward into the decor of their home.

I begin by meeting with the people living in the home and as we chat, I tune in and see the colors emitting from their auric fields. The aura has many layers around the body and I see the various fields which include the physical layer, mental layer, emotional layer and the spiritual layer. These layers often change color according to how we are feeling, the physical layer color changes according to our health, the mental layer fluctuates according to what we are thinking about, the emotional layers changes the quickest, always affected by our moods and the spiritual layer is the slowest to change color, unless we are having a direct experience with the other side.

The spiritual layer of the aura reflects what I call each person's "true power colors", the colors that you are typically born with in your aura and the colors that stay with you for most of your life. When you ask someone, what's your favorite color, most times they name a color that is in the spiritual layer of their aura.   I also find that when someone is attracted to a new color,and wants to wear this color or decorate their home in that color, that it reflects the change going on inside the person and what is happening in their energy fields, in their chakras and reflecting outward through the aura.

It's always important to pay attention and tune in to the colors that you are feeling drawn to, as they have an important message to share about what's going on within you and are showing you what your higher consciousness is trying to communicate to you.

In my book, The Awakened Aura, I share what each color means and when you are drawn to a color, how to connect to the energy of this color through home decor, paint, furnishings, crystals and gemstones, music, food, art and I share a special mantra for each color that activates this color energy in your aura. You can find these mantras and color meanings on my blog as well.  Since I work with white in this room, here's the meaning of white in the aura.

But back to my work as an Intuitive Interior Decorator. When I create the vision plan for my clients, I always include crystals and gemstones into the room I'm working on.  Sometimes, I actually infuse crystals into the paint! See this blog post.  Sometimes I add a simple but beautiful crystal into the decor, like I mention with the tiebacks from Horchow into the drapes.  In some cases, I make the crystals and gemstones a focal point of the room in order to not only add beauty to the decor, but to activate the aura of each person living in the home and when done in a grand scale, to activate, balance and renew the aura of each person who enters the home and experiences this energy.

What does this look like on a grand scale?  Let me show you a project I did for a coastal home.

This home is located on the water and if you've been following my work, you know the best way to heal, recharge, renew, and raise the energy of your aura and energy bodies is to be near salt water. The ocean truly does heal the aura like nothing else can. The only other natural sources that come close to healing and restoring the aura on a grand level are waterfalls.

In this home, I wanted to take advantage of this magnificent healing energy that lay outside of the home here, which was the Gulf of Mexico.  To accomplish this, I designed and built an entire wall of white quartz!  Quartz is an amazing crystal to work with as it amplifies the energy that is directed into it.  So whatever your intention is, love, peace, joy, healing, warm and welcoming, you can program this intention into the stone, which absorbs this energy. The stone then amplifies and emits this energy back out in the space it occupies.

Many people know this about quartz and carry a stone with them or wear one that has been programmed with a powerful intention. So imagine if you take this idea and create an entire wall of quartz filled with that energy and what it can do for you and your family and friends who enter this home.  It's like walking into a sea of energy!

In this particular project, I infused the quartz with the energy of healing the heart chakra and then amplifying love to all who entered this room who were ready to be restored at the heart chakra level.  The results have been extraordinary and people who have visited the home immediately feel relaxed and happy and welcomed. They want to sit down and relax and open up and share in ways they haven't done before. Many of them have no idea about how the quartz works, most only comment on the beauty of the stone on the wall and how relaxed they feel.

This project that I built was on a grand scale and the house itself had some very fortunate feng shui features that allowed for the energy of the quartz to be magnified further, starting with the ceiling that arched into a pyramid shape, which amplified the energy stronger. The pyramid shape added active light energy, couple that with the gulf waters flowing outside and you've connected the elements to create a home that feels like true sacred space and sanctuary.

Below, I'm going to share some photos of this project from start to finish. Let's take the tour on this journey!

 Step One: DEMO

We've stripped the room down to its roots. Carpet has been removed, along with the baseboards. Notice the pyramid/triangular shape at the top of the wall, which lends its energy to enhance whatever is placed on this wall.  The wall is now painted with Sherwin-Williams paint, in one of my Go To favorite colors in their palette - Accessible Beige.  This color continues around the room.

Step Two: Crown Moulding and Lighting

We add the crown moulding to frame the area where the quartz stone will go. Indirect lighting is placed behind the moulding to add to the light energy and sense of sacred space. The lighting is placed on a dimmer control.  I used some gorgeous elaborate moulding in this home, which can be found at Architectural Depot.   Plantation Shutters have also been added to the windows, which also are very efficient at directing light into the room.  Recessed lighting is being added in the ceilings and other lighting sources will soon follow.

 Step Three: White Quartz Palette

We prepare the quartz to be attached to the wall. It comes in sections making it easier to install.  In this photo, it's just arrived off the truck and we're laying it out to examine the quartz. I'm excited seeing the sheen coming off the quartz and how bits of it capture the light and reflect it around the room.  It's even better than I hoped for!

 Step Four: Floating Feeling

The quartz is up! This room is the "great room" of the home and the television will also be on this wall. I've directed my crew to run cables behind the wall, so that no cables or wires will be seen coming from the TV. The TV will appear to be floating on the wall. An electrician has installed an outlet halfway up the wall for the TV to plug into from behind, again so no wires are viewed.


Step Five: Activating the Energy Infusion

I begin the infusion of energy as I pour the intention of positive energy into the quartz to resonate with all who enter this home and that healing take place at the heart chakra level. I connect with the energy of the home and the energy of the gulf waters flowing outside.  The energy builds and then is locked into place into the white quartz.  You may be able to sense the energy now in this room by looking at the photo.  Media cabinets have also arrived, they are from Pottery Barn and seem to float peacefully in place and communion with the quartz wall.

 Step Six: Finished Product

Furnishings and decor have been added and the room is complete.  Lighting includes recessed lighting, indirect lighting behind the crown moulding, natural light from windows, and the mermaid lamp (called The Goddess Offering) is from Design Toscano. The sectional is a custom build your own from Pottery Barn. Natural decor includes starfish, seashells, white coral candelabra from Frontgate, white lantern from Pottery Barn, throw pillows on sectional including starfish are from Grandin Road.

Do you feel the sacred space energy of this room as you enter into it? It's like entering a temple or sanctuary.


 Tips on Creating Energy in Your Home

You may not have a home exactly like this one to work with, however you can create something similar that works for you. Water features can be added in your home, including a small table top fountain that splashes water which creates the energy called negative ions, that clear and restore.   You can also build a smaller size quartz feature in your home by creating a design or sacred symbol in a smaller pattern on your wall, that you infuse with energy, which then radiates outward into your home.

Whatever your budget and size requirements, it's possible to change the energy in your home. Read on, in the next blog post, I'll show you how to use quartz crystal with paint!

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