Silver, Gold and New Color Trends for the Holiday Season

The most frequently asked question I receive about auras has to be, what color is my aura?
When giving an aura reading, I explain to clients that for the most part, their aura changes color on a regular basis, due to their emotions and thoughts. We are always emitting colors from our aura that indicate what we are thinking and feeling.
I also explain that there are usually one or two colors, which remain consistent in your aura. These colors remain with the person for their lifetime, unless they dramatically change their life to the point that other colors override the previous colors, which change the energy resonance and vibratory energy fields. These are the colors that you want to ask me about, because you'll love the look and feel of your home if you decorate in those specific colors!
When a big change is happening for a person, it is indicated by a streak of color running through the aura. Of all the colors to see as streaks, the two that get me the most excited are streaks of silver and gold in someone's aura!
I'll share in a moment here what gold and silver mean in the aura, but for now, if you are wondering what colors are shining from your aura, take a look around your home and see what colors you've been decorating with in your home. This is especially easy to do around the holidays. Have you been drawn to new colors this year to decorate with for example?
We can also see this in decor trends, as we are drawn to different colors over the decades and even different shades of colors that reflect what we are feeling as a society.
For example, it's no wonder that grey has been a popular wall color and decor color for a while now as the world has felt a bit challenging and bleak at times.
Whenever grey becomes popular in interior design and fashion, the trend indicates that people are overwhelmed and want a break from feeling overstimulated. It also reflects the mood at the time, feeling a bit depressed and stressed. We have seen this trend for a while, coupled with the movement for minimalism in home decor.
One of the most frequent questions that my Intuitive Interior Decorator clients ask me these days is: Is grey going out of style?
My reply to them is: When you see grey start to go out of style, get excited because it means we are moving back into times of optimism and hope.
And yes, to answer the question, while grey is a neutral and some people will always use it in interior decor, the trend itself is fading away now.  READ My BLOG POST HERE - The Grey Minimalist Trend is ending!


I see optimism returning now with all the hints of gold, silver, rose gold and other metallics that are being used this holiday season.

Now that you know that you can see what's going on in your aura, by looking at the colors you are drawn to decorate with in your home, you can also look at home decor that is being sold to see what kind of energy is being felt globally by the colors that are chosen each year. Start with looking at Pantone's color of the year as a guide to what is being consciously felt in the world.

Back to the aura, what do streaks of GOLD and SILVER reveal in the AURA that have me so excited?

 Gold in the aura is overwhelmingly positive. It indicates wisdom and generosity. I have never seen gold in an aura where it did not represent that something beautiful was taking place for the person. The color gold is most commonly seen around the head and the heart chakra area.
When an abundance of gold is found in the aura, the person radiates and glows with this energy, becoming like the Sun. Spiritual masters who achieve this level of enlightenment see their auras fully restored and they are able to radiate energy to others in loving, healing capacities.

When I see silver in the aura, I see it as sparkles and some times in long streaks in the aura. It usually indicates that something magical or miraculous is occurring around the person.

Silver is magical and elusive. Silver seems to only appear in the aura for a brief period of time, to bring creative energy and life force energy such as a pregnancy or to manifest something that requires a great deal of creative force.

You can read more about these colors and others in my book The Awakened Aura

How are we seeing these gold and silver trends in home decor and the holidays?

Well for starters, I can tell you that the newest trend for Christmas trees is to have them in GOLD.  Southern Living magazine is talking about it too.

Check out one of my Christmas trees here in this photo. The tree is decorated all in gold and silver, with of course, a touch of black as well, the other hot trend coming up!

Kala Ambrose's Black, White and Gold Christmas tree with a whimsical design indicates a return to enjoying the warm romantic feeling of the holidays. Photo by Kala Ambrose

Take a look around your home and your choices in holiday decor this year.

What are the colors you've chosen this year telling you about how you are feeling this year?

Ready to find your inner color wisdom?

BOOK your AURA CONSULTATION with me here or your INTUITIVE INTERIOR DECOR session to get the colors right to enhance the energy of you and your home in the New Year! 

Wishing you the happiest of holidays, filled with love, joy, hope and of course, great décor!

I hope these articles are helpful to you along your journey! It's my joy as a wisdom teacher to share information in this manner. 

Like the look of my home decor? The pieces shown in these photos are from Home Goods, Frontgate, Ballard Designs, Grandin Road, Yankee Candle and Aveda.  

Until next time, all the best,



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