The Grey Minimalist Trend is Ending, What's Next

If you've been following my work for even the teeniest bit of time, you know that I love architecture, color and home decor. 


I believe that being surrounded in a beautiful environment with inspirational and colorful home decor, uplifts the soul and encourages our creativity and mental and emotional well-being.

A recent interior design trend has focused on minimalism, with the concept of having very little decor in the home . This trend will be fading soon and will replaced by the next new idea and so on as trends do.

What this minimalist trend was showcasing and responding to, I believe, is how cluttered people's minds were feeling in the current environment.  It's a direct reaction between the clutter that built up in our thoughts (inward/as within) and then displayed in our homes (outward/so without)

(In this picture below, we see the movement to minimalism, in order to disconnect. The clutter is being removed and there is a separation between the bed and the books, a subconscious attempt to put a barrier between thinking and feeling as it overwhelms and causes anxiety and difficulty falling asleep. All color is removed from the room and art is at a minimum as well, in order to create a neutral void in the space).

The world feels so chaotic and out of control and some days it's just too much to think about it all, much less process it all emotionally.

All of this environmental input becomes jumbled up inside each of us until we're not even sure exactly why we're feeling worried and concerned and angry and overwhelmed, we just are.

We've seen this cluttered/overwhelmed mental and emotional pattern build up and extend into the home, (as within/so without) to extreme patterns like hoarding and in more general ways with homes that have too much of everything everywhere. 

When a person shakes themselves free from their cluttered thoughts and blocked emotions, they often decide to make a change in their life. They realize that it's time to let the past go, to let go of old regrets, pain, grief and grudges, so that they can begin to live in the present instead of being stuck in the past.

In order to do this, they have to take action and they often swing the pendulum to the other extreme and go from a cluttered life to adopting minimalism, in both home decor and in their personal life.

The decluttering of the mind and the home is a clean sweep of the mind, body and spirit in order to refresh, reset and regroup.  After living in a cluttered environment, the empty space feels like a reprieve, a welcome opportunity to allow the mind to relax in the open space. The home feels calm and the mind feels clear.

Removing stimuli feels good and being in this low impact environment can be calming.

We see this minimalist effect reflected in the home with a very neutral use of the color grey in paint and decor, accompanied by very simple lines in furniture and the use of white and cream with the only color often being just a simple green plant for some relief.

For a short amount of time, this is helpful for the mind and the emotional energy fields to go into this void of energy and feeling in order to release and detox.  

But ask yourself, is "grey" the state of being and color that you want to live in long term?


A decluttered minimalist grey space is a good place to start, but you don't want to stay in this neutralized grey minimalistic energy too long, or it will affect the mind body and spirit and auric fields around the body in negative ways as well.


When we are too minimalistic, we are saying - I don't know what to do next in order to move forward, I don't know how to choose or what to choose to commit to something new, I'm uncertain and am not sure about any of my choices. I'm in a state of analysis paralysis, feeling paralyzed now in a different way. While I'm no longer attached to old emotions, thoughts and ideas, I'm now in the neutral grey zone, a void where little is felt or expressed.

On a global consciousness level, this what many people have been feeling. They turn to what they see others doing, friends or on social media, and think, this person appears to be happy or to have it all together, so let me copy what they are doing and maybe then I'll feel happy too. They soon find out it doesn't work for them, because they are not in touch with their true authentic self and discovering what makes them happy.

They are still in the grey void, an in-between space of existence, where little is felt and little is achieved or created.


The next step to move forward is to create balance and connection with the higher self/consciousness, within the person and within the home.

This is what I do in my Intuitive Interior Decorator work when I help people redecorate their homes. My work is described as "Redesign Yourself from the Inside Out", as I help the client discover what is going on within their mind body and spirit and how it is being reflected outward in their home.

As we work together in this process, each item in the home is then chosen with conscious awareness of the beauty and energy that is brought into the home.

This is the future of home decor, where what is placed in the home has meaning, intention, conscious awareness and understanding that the home is our sacred space. It is meant to be filled with items that reflect the energy that we want to manifest and create. We now understand that all things have energy and that each item we have around us either attracts, neutralizes or drains the energy in our home.

As we decorate the home with new conscious intentions, each item becomes a sacred object in the home and is filled with love, peace, and good energy. 

We understand that everything has a "reason, a season or a lifetime", and can acknowledge when it's time to let some things go in order to bring in new energy and create an open vacuum of space, which allows wonderful new amazing things to have the opportunity in which to enter. 

It's ok to let go of things that we are no longer connected with and that are no longer serving us, in order to receive new things that will spark interesting new creative thoughts and feelings as we continue to grow and evolve.

As an Intuitive Interior Decorator, I'm so happy to see that this minimalistic neutral, grey, void zone trend is fading away.

This ending reflects that we are ready to take action again and our creative energy is awakening.

We are moving forward and stepping back out into the world to try new things.

Color and decor reflect the conscious, subconscious and higher consciousness of what people are feeling and thinking.  In my work with clients where I teach Entrepreneur Intuition, I help them brand their business and first explain that the choice of colors they use in their logo will have a long term lasting effect on how people perceive them and their brand.  I also see future trends and help businesses capitalize on this information by being able to see what their customers will want five years from now.

You don't have to be a psychic to see some of what the world is feeling on a global consciousness level. One hint of what people are feeling subconsciously is expressed in the upcoming Color of the Year that paint companies release each year.

The PPG paint brand for example, has chosen Chinese Porcelain as its 2020 Color of the Year and I'm delighted by this color choice.  Pick up any magazine or catalog with home decor and you'll see this design coming into play now with the Blue and White Chinoiserie vases and pottery.

Blue is the new color coming into our consciousness again, which reflects serenity, a feeling of calm and peace, with our love and connection to the sky and the ocean. Blue creates tranquility, hints that we can relax and sleep well and it's a fantastic choice of color to ease us out of this grey funk and back into the world of color!

So if you've taken the first step by decluttering your life and your space and moved into step two, minimalizing your decor to regroup, perhaps you are ready now to move forward into growth and action, stepping out of the void and back into the world of light and color.

In this next step, we engage again with our thoughts and feelings and learn how to feel our emotions, and then acknowledge those feelings and release them instead of holding on them or having them take control over us.

We then become aware of our thoughts and take conscious action to determine which thoughts we will focus on that move us in a good direction and which thoughts are detrimental and holding us down.


This brings us back in connection and communication with our higher self/consciousness and we engage back into life with creative endeavors and begin living again with intention.  


In this state of active creative being, we no longer exist in the void empty grey zone and our life and our home begin to express this new energy in lots of color. 

Expect to see blue in decor everywhere as we gently clear away the grey void and ease away from the neutral space, filling it instead with beautiful shades of blue.

To see what the color blue means in your aura energy, read my post here and use the mantra attached to the color blue to help you bring this energy into your consciousness.  You can also read how I helped redecorate a room to its true blue color.

All of the colors are listed here in various blog posts, so you can read what the color you are most attracted to means in your life.

Wondering if you're ready for this next step in your life?

Take a moment and look around in nature, where do you see blue and where do you see grey?

How do you feel when you look at blue and what do you feel when you look at grey.

Think on this and see which color excites you, which makes you feel good. This will indicate what you are feeling at this time.

Look at these two paint colors on the wall in the photo below. Which one do you connect and resonate with more?  This will give you an idea of what you're feeling at this time.

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