Kala's Future Trend Predictions - New Decade

Here we are on the eve of an entire New DECADE.

It's exciting on a "global consciousness" level.


First, let me explain how energy works within and around us…

In a nutshell, what we think, we create. We are co-creators with the Universe.

Your thoughts gather in the energy field around your physical body known as the aura

The more you focus on a specific thought, the larger it grows in size and strength in the mental field of the aura bubble around you.

If you combine that mental thought with the emotional energy field in the aura surrounding your physical body, the thought then accelerates and magnifies even greater.

Each person does this on some level every day. If you wake up every morning and have the same thought, it soon becomes part of your belief system and eventually it becomes part of your reality. This is why so many coaches, therapists, thought leaders and inspirational speakers spend so much time explaining what negative self-talk can do to you and what a difference that positive affirming self-talk can make in your life.

When you take a thought and turn it into a belief and then work to convince other people to accept this thought and belief, the energy expands. It's a universal law of energy - when a large group of people focus on the same thought, it grows significantly.  When enough people believe in a thought or concept, it eventually expands into what we call the Global Consciousness field floating around the earth.

So when we focus in large groups on a single idea or thought, it manifests even quicker on the earth plane.

With that in mind, how have group thoughts affected us in this past decade of 2010-2019

For the past several years, a lot of thought combined with a huge amount of emotion by large groups of people, has been focused on the changes that are happening in the world. One of the results from these changes, has been a big build-up of anger, which at the beginning served as a fuel to shake things and people up in order to make a move for change. 

What I see happening energetically now in 2019, in the auras of many people and in the global consciousness field, is that this anger/frustration/outrage and outcry has peaked at an exceedingly high level. The level became so high, that it toppled over the edge and people began taking it out on each other about every little thing, feeling overly sensitive and mistreated by every tiny slight.  This outrage expanded to a point where it began to affect and infect everyone on a daily basis.

This "angry at everything "energy has now reached a stage of "burn out".

Meaning that a person can only stay angry at everything for so long until eventually they tire of it and run out of energy. They burn out, no longer able to keep stirring the fires of anger within. The body has run out of steam and the mind has lost the will and the spirit, well the spirit wants to restore some balance back into daily life.

I see this burn out in the aura of people and in the global consciousness field.

I see people tired of fighting about everything and I see people wanting to return to a place of balance in life in many ways.  They want to see a kinder, gentler, more respectful interaction when speaking to others, when showing their children how they should address other people and when speaking to people in public, in stores, in restaurants, etc.

As people turn away from being exceedingly outraged at everything, to focusing on what is happening in their life currently in the moment, they are taking a breath and asking, is it really worth it, to get this upset over this thing or should I just let it go?  

And more and more beginning this year, people will be choosing their battles, protecting their energy and time, and learning to let things go.

Kala, you ask, can you give us an example of how you see this coming in the New Year?

As an intuitive who sees auras, I find that color is great tool to see what's happening in a person's life, in their energy field and what's occurring around the world energetically.

The colors we are attracted to show what we are seeking to bring into our lives in order to bring us back into balance.  

The colors that we choose on a global scale, show what we are wishing for as a society.

One of the major industry players who announce the color of the year that will be used in fashion and home décor is Pantone. Their color prediction has a great effect upon of us all, as it will be reflected in the clothing we wear, the home décor and furniture, and in paint and other layers of design.

So what is Pantone's Color of the Year for 2020?

It's Classic Blue. 

This is the energy coming in 2020. Classic Blue is calming, reasonable, tried and true, sensible, sturdy, balanced, respected, and confident while reassuring.  It's even called "classic", meaning a stabilizing force and anchor to establishing a foundation on which to build. We are moving into calmer times.

This is good news that we will enter this new decade in the mood for reason, calm and balance.

Over this coming decade, here are some of the new trends that will affect us all...

  1. A deeper revelation about what is fake news. 
    People are realizing that fake news has always been a thing. If they take a minute to look back in history, they will read about yellow journalism from back in 1900, and stories of wag the dog, and even older tales of how journalism was used to manipulate and control. This has always been a constant, the only difference is that the news has moved from town criers, to newspapers, to propaganda pamphlets circulated during war times onto the internet. Same story, different circulation methods. This is not some big revelation here. It's just a reminder of why people should study history, as they would be aware that things like fake news have always gone on in the world and continue to this day.

In regards to what I mean about a deeper reveal/awakening regarding fake news,  what I mean is that people will understand that if they want to call something fake news, that it should start with the people they know who are sharing things on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.  I don't mean sharing a news article from a bot, but the fake news that people post about their lives, about how amazing their life and family are doing every moment of the day.  It's not real or authentic. I've spoken with so many people who are so depressed because they look at their friends Facebook/Instagram accounts and their friends seen to have it all perfectly together. Their life/house/career/spouse/children appear to all be on point and they have the staged photos to prove it and show them constantly on their social media.  The people viewing these photos and captions believe that it must be true and then believe that they are sorely lacking and losing in every way possible. After all, their vacations aren't that dreamy, their children are struggling in their teen years, they argue with their spouse and some days, life just isn't that fabulous.

We used to think it was bad back when we got that Christmas letter once a year from that friend or family member. We all know the one, bragging about their families achievements and plastering the card with photos of themselves and their family.  That once a year brag card, has now turned into what we see constantly on the FB/Insta feeds. 

In this new decade, the people will wake up and see the truth. That no one's life is perfect and that these people are FILTERING out their lives, trying to convince others that they have it all together, instead of being authentic and genuine.

As people realize this truth, they will begin tuning out these people's fake news and tuning in to people who are being genuine and truly open as they share about the ups and downs of life that we all experience.

  1. Less time will be spent on social media overall and the dawn of what I'm calling -  SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE begins.
    The last decade's focus (unhealthy obsession) on taking vacations or throwing parties, not to actually enjoy them, but instead to get a good picture that makes it look like you were having fun, so you can show off what a great life you supposedly have, will be marked as one of the worst trends of the last decade.

People are starting to realize that maybe all those people posing in those photos aren't really living their quote best life.

They're not really experiencing things or living, they're too busy looking at life through their phone trying to get a good picture and then to filter it, so it looks like something even better than it is or was in person. 

In this new decade, people will begin to take "screen time outs",  where they will put their phones away for a minute and see that actually experiencing a moment, is incredible in comparison to trying to photograph it. 

The obsession with being over filtered instead of showing a natural photo in the moment will soon also be a trend that people will look back on in the future and refer to as the worst part of this last decade.  

The new trend is for "meaningful connection". Some of these moments will be respected as private moments not to be shared online. We will be much choosier about what moments we share online and get that less is more. The focus will turn to quality over quantity. The people who overshare will lose their brand status and be seen as needy.

To be clear though, Social Media is not going away, but SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE is emerging as people see what a sham most people are posting about their lives, which is not sustainable.

  1. Advocacy for Change with Strength and Dignity.
    A return to reason will appear this decade as people realize that if you stay in anger and yell, that eventually people will disregard you and your thoughts, as it wears them out and weakens your position. It's hard to trust what a person says when they say it continually in anger.

People will use new techniques to get their point across and understand that one does not have to scream and yell to get their point made.  They will realize that great change comes, not when you are divisive and focused only on winning by destroying everyone else, but rather when one compromises and finds a solution that is more appealing to almost everyone. 

This last decade was about people being angry and pointing at other people, places and things and saying, you're bad, this is bad, you're all wrong, you're the problem on and on. At first, this has to happen to bring issues out into the light. But if the focus stays just on blame and finger pointing, it eventually backfires. Anyone can be a critic, finding fault is easy, but after the initial problem is exposed, people are most interested in the person who can offer a solution and a compromise that helps as many as possible.   

In the new decade, Thought Leaders will be the most respected and heard, not the great hostile divisive Critics, who have built careers on angering people. Their time is ending in this new decade.

  1. Reality TV and other shows will change to reflect what people are looking for now.
    Years ago I met with some producers who wanted to discuss having me do a reality tv show based on my wisdom teachings. I was interested and met with them, but they wanted me to make it a very negative show, where the flaws of people would be pointed out and they would be berated publicly. At the end, they would receive a spiritual makeover in order to be become better people.

I wanted to help people but I did not want to tear them down publicly on national tv.

I asked, couldn't we focus on empowering them and instead of focusing on their past, show them how to do better in the future?  They replied, we would love to do tv shows like that, but what we find is when we do a show like that, the viewers don't watch.  Our viewers, mostly women, love to watch reality tv shows where the women tear each other apart and put each other down and humiliate each other. 

When they began listing the names of the shows they produced and how popular these shows are, I realized with a heavy heart how true their statement was.  They wanted to produce different types of shows, but as they explained, it appeared that their viewers wanted to see people put down and torn apart in order to feel better about themselves in some way.  

How sad it is that in this past decade, the most watched reality shows were the ones where people were attacked, betrayed, humiliated, aggressive, and treated poorly.  

I'm happy to say that I see this trend ending and that new reality shows will be created that lift up and empower people, by helping them become better and more accepting of other people and their situations. TV producers, are you listening? Come back and find me if you're ready to do something empowering, I'm ready to rock this new trend!

TV shows will also reflect more hopeful outcomes and inspirational ideas including.

- I think we'll see a change on the home improvement channels from flipping houses/ get rich selling houses shows that don't really pan out for most people, into seeing how to decorate your home in fun and simple ways and make it sustainable long term. 

This focus will move away from what I call "pinterest perfect" home décor, where everyone copied each other to create an interior design package that looked the same everywhere, a minimalist blasé grey monotone vapid no personality interior design.

The new trend this decade is having VERY UNIQUE COLORFUL PERSONAL INTERIOR DECOR reflecting your personality of you and your home.

MINIMALISM is over and not a moment too soon. If you want to be on trend and very stylish, MAXIMALISM is in including being VERY UNIQUE by creating your PERSONAL STYLE, that is not a copycat style. One of the styles that I see coming back right away is a return to NeoClassical style, (my absolute favorite), along with a return to luxurious fabrics like velvet, silk and chenille. I cannot fully express how excited I am about this!

But back to TV trends...

- Fictional TV series producers have noticed why the Hallmark Channel has become so popular, as people are craving a break from what the world has been like (super stressed out and angry).

People want to cocoon in their homes and relax and see a kinder, gentler way of living and being. Expect to see more happy stories of this nature to be made, not all in the very sentimental Hallmark format, but definitely with a lot less focus on dystopian outcomes and a big return to positive ones.

  1. The decade of Bridezilla weddings will be ending. There will be less focus and less pressure on the over the top - me, me, me, oh god look at me, I'm the bride, it's all about me, me, me me!

    Women are no longer chattel (a possession/property) where their only shining moment in their entire life is the day they get married and in this decade people will take a look at some of the old wedding customs and see how out dated they are.
    A balance will return to weddings along with creating new traditions that weddings are a union of a couple, but also about connecting family and friends in this collective tribe and bond as well. There's a return to understanding that if we create a healthy tribe of supportive people around us, that we are creating community. This creates a strong foundation to create a new life together.

I feel like more often than not, I'm always teaching about history. I have some brides that tell me, but what about tradition, it's traditional to have an enormous wedding. And I'm like no, it's really not. I say, let's look back a hundred years ago at traditional weddings. Most weddings were at the courthouse or city hall and were very simple. The bride wore a short dress and rarely wore a veil. The veil and the father giving the daughter away were from older traditions when women were seen more as chattel/property and the transfer was made. Women later began moving away from previous ownership terms in the vows, such as removing the word obey from the vows.  Continue looking through the decades in the 1900's - 1970's and you'll see simple courthouse weddings and simple church weddings with backyard receptions at the bride's parents homes. The overproduction of weddings as major events began in the 1980s and exploded from there.

The new trend harkens back to some very old cultural traditions that I think are fantastic. Look at some of the customs of weddings from other countries. Their wedding celebrations can last up to three days and are full of events that bring everyone together. Many cultures celebrate weddings in this fashion, so that they become a wonderful bonding time, bringing generations together to visit and strengthen family ties. People get to know each other and catch up and reconnect. There's still plenty of focus on the bride, but she also has time to be with everyone and enjoy the process. She still looks beautiful when she puts on her dress, but her inner beauty has also been seen as she spends time with family and friends over the multi day gathering. She also might actually be able to relax and enjoy the celebration.

Look for the best weddings of this new decade to take some of these traditions and modernize them with a focus on gathering family and friends in the spirit of coming together to celebrate another union of family with this new marriage, often over several days of fun events. This will actually be very empowering for the bride. She is no longer chattel/property that has to look perfect or she won't get married off. She is a person, not a commodity and the focus is no longer about trying to make her face and body look perfect and then hiding it under a veil so it masks any imperfections until the last minute when it's hard for the groom to back out.  Brides will now glow with self assurance, self love, self confidence and with the understanding that this is a day where they step into a future collectively bringing everyone together, not just a focus on how they looked in order to seal the deal.

Don't worry bridal industry companies, they'll still want great dresses and their hair done and lots of flowers and they'll still be spending plenty of money, it will probably be even more expensive and expansive. Instead of just renting a venue for a couple of hours to serve dinner and a cake and dance, they'll be looking for venues for several days of events and planning lots of activities for their guests. The new trend will be: Think destination weddings with lots of activities, but made local.

  1. Cheap Throw Away Fashion Burns Out. Longevity is in, Throwaway is so out!
    It's hard to imagine that we can get any more comfortable in our very casual wear. I often tell my nieces stories of how when I worked for corporations in the 1980s, that we had dress codes that including women being forced to wear skirts or dresses along with panty hose and high heels to work. Women wearing pants was often forbidden in those days along with wearing flats. I'm not kidding. Men had to wear dress shirts, ties and dress shoes to work. I used to feel so sorry for the guys who would come to repair the copy machines. They would have white dress shirts on with ties that were always in their way as they tried to get into the mechanics of the machine and work on it without getting strangled by their tie and ruining their shirts as black toner exploded all around them. My young nieces can't even imagine being told what to wear to their work, much less being written up or fired for wearing inappropriate attire.

In this past year, I've seen more than one of my neighbors in their pajama pants heading out to go get a cup of coffee at a local spot on a daily basis. I've also noticed the trend of buying really cheap/poorly made clothing that is worn a few times and then discarded. These articles of clothing are sometimes purchased by the same people who lecture others on recycling plastic. Yet this cheaply made clothing falls apart so quickly and easily that even when donated, second hand stores are saying they can't move it and off to landfill it goes.

In this new decade, which I'm calling a return to sensibility, many people will return to dressing well. They will understand the connection that well-made, tailored clothes fit better and make you look better and when you feel good, it creates that energy around you.

Leisure wear isn't going away, but it will understand that it has now been moved to specific times and places instead of all day every day.

There will also be a conscious understanding of how energy works. You want people to respect you and your work right? If you try to get everything for free or cheap, how are you supporting and empowering that fashion designer, artist, or small business person?  If that's your thought process, how will that circle back to you and what you do in the future for your career?

We're going see this minimalism trend end in fashion too. Color will be expressive in clothing to show personality and unique individual taste and style. Think polka dots, stripes and bold colors. Hurray!

Speaking of trends, they all piggy back onto each other. For example, I noticed this year that bangs are making a comeback in haircuts. I began telling my clients, hey bangs are back and you know what that means. It means that FRINGE is back in style and we'll soon see fringe in home décor and in clothing and fashion. You'll see this in 2020, keep a look out for it.  Trends cross all boundaries.

Another fashion trend that I'm excited to see GO AWAY is the overly tight clothing on men.

I'm sure it began as a way to create a trim figure-fitted look to show off the body, but it moved quickly into something unseemly.

Cheaper versions of these tight pants, shirts and suits are badly fitted on so many young men that I see wearing them. Instead of looking tailored and fit, the shirts gap open between the buttons, and the pants pull tightly in the zipper area, showing the zipper and ruining the line of the pants so that they don’t hang properly. The overly tight suits make the men wearing them look tiny and small. I struggle to understand why men would want to look tiny? 

The challenge with this trend is, you have to spend money to get the perfect cut of shirt, pants and suits to pull this look off, otherwise, you look like you bought clothing a size too small and are just trying to make it work and it usually doesn’t.

I think for women that leggings will continue to be popular, but the trend will be coupled with the understanding that they were intended to be worn like the style in the 1980s. Back then leggings were worn under long tunics that covered the body down to the tops of the thighs.  Walking around in leggings completely exposed were not how they were intended to be worn. Even when working out, longer sweatshirts were worn over the bra top and leggings and after working out, a tunic or long jacket was worn over them out in public. It's ok not to show everything all the time.

  1. A return to privacy and intimacy.
    Remember how I said earlier that people will realize that all of the time they've been spending on social media following other people who are pretending to have perfect lives, and comparing oneself to them has been believing in fake news as well as a real time waste?

    In this new decade, people are going to turn away from social media connections and engage more in real time communication. They are going to stop over-sharing everything that they do and think with people they barely know online and instead save their stories to share with friends and life partners where they can see their face and feel the emotions as they tell the story.

One of the reasons that so many people are saying they feel lonely now is because people have moved away from connecting with each other directly. They don't even sit at a table together to eat dinner as a family. The often eat in different areas of the house, all while on their phones or staring at the TV and then they wonder why they don't know what's going on in each other's lives.

While shopping in malls is a rapidly disappearing activity, gathering in small groups for meals, coffee or discussions is on the rise.

Stores would be wise to create gathering areas that can be easily booked for groups. Trivia night and game nights will return to pubs and taverns as well as NEW TRENDS like ONLINE GAMING on the BIG SCREENS at taverns where players sit at their tables with their controls and can order food and drinks for hours while playing online against others in the bar for prizes and bragging rights.

When not every moment has to be posed and photographed, couples will begin to relax with each other and enjoy private moments.

The younger generation will see this as something new, when it's really just a return back to authentic connection. Not every moment and activity has to be shared with the world, it's more intimate to have memories that are just shared with your partner.

Remember how I said that TV reflects what we want to see more of in the world?

What is the most popular TV show being watched now on Netflix?

It's the sitcom, Friends, based around a group of friends who spend a lot of time gathered together in a coffee shop, talking and sharing with each other, not looking at their phones.

  1. The Evolution of Food and Retail Stores.
    I often explain to my entrepreneur and business clients, want to take your business to the next level? Learn how to disrupt the disrupter and you win.

Let me give an example of how to do this-

Brick and mortar stores are complaining that Amazon is taking away all of their business. This is not true. Amazon has just become a disruptor by giving people what they want - the ability to choose what they want and get it quickly.

Who has time anymore to drive to a store and wander the aisles hoping they have what you want or need only to find it's out of stock or not available in your size. It's not that people don't want to shop, they just don't have the spare time to be disappointed and have to go to two other stores to find what they need.

So I say to my clients who are brick and mortar store owners. If you want to take the power back, become the disruptor to Amazon.  How in the world could we do this, they ask and I reply, to disrupt, you beat the disruptor at their own game.

Amazon can deliver a product in one to two days. Local stores could deliver the same item in one to two hours. That's beating Amazon at their own game. A consumer will choose a two hour delivery over a two day delivery every time. 

I then explain how delivery companies like Shipt and Instacart are providing this local service and how they can do so as well.

I say take it up another level and provide exceptional customer service. Offer to send a tailor to their home if they buy enough clothing, who will take their measurements and save them and send them emails with recommendations for new clothing that will fit their body type well.  Include an invitation to a trunk show in the store to see the latest fashion.  Take out some of the clothing retail space and put in a snack/café area so that shopping becomes a social occasion with friends. Partner with a hair salon and rent part of your retail space to a hair salon inside of your store, next to the makeup counter, so shoppers can make visiting your store a full makeover event, new outfit, new makeup, new hair and lunch.  These are all new trends that you'll see coming soon.

Throw in a sample dessert when you deliver a bakery order locally.  When you deliver that food order from your restaurant, include a flyer about game night and invite them to come in on Thursdays to be part of a team. The online gaming community is only getting bigger and more popular, find a way to bring them into your restaurant or bar.

If you're a grocery store, give people what they want. Rearrange your stores so that there's room for more precooked meals that are ready for people to walk in and purchase or order online to have delivered. Expand the variety of these meals and make it quick and easy for people to get in and get out with these meals. I'm not talking about deli cut sandwiches and chicken tenders, I'm talking about preparing real meals, including three course options with a salad, an entrée and a dessert in single serve options and in family size.

Also consider resizing products to smaller sizes and family sizes. Loaves of bread that are regular size go stale quickly when singles purchase them and they feel bad tossing the loaf out. Consider selling half loaves and other single size portion items like milk, eggs, etc.

  1. Healthcare Disruption and Changes to How to See Your Doctor.
    The time has come to disrupt the disrupter with the way things have been controlled with healthcare as well. More doctors will go ONLINE in a VIRTUAL DOCTOR VISIT format, seeing patients over the internet via video to diagnose minor ailments and chronic diseases.

    The doctors will link up with local pharmacies to have the prescriptions filled and delivered to the patient's home.

    What price would a parent pay with a sick child not to drag them into a waiting room when they are vomiting and at their worst? How much will they appreciate allowing the child to rest at home while the prescription is delivered to their door an hour after meeting online with the doctor.

Paperwork can be filled out online in advance, doctors can meet through video calls and soon technology will have attachments that will connect to smart phones where doctors can view in real time, temperature, blood pressure and other vital signs. They'll have access to your records online, along with instant approval from insurance and access to put the order in directly to the pharmacy with your prescription, including any notes that the pharmacist may need.

Follow up tutorial videos will be sent to you, with training on what to do to heal your ailment, so that you can refer to the exercises and regiment instead of trying to remember what the doctor said in the few minutes in the office.

10. The next trend to change will be at the end of this new decade and it has to do with AIR TRAVEL.  The US has the opportunity to have the best of things and yet our airlines offer very poor experiences.

Look at the airlines in other countries where people are given pod like areas to stretch out and work and not worry about getting leg cramps and clots or catching colds and flu while being stuffed into small seats like sardines in a can. It's not healthy and it's a miserable experience.

One of two things are going to happen. Private jets will become more affordable and people will opt to travel this way or commercial jets will need to be redesigned to be more accommodating like airlines in other countries. People are tired of being treated like cattle.

11. The youngest generation are assisting with this wave of forward moving change. This new generation (born after 2004) are more sensible and are deep thinkers. They look around and are not liking what they are seeing and are resolving to move things back into an authentic experience.

They are instinctively more balanced, more intuitive and more reasonable.  They're less self-absorbed and more interested in the world around them. They will use technology as part of everyday use, but will do so in more conscious helpful ways for work and life balance, rather than just seeing it as a way to post photos of themselves.   They are logical and a voice of reason and won't stand for the yelling and screaming and constant arguing. They realize that it's a waste of valuable time, energy and resources and will move away from these people in order to get things accomplished.

Simply put, they already know at their tender age, how to work faster and smarter and how not to get bogged down in thinking everything is about them and taking it personally. They are focused on problem solving and creating group consensus and community.

Many of them are older souls who are coming back down here to help restore some sense and sensibility.  Thank you young generation, you feel like the cavalry arriving to help just in time.

These are some of the big changes coming this decade…

This doesn't sound like huge change, you might be thinking. So Kala, you are saying that people might be a little more polite to each other this year and spend less time on social media.

For example, in a restaurant, if a server forgets to bring ketchup, instead of someone having a total meltdown and demanding to see the manager and making a scene and wanting a free meal, they might just ask the server a second time to bring the ketchup and move on with their conversation.  

Or the next time the family gets together for a holiday or gathering, if that one family member tries to stir things up with their extreme political views, instead of everyone staying in the conversation and upsetting each other for hours, many people will excuse themselves and move on to a different conversation elsewhere, knowing that nothing they can say is going to change that conversation because the person starting the argument doesn't want to learn and consider other viewpoints, they just want to insist that they are right.  When people tire of entertaining this argument (where the viewpoint of one person never changes and they aren't open to hearing other thoughts), they will peacefully take their energy elsewhere and create dialogue where it can be heard and respected as a point of view, with room for growth and opportunity to consider workable solutions, instead of just sitting in a negative space.

Yes, that's what I'm saying this is the change. It's small changes like this, that take the oxygen out of the fire. If you feed the fire with more wood or oxygen, it continues to burn. If the fire loses its energy source, it soon burns out. When the fire finally burns itself out, we see the scorched earth that was created. But underneath this destruction, new life emerges and a new cycle of renewed growth appears.

And when people realize that what other people were posting about themselves in social media is fake news and so they choose instead to spend less time focused on social media and instead begin living more joyfully in their real world personal life, it's going to remove a lot of stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness that people have been experiencing. I kind of think that's a pretty big deal and an important first step to changing things in this new decade.

Remember what I said at the beginning. What we focus on, we give energy to. What we give energy to, grows. What we give our emotions to, help it manifest faster.

I'm a problem solver. I don't like to sit around and complain. I like to address problems and talk them over with a variety of people with very different viewpoints to get a good overall perspective. I like to see the points of view from each person and take the wisdom from each point in order to create the best solution that I can.  Then I choose a course of action and proceed to do my best to solve the problem.

I've always loved this statement from Mother Theresa.  She said she doesn't speak about what she is against (anti), but rather what she is for (pro).  For example, she said that she would not attend an anti-war rally, but she would attend a pro-peace rally.

That's how you really make change, by focusing on the positive and what you want to see more of in you and in the world. 

If a pessimist only sees the world as problematic, that is generally what they experience. If an optimist sees opportunities instead of obstacles, they soon see an abundance of lemonade heading their way, bringing refreshment to many.

In this new year, this is what people will shift and change and begin to do.

Instead of giving all of their attention and energy to what they don't like or don't want, they will focus on what they like and want more of in their life.

When you focus on the good and what more good you want to come into your life, it creates a ripple in the pond and the ripples become larger as they spread outward.

Whew! I've got a hundred other trends that I could speak about that are coming in this decade, but I can only write so much here in this report. I tend to work with private clients and focus on what future trends they need to focus on so they can grow their business.  Let's move on for now into what you can do with this information.

Here are tips on how you can accelerate the changes coming this decade for you and in the world!

  1. It takes less energy to smile and take a deep breath and let it go, rather than to breath in all that negative energy that you create when arguing with someone. 

    Don't take on their anger, breath in, blow it out and let it go. Move on to thinking about something else.  Stop obsessing about the past. Stop explaining why you haven't evolved because of something your parents said or did twenty years ago. Stop complaining about what's going wrong or what didn't work out last time. Start thinking about how you can make things better than before. And then, stop thinking and start doing. Take action.

  2. This last decade has been one where many people have described themselves as feeling anxious and depressed.  I say feeling, instead of having anxiety, as one is a temporary feeling while the other is a medical condition that requires additional treatment.

    One of the ways to turn this feeling around is to change your thoughts and your inward/internal focus. Get up and get to giving to others. Go do something for someone else and help another person with their problem. Many times when you do, you feel better afterwards and will find that those feelings have drifted away.

  3. Become a Thought Leader in your group.
    No one has a perfect life/house/job/vacation/family/look.   Be real and authentic and willing to share the good and bad ups and downs.

    Everyone struggles, everyone has stories, real stories and getting to know these stories about people while sharing your own trials and tribulations with others, bonds you in ways that can never be done otherwise. It also creates intimacy and connection.

    Life isn't about being perfect, it's about learning and growing and doing better as you learn and then learning some more and growing and evolving and doing a little better and it's supposed to be this way until the day you leave the earth.

    You're not here to do nothing and play it safe and be wrapped up in anxiety.

    That's barely even surviving. You are here to grow and try and sometimes get it right and sometimes get it horribly wrong and most importantly to thrive and then to go do some more.

Want to know if you are truly living?
Here's a hint - if you haven't made a mistake, messed something up in a big way or had what you call an epic fail, then you haven't been living. You've been playing it safe.

In this new decade, playing it safe and being static, that's not going to work out well for anyone anymore.

  1. End your Anxiety Inducing 'To Do Lists' and just go try something.
    This last decade was over-saturated in making to do lists and focusing on planning and organizing. 

 It seemed like everyone in any career, was called a Project Manager and all they seemed to do was sit in meetings and take notes and make charts and lists of actions that other people should take and meet by certain deadlines.  There is so much time wasted in these meetings daily that companies are drowning in over planning and too many project managers and employees are losing interest in accomplishing things according to dates that appear to exist just to make project managers look like they're doing something. 

The trend in this new decade will be less project management, less meetings and a return to allowing creative ideas to flow. The companies who will make the greatest leaps this decade will be the ones who understand that by allowing employees to try new things and fail at them, they will produce the best results in the long run, along with creating some ground breaking new evolutionary inventions.  If you're looking for career advice, get out of project management, those positions will be streamlined and downsized very soon in this new decade.

People need more time to think and dream and try new concepts without fear of retribution instead of slowly wasting away in too many meetings. 

On a personal level, people this past decade were also focused on trying to micromanage their personal lives, including their relationships and their children's lives with too many plans, schedules and commitments. 

 It's destroying creativity in children as they have no free time to play and imagine.

They are over scheduled with play dates, study dates, sport dates, and other activities, as they spent this last decade being dragged around in the car from event to event to get their participation award and allow their parents to post how great their kids were in achieving everything.  When they weren't in some hyper focused activity, they were being drilled on how their grades must be the best.

In this new decade, parents see the wisdom in giving their children and themselves the greatest gift of all, TIME. Time to spend thinking, dreaming, day dreaming, playing, wondering, relaxing and being.

Parents in this new decade will see that the previous hyper focus on being attached to receiving a honor student bumper sticker or participation award or being in AB classes is creating unnecessary stress, anxiety, pressure and depression in their children. These kids become so burned out by the time they reach high school that they have little left to give when they reach college.

It's ok to give kids time to be kids, adult life comes soon enough and they don't have to be tiny overachievers in order to become amazing adults.  

Einstein excelled in subjects that interested him in school and did poorly in other courses that he had little interest in, so in today's grading system, he would never have been on the honor roll, ever!

Turns out he did ok in life. Grades aren't everything.

  1. Create change with your money.
    You know that advice that I was sharing above to restaurants and stores about how to build their business. You are their customer. If enough of you ask for these things, stores will make changes and provide them. They want to make money and they will adapt to what people want. They will follow the money.

    If you want online healthcare, ask your doctor for it. If you want delivery from stores that currently don't provide it, let them know that you want it. They will pay attention.

    If you want nice, happy outcome,  well written tv shows, ask for those too and when they come help promote them and watch them. The producers watch the numbers.

  2. Choose Wisely the Group of People that You Spend the Most Time With.
    The people that you spend the most time with, have a direct influence on how you feel, think, live, act, behave and aspire to become. Entrepreneurs and CEO's quote this often, "who you surround yourself with, is who you become", so choose wisely.

Make this year that you ask yourself these questions...

  • Are you around people who are uplifting and encourage you or is your time spent more around people who are complaining about what's not right and how things aren't good.

  • Are you around go-getters, people who take action and try new things and aren't afraid to fail in order to learn and grow or do you surround yourself with people who complain about how they aren't happy with their jobs/careers, life, relationships, etc, yet they never make a change to make it any different?

  • Do you spend time with people who gossip and are envious and critical and judgmental of others, or do you surround yourself with people who are busy living their lives and trying to grow and do better and have compassion for the struggles that everyone endures at some point in their lives?  

  • Ask yourself, how much time are you spending with each types of these people, in person and following them on social media.

  • Are you ready to make some lifestyle changes in order to change your life?

There's a great quote by Eleanor Roosevelt to give some thought too - "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people". 

Which category do you want to surround your thoughts and energy in?


At the beginning of each new year as an Intuitive Lifestyle Coach, I work with entrepreneurs to share with them specific new trends that I see coming in their line of work.

I also offer private consultations with clients on what's coming for them throughout the new year, astrologically and psychically, with specific dates so they can plan to maximize the most fortunate times and plan how to ride out the challenges times in order to minimize the negative effects as much as possible.

Life is what happens while we're busy making plans and if we have some guidance on things to focus on and when to take conscious action, our free will and determination will carry us through the toughest challenges.

Best Wishes for a Happy New You!




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