Visiting the Spirit Realms During Halloween

Communicating with Loved Ones in Spirit

As a Psychic Medium, I came back in this lifetime communicating with those who have passed on and now live on the other side in spirit world.  
It’s been this way for as long as I can remember and I write about some of my experiences in my books including The Awakened Aura  The Awakened Psychic and Spirits of New Orleans.

From meeting my great-grandmother in spirit one night, as she shared a message with me about our family and discussed how I would carry on her work as a tarot card reader and a tea leaf reader, to communicating with my grandfather as he passed, my experiences in this lifetime have guided me to my life’s work.
Over the years, with the passing of my father, my mother and in more recent years, my beloved husband, my connection in spirit world has been blown wide open as my grief demanded that I be able to stay in communication with my loved ones.
These events have moved my life into a deeper path, one where I now spend as much time with those in spirit in their world, as I do with those here on the earth plane. 

I now balance my time between being an Intuitive Lifestyle Coach, helping clients see what’s coming for them in this current life, (so they can make plans and be open to new experiences, relationships and careers);  and being Your Travel Guide to the Other Side, where I communicate with those in spirit world with messages to share and visit the Akashic Records to receive helpful information from previous lifetimes.

My work continues to expand in both capacities. As it does, I love to offer consultations as I do, but also, I love to teach how you can communicate with those in spirit on the other side as well.

I dare say I wonder at times if it was part of my contractual agreement with the other side that I would be of service in this capacity, since I have lost so many loved ones in this lifetime. I've had to experience overwhelming grief over and over, struggling through the pain and loss of my loved one's physical presence here, which then pushed me even further to use my skills to continue my conversations with them, not allowing physical death to stop the connection.

There are certain pockets of time each year where the portals to spirit world are more easily accessible to pass through, both for spirits to visit the earth plane and for those of us here on earth to visit the other planes.

The three days around the holiday known as Halloween, (October 30, 31st and November 1st) are one of these times where the veil is easily lifted and pierced.

During this three-day period, many people choose to connect with their loved ones from the other side. One of the ways to reach out and connect with your loved ones in spirit is to host what is described as a “dumb supper”. The word dumb is referred to in its early origins, which means to be mute or quiet. Silence is observed during this dinner, in order to allow people to sit quietly and reflect and honor those who have gone on to the other side. It also allows for information and messages to come through from spirit.
During these portals of time, it is easier to access through the spirit veil and travel to visit your akashic records.

I understand that this is not easy or as natural to do for some as I have done in this lifetime.

I've been asked so often how to do this,

that I created an online course

to show you step by step how to create this dinner to connect with loved ones on the other side!


The cost of this hour and a half course is only $25!

During this online video course, Kala shares:

  • How to access the Akashic Records during this time, to take Advantage of the Lifting of the Veil into Spirit Realms

  • Inviting Loved Ones from the Other Side to a Special Dinner called a Dumb Supper

  • How to Reach a Specific Person when Attempting to Contact Spirits

  • Why some Messages are vague from Mediums

  • How to use a Crystal Grid to Store Your Data for Memory Recovery

  • Consciously Deposit information into Your Akashic Records

  • Using the Ankh and Cross Energy to open the Heart Chakra


This 1.5 hour online course is called Working in Spirit Realms.


It is part of a larger year long course called Wise Woman Wisdom. I've made this one part (Lesson Ten) of the course available as a separate course as it explains that the time we call Halloween, is one of the very best times to communicate with those on the other side.
So, If you’ve always wanted to try to communicate with a loved one in spirit, I’ll show you in this lesson how to set up a ritual in order to do so.  I’ll also show you how to access the Akashic Records should you want to visit there as well.




The Working in Spirit Realms Course
is available online on video and only takes an hour and a half of your time to learn. 


It’s available here in my online school,
The Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences
for only $25.  

So grab it now while the getting is good
and let this Halloween be the year
that you create a new ritual
where you communicate with loved ones in spirit!


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