Blue in the Aura

Blue, the color of the ocean and the sky is by far the most popular color in the world. Most people find some form of blue to be relaxing.
Blue in the aura reflects generally the same intention, a person who is calm, relaxed and interested in their work and generally very well balanced in their life. They have a deep interest in their spiritual path and are honest and forthcoming.
The phrase, “true blue” is a reflection of the personality found in a primarily blue aura person and if a streak of bright blue is seen in the aura, it generally indicates that the person is receiving or sending energy and communication from the intuitive planes.
The phrase, “True Blue” is a reflection of the personality found in a primarily blue aura person
Deeper blue shows a connection with the yellow mental field of thought. The blue harmonizes with the mental field and enables the person to work in an orderly fashion to accomplish their goals. A brighter incandescent blue symbolizes that the person is open and connecting intuitively and is receiving information from the other side, either in direct downloads of information or when seen with a mixture of white light it indicates the presence of a spirit guide or other being communicating with the person.
Many times a person is not yet aware that they are opening their intuitive side and so the information will just appear to them in their thoughts as an inspirational moment or idea. When they are asked how they came up with the answer, they are unsure and many times will express that the answer came to them, “out of the blue”. Without realizing it, they are accurately describing the auric field color around them, where their mental energy field connected with their intuitive abilities to draw the energy down into the aura, bringing the information to them.
Deep Blue and Yellow in your aura shows a symbiotic connection where you are in genius mode of thinking!
When bright clear blue is in the aura, the fifth (throat) chakra is fully activated and the person is able to communicate and speak their ideas and feelings effectively and clearly. The communication is well received by others and the speaker sounds and feels dynamic and engaging.
When Blue Goes Rogue
When a muddy dark blue is seen in the aura, (think of mixing black and blue together), it indicates a person who is withdrawn and blocked. They have overloaded their fields to the point where they are loosing their clear connection to the mental fields and are running out of ideas. This leads to panic in the emotional field as a need for control, as the sense of being in control is slipping away from their grasp. Because the channel is so blocked, it is not easy to access information from the mental field and they have difficulty retaining and remembering information, which only stresses them further.
The best thing a person can do when their aura is overwhelmed in this blue color is to take a vacation and allow for some time for the systems to clear and come back into balance. They are overworked and need time to rest and recuperate. Once they recover, they will need to communicate to others what has been bothering them and be heard and acknowledged.
Blue often becomes blocked because people do not share their feelings and keep them bottled up inside. If they do not balance the blue energy in their field, they either don’t share their feelings at all or they talk too much, and nothing they say is taken seriously, as they are rambling on and considered a chatter box. They talk in circles, never really getting to what they are feeling inside and the side effect is that it makes them feel worse and causes others to pull away.
One very negative side effect is that the muddy blue person will turn to gossip, either directly with other people or escaping with celebrity gossip reports. They do this in order to feel better about themselves by comparing themselves in this manner, rather than focusing on stating their true feelings and establishing a deeper communication with others. They have become paralyzed in fear and are afraid that if they reveal who they truly are, that others will not like them. They become at this point, lost in an endless sea of blue.
Recommendations to Balance Blue in the Aura:
Foods: blueberries and plums. Liquids are most important when clearing and balancing with blue energy including water and herbal tea with lemon and honey, pure natural fruit juices are also beneficial.
Home Décor: Blue works in any form and fashion in the home, from paint colors, floor colors, drapes, furniture, and accessories. Avoid too much navy or dark blue on the walls though, as it can close the energy in and stagnate. I have seen some rooms where navy on the walls can work, but it has to be carefully balanced with lots of windows, golden oak hardwood or light tile floors and other accents to catch the light and circulate the energy around the room. The effect can be striking, but it requires more effort to the keep the energy moving.
Clothing: A navy blue suit subliminally communicates that the person is confident, dependable, capable and honest. I’d recommend it any time for a job interview. There is a shade of blue that looks good on every person. Try them all and see what feels best for you, and don’t be surprised if it changes over time.
Gemstones: lapis, topaz blue, aquamarine, calcite blue
Flowers: blue iris, hyacinths, delphiniums, forget me nots
Music: jazz, the blues, pop and rock
Activities: Sailing, cruising, any activity in the water, singing, karaoke, participating in a choir, attending or taking part in theater, musicals and plays
Mantra to Balance Blue in Your Aura: I trust that my words are clear and spoken with true intent. When I speak, others hear and acknowledge my thoughts and words and receive them with ease. I am dignified and intelligent and trust that there is a divine plan, taking place at this time. My thoughts are clear, my mind is open to receive and beneficial information is coming to me every day to guide me in my work. – Kala Ambrose
To learn more about the Aura, check out Kala's book, The Awakened Aura or study with her in her AURA SCHOOL

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