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ask kala color intuitive Dec 11, 2019

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Today's question is:

"Dear Kala, I had an experience recently that keeps presenting in my thoughts and I am hoping you can help me make some sense from it.

I’m a photographer by profession, and on a recent shoot at a client’s home, her daughter kept tagging along with me, even though her mom asked her not to, and her clearly being a well behaved kid. I stated that I enjoyed her company, and she said “I like to be with you.”

When I asked her why, her reply was this: “because of the lights.”

I thought she meant the external flash, so I asked if she wanted to hold it or push the button to fire it. She looked at me and started laughing and said “not the fake lights, your lights. The pink and gold lights you have.”

I didn’t know what she meant, so I squatted down to her eye level again, and she said, before I could say anything, “can I touch your hair?” I said ok, and she reached out and took some of the hair next to my face between her fingers and tugged on it. “It’s not in your hair,” she stated decisively.

“A,” I said (her name) “I don’t know what lights you mean, can you help me know?”

And she shrugged and said “it’s just your lights. You’re all pink with gold sparkles all around your head, and it’s SO pretty!”

Well I was touched at her curiosity and wondered if in fact she was seeing my aura?

I’ve never heard of an aura being pink or having sparkles so I’m just wondering... what do you think? So much thanks! *hug* -Becca

Hi Becca, 

What a wonderful experience, thanks so much for writing in with your question!

The short answer is, yes she was seeing your aura and almost all children see and feel auras around people. Up until the age of seven, it's very easy for children to be in contact with the spiritual planes and to be psychic, see auras, communicate with spirit guides, see ghosts and spirits and describe them as what we call, imaginary friends.

Your little friend A was seeing your aura. Lots of people have Pink in their aura. I share what the aura colors mean in my book, The Awakened Aura and you can read about what the color Pink means in the aura in my blog post here.

Now about the sparkles, that's my dear is a whole other conversation. Sparkles in the aura indicate beings in spirit and usually sparkles indicate baby souls around you. She was seeing those baby souls and felt safe and happy around you and their beautiful pure energy. 

When I see sparkles in someone's aura, it tells one of two distinct things...

One, there is a very high chance of this person or their partner becoming pregnant, as the baby souls are around trying to make it happen.   If the person who has sparkles around them can not become pregnant, (due to physical complications, or they are in menopause etc, or using birth control because they do not have the desire to become pregnant), then it means that the second thing, which is: 

The second chakra is being activated to bring forth a very strong creative expression in artistic form through this person.  This leads to genius type thinking and ideas being expressed.

If you are wanting to have children, you have a great opportunity at this time, though I must say, usually when I see sparkles around someone who is about to become pregnant, the sparkles are SILVER, not GOLD. (More about what this means below...)

If you are pouring your creative energy into your work or other passion, the Universe is aligned with you to help bring your creative vision and passion into manifestation and being onto the Earth Plane. In this case with young A seeing GOLD sparkles around you, gold indicates very high level spiritual beings around you assisting with this process. 

Gold in the aura is overwhelmingly positive. It indicates wisdom and generosity. I have never seen gold in an aura where it did not represent that something beautiful was taking place for the person. The color gold is most commonly seen around the head and the heart chakra area.
When an abundance of gold is found in the aura, the person radiates and glows with this energy, becoming like the Sun. Spiritual masters who achieve this level of enlightenment see their auras fully restored and they are able to radiate energy to others in loving, healing capacities.

Read my explanation on gold in the aura here in this blog post.

The only way I could say definitively about the colors in your aura, would be if I was doing a private consultation with you where I was tapping into and viewing your aura. With this question, we have young A as the aura reader, providing information to you as she saw it and so I am interpreting it as she reported.

Funny enough, as the Universe would have it be, :) I recently wrote a blog post about Seeing Sparkles in the Aura, which you can read here.

Whether it's about pregnancy (where gold sparkles would indicate a very wise old soul coming through to be born) or giving birth to a new creative endeavor, either way, it's a very positive, very beautiful experience and you should take advantage of this opportunity at this time.

I often see baby souls around clients when I work with them and I've communicated with these baby souls in spirit form before they manifest through into physical form when they are born. It's an amazing thing to experience. Just one of the many reasons I love the work I do and feel so grateful that I've been able to see auras all of my life.

Lastly, her remark about your hair, she was seeing your "higher self/higher consciousness/soul" in your limitless, infinite expression, where you have a lot more energy around you, which would look like hair around your head to her. :)

All the best,


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