Details Make All The Difference with Gemstones and Color in Home Decor

As an Intuitive Interior Decorator, one of my goals is to design sacred space within the home.  Our home should be our sanctuary, a place to retreat from the stress and wear and tear of the world and beyond that, it should provide nourishment, relaxation and comfort.

In each home that I decorate, I make sure to introduce these two pieces into the decor. 

The first is a "statement" piece, that defines the intention and energy of the room I'm decorating and what is meant to be achieved by the decor in the room. (I'll be showing examples of statements in future posts)

The second is a crystal or gemstone carefully chosen after meeting with everyone who lives in the home. This stone works in harmony with the person and their family to generate positive energy throughout the home.

I'll be sharing in future posts more information about each gemstone and crystal and how they work with your aura and how their color and energy field stimulate the energy in your home.  In some homes, I'll show you how I went "big" and built entire walls out of crystals and gemstones and in other homes, how just a small addition of a gemstone or crystal was enough to set the intention and let it flow.

Something that's very exciting to me now, is that home decor is catching up with the value of having gemstones and crystals in the home. Now more than ever, it's easy to find stones and minerals to place in your home in the most attractive ways. We're all familiar with the new age look of crystals, and I love it, but many clients want to incorporate the energy of stones without creating that type of specific bohemian look in their decor.  I like to do this as well, to create a sophisticated look that adds the energy without taking over the room. Subtle, but just as effective.

One of the ways to incorporate crystals in this manner is to use them as tiebacks for drapery. I've seen this style used in a variety of homes and it reminds me of grand European homes from the past when gemstones were incorporated in a variety of decor. The Victorian era played well with this style as it blended a variety of eclectic items brought into the home from worldly travels.

The beauty of crystals being used as tiebacks, is that there's no limit to the style you can create. I've seen handmade ones on Etsy with stones that are rough and attached with copper wire, to some of the most elegant designs I've seen shown here in these Paris Geode Curtain Tiebacks from Horchow.


 Whether you purchase items like the ones shown here or make your own, it's important to set an intention when you bring this crystal into your home. Carefully consider the color and energy of the stone, (you can read more about color meanings here in my blog and in my book, The Awakened Aura) including which room will most benefit from this particular energy.

In life, the details make the difference and a small decorative detail like these tieback stones, can quietly but very effectively generate tranquility, peace and love into your home.

If you try one of these tiebacks, let me know! Share a pic here, I'd love to see. :)

But wait, I'm not done! If tiebacks aren't your thing, check out the Misti Thomas Modern Luxuries Quartz Pillows!

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