Pumpkin Spice Up your Outdoor Decor Witches, It's Go Time!

holiday decor Oct 15, 2021

Halloween is around the corner, are your outdoor decorations ready?

I know, I know... you're saying, but Kala, Covid has changed things, maybe there won't be any trick or treaters, why should I bother?   And I say, Come on, this is exactly why we should be doing our absolute best to decorate outside, to show people some Halloween Spirit! So even when people drive by our home, they can enjoy a bit of the fun and spookiness of Halloween.

We choose every day to feel happy and to look for the good in life or to feel down and victimized by what's going on around us. We can't control the world, but we can control how we're going to feel about it and how much we will let it affect us on a daily basis and whether or not we're going to find a way to celebrate life.

So gather up your brooms and cauldrons witches, and let's get to decorating and sharing our love of the Holiday Seasons with the world.

Yesterday you saw what I've done with my Interior Design for Halloween this year, that I'm calling A Toast to Witches. I hope it generated some fun ideas for your home too!

Today, I'm going to share some outdoor decor for Halloween. In years past, I've gone all out in the homes that I've lived in that had lots of room in the front yards. This year I'm in a condo and did I let that stop me from outdoor decorating? No sir, it did not! So Come on, let's Pumpkin Spice this place up!  Cue the music!

Here's the Before and After of the entryway to my condo...

It's pretty stark out here to begin, a little challenging to get the imagination going, but I'm determined. The good news, it's a very generous amount of space here for a condo entrance.I'll start by working with this wall here and I'm not going to spend a lot of money for Halloween decor this year, I'll show you what I mean...



Note this is my year round outdoor furniture here, all I've done is put ribbons on the lanterns, added two pillows and my Elwood Blues skeleton on the sofa to create a Halloween feel. So this look was created on a very low budget, the ribbon I had from years back, same with the skeleton. All I purchased new this year were the pillows, which cost me a total of $25.  This look could just as easily be created on a deck or in the backyard.

Next up is the area near the windows... You're probably thinking, hmmm, not much can go here..



The bench and the lanterns are always here in this space, so I've added the banners, the witch hat pillow and the wreath. All of these items I've owned for a while, so nothing new was purchased here, just pulling them out and hanging them up. These banners can be found inexpensively on Amazon, the pillow on Wayfair and the wreath is from Home Depot. I bought all of these in a previous season, so cost this year to do this area, $0.

Next to this area is the front door.




All the items here were Halloween decor I've used from other seasons, so they were gathered to be used again. My outdoor furniture and topiaries stay here year round and is only changed by the addition of ribbons, color and small decor. The only new items are the Witch Parking sign from Michaels and the tiny black topiary on the table. Cost for decor here this year: $24.

It's been fun decorating this entrance to welcome in the Halloween season. I hope that it's put you in the "spirit"!   xoxo Kala

For more spirited stories, check out my books, Spirit of New Orleans and Ghosthunting North Carolina.

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