What the Color Gold Means in the Aura

When gold is seen in the aura, it indicates spiritual mastery and a connection with ascended beings from the higher planes. This was often portrayed in paintings of spiritual masters and enlightened spiritual teachers who were depicted with gold halos around their head, representing their golden aura and spiritual enlightenment.
Gold in the aura is overwhelmingly positive and also indicates wisdom and generosity. I have never seen gold in an aura where it did not represent that something beautiful was taking place for the person.
The color gold in the aura is most commonly seen around the head and the heart chakra area. When an abundance of gold is found in the aura, the person radiates and glows with the gold energy, becoming like the Sun. Spiritual masters who achieve this level of enlightenment see their auras fully restored and they are able to radiate energy to others in healing capacities.
There are some occasions when the gold color appears muddy in the aura. When this is seen, it represents that the person is in the process of alchemically transmuting the lower level energy out of their aura, in order to turn it to gold.  The lingering colors are being burned away from the auric fields and muddy the energy field during this time as they burn away and are removed. This is a temporary refining process as the person continues on their enlightened journey.
Truly, like the old saying, when you see this color in the aura, the person is “as good as gold”.
Recommendations to Connect With and Enhance Gold:
Foods: herbal teas and eating light meals four or five times a day, rather than three heavy meals, helps with the transmutation. Ginger ale is also helpful.
Home Décor: Gold is a beautiful accent to use in the home in all forms of décor, especially when blended with white. Himalayan Salt Lamps help to purify the home and transform energy.
Clothing: Gold is best represented in the metal form, such as in jewelry, rather than being worn in clothing.
Gemstones: gold
Flowers: plumeria, gold poppy, buttercups, lantana gold mound, achilea coronation gold, Biden’s gold spark
Music: like the higher level auric fields and chakras, music can only serve at this level to lift the spirit, so choose what feels right to you. Crystal bowls; chanting and Tibetan bells are also helpful.
Activities: The transmutation to gold in the aura happens when the other aura fields and chakras are clear and aligned and the person is engaged in deep spiritual work. There is no short cut process to the auric fields attuning to the gold color in the aura. It is an alchemical transmutation from the lower bodies into the higher bodies.
Mantra: Hear me now O Divine One, spirit of all and keeper of wisdom. I see you and now you see me and we are one. Gather unto me with your wisdom and keep me safe as I journey deep into the realms of my soul. My step is sure and my burden light as I transmute my energy from white light into gold.
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