The Color Black is a New Trend in Home Decor, Even for Christmas

Sophisticated, elegant and strong, the color black, whether it's a little black dress, the sleek color of a car or in the décor of a home, exudes confidence and success.

The most important rule to remember when using this color in home décor, is that a little goes a long way... 

There's a trend happening now with black in interior design and I'm already seeing it used in an overkill and suffocating kind of way where the entire room is covered in black.  

Much like the color grey, which I wrote about earlier, black, when used too much, can have a negative effect, instead of the desired intention.

Where I think black goes too far is when entire kitchens or bathrooms are designed in black, the cabinets, walls, toilets, etc. The effect can feel depressing as the color dominants the room and creates a heavy depressive feeling. How does the photo above of the black kitchen make you feel? Are you ready to cook and enjoy your time in this room?

But Kala you say, this is the new trend, don't I want to be trendy?

Yes, if you practice balance and moderation. Using black as an ACCENT COLOR in the home creates a sophisticated feeling. Think of the feeling when you are invited to a "black tie event".  I love black used with wrought iron in the home, in art frames, and on furniture like tables, consoles and décor.  Touches of black in the home are seductive, lingering and create formality. My response has always been the same. Trends come and go and you will tire of a black room quickly. You'll also see and feel the effect that too much of it in a room has on you and your family.

I like checking out new trends and incorporating them into my home, but ONLY when they work for me, my personality, my style and the look and feel of my home.  A trend that is not right for you or your home, will not make your home or you look and feel well.

For example, if you live in a colonial style home and you decide to decorate the interior of this home in a modern style, the home is never going to "feel" right.

The bones of the home are the boss.

The bones tell its story. You have to honor the architecture of the home and go with it.   If you live in a sleek modern condo in a high rise in the city and you decide to decorate the interior with colonial style furniture, you'll have the same problem, it will never look right or feel right either.

The same goes with fashion, different body types can wear different trends better than others. When you know yourself, you begin to see that not every trend looks great on you and you learn that true style comes from a discerning eye that chooses the looks that most flatter you. This is "knowing thyself", knowing who you are, what your style is and what makes you look and feel great. When you gain this level of self-awareness and self-confidence, you move beyond following trends, to becoming a trend setter, someone who exudes beauty and confidence and style because you glow and everything you wear looks great on you and everything in your home reflects your style and energy as well.


Ok, so back to using black in home décor. It's fun to play with trends and bring them into your home. The current trend is even bringing black into Christmas Decor. If you would like to experiment with this look this year for the holiday season, bring it little touches of it into a room and see how it makes you feel.

For example: Buffalo check is a big trend right now and you'll see a lot of red and black buffalo check. Try bringing black into the décor using this pattern in a pillow or ribbon in your décor.

I played with a touch of black in my Christmas décor this year by using what I already have in two ways:

First: I love these candle holders that I use year round on my fireplace mantel. You've seen them with pumpkins on them for my Fallscape on the mantel.  All I've done now is remove the pumpkins and placed white candles with red berry and pine holiday garland that sit on top of the candle sticks, both garland and candle sticks are from Grandin Road.

My Scottish Highland theme fireplace this year holds the black well and still ties in with my Mackenzie Childs vase also here on the mantel.


Second, one of my Lady Christmas Trees has a beautiful black top.

She looks amazing and is ready to host both Christmas and New Year's Eve in her finery! Look close at the photo and you'll see black and gold ornaments hanging from her branches.


That's about all of this trend that I'll bring into my Christmas décor this year. I love using the color black in my home year round and you'll see it in every room I create on some level, as it grounds the room, anchors the space and adds a touch of formality that I like very much, like my gorgeous fireplace.   I may add some additional black in my New Years Eve décor this year, mixing it in with the silver and gold as well.

Silver and Gold bring in a lot of energy in the home, especially during the holidays. Want to know more about these colors? Read my Silver Gold Blog Post.

Wishing You Very Happy Holidays, I hope your holiday decorating is going well. If you need a bit of help, reach out to me and book a HOME DÉCOR session with me.

I'll give you quick tips on how to create a home that feels warm, sophisticated and inviting. What a great way to begin the New Year!


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