The Magic of 2022 and You

ask kala Feb 20, 2022


Here we are in 2022 and I hope this new year is treating you well so far. 

It's a year of 2's and when we look at this numerology, I share a slightly different opinion than some other numerologists. Some simply add up the numbers and say, oh this is a number 6 year. 

But I disagree... 

When you have a single digit number like 2, followed by a 0, that creates a neutrality and when that is followed by a master number like 11 or in this case, 22, the master number has more authority and stands alone. 

So for this year, the master number takes control and makes it a year about being a 2 and becoming a 22. 

So in my interpretation of the energy of this year... we first look at the Master Number 22, which means in this case, it's a great opportunity to create long lasting relationships and friendships based on communication, honesty, and truly being there for the other person. 

This is the year to really go deep and define what relationships and friendships mean for you. This master number is very different than just a 2 number, which can mean falling in love. 

"The Master Level 22 is about becoming grounded, practical, and applying real effort to build quality, long lasting connections that focus on what you are willing to do for another person in order to make that connection strong. It means you've grown from fantasizing about a dream relationship into understanding that relationships with other people require you to give back, not just take, and to look at things honestly, rather than trying to gloss over real problems staring you in the face.  It also requires you to consider whether you are too focused on yourself and to ask if you have truly been a kind and generous person, not just when you wanted something, but all of time, even to those who could give nothing in return".

The number 2, stands out followed by the void of zero, which is then amplified by the 22. This indicates a strong year to learn about balance within yourself that includes both the masculine and the feminine aspects that are inside each of us. 

Combined with this master number and it's time to really engage with your spiritual journey and evolution to become your highest and best self on all levels. The wisdom teachings share that true connection comes when we know ourselves at the deepest level and balance our intuitive/creative/feminine side with our logical/action oriented/masculine side. The goal is to create harmony and flow within, using both of these aspects to reach our highest potential.

I hope this is happening for you and that it will continue to do so throughout the year. This is a year of great wisdom if you are willing to open up and do the inner work. 

If you really want to activate and connect with this energy, this newsletter is being sent to you today on 2/20/22, at 2am, so it's amping up the two energy in a big way while you're reading this! and if you want to start this journey using all the positive energy available right now, begin this week on Tuesday (two's day) 2/22/22! 


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