Six Magical Properties of Alabaster Lighting

In today's homes, you'll find many lighting sources made from Alabaster. While not all are aware of the metaphysical properties of this stone, it's easy to see how it makes for a gorgeous light source in home and commercial property decor.

Check out this amazing Alabaster chandelier

The metaphysical properties of this stone attract positive energy. You can also ask the stone to help release negative energy away from you and your home.

Alabaster is a good stone to "touch".  It's very soft and smooth and it can "carry" your worries and concerns away, removing them from your aura.

In my Master Bedroom, I have these gorgeous alabaster lamps on each side of the bed. The manufacturer really understood how to work with this stone. The lamp has a second bulb embedded into the stone, lighting it from within.  This detail creates the symbolic master teaching from the ancient wisdom temples of "As Above, So Below", As Within, So Without".

This is an incredible energy to create in the bedroom as the energy does double duty, bringing in white light positive energy from above and circulating it throughout the room. The light from within the alabaster base creates the same effect, which ripples around the room affecting the levels of the auric body.

Alabaster lamps in my Master Bedroom


I have another alabaster lamp in my Office. The white light energy from the lamp shines on my logo and card, as I ask that my work resonate and come from the energy of positive intentions and in connection with spirit from the highest planes above.

Alabaster lamp in the Office


I also use Alabaster in the Carved Eggs form, placed in a bowl in my living room. The eggs are charged with the intention to make my home feel peaceful and relaxing to all who enter.

White Alabaster Eggs sitting on top of a bed of Amethyst


Wonder what Alabaster can help you with? 

Here are its spiritual, metaphysical, magical properties:

1. It's so soft that if you have a raw piece, it can be used as chalk if you are looking to draw a circle of protection around you or a sacred symbol.

2. It can draw positive energy in, enhancing the aura and help move negative energy away, clearing energy from the aura. The glow from alabaster lighting lifts the energy in any room.

3. Stimulates creativity, aids in forgiveness of things from the past, and generates a sense of calm.

4. Due to its ability to move energy back and forth, it can aid with contacting guides and others on the other side for communication. Ancient Egyptian teachings recommended being buried with a piece of alabaster, as it helped guide the soul into the spirit world.

5. When you add other crystals or gemstones around alabaster, it will enhance the energy of those stones and help integrate their energy into the room.

6. When you touch it and hold it on your skin, it helps release stress in the aura.  Worn in jewelry form, it is said to help relieve anxiety, nervousness and restore balance to the hormonal system, as well as creating a protective white light shield around the aura.

Regardless of whether you are interested in the spiritual properties of this stone, I recommend Alabaster lighting to almost all of my Intuitive Interior Decor clients for their homes and office, as the look itself is absolutely stunning for a soft lighting effect.

Thinking about adding alabaster in your home?

Contact me for an Intuitive Interior Decor session  and check out some of these amazing Alabaster Lighting sources I've seen lately.  (I'm not affiliated with these products, I just wanted to share them with you as they are so gorgeous)

Look at this incredible Alabaster Brass Sconce from CB2

and this CB2 raw Alabaster Sconce

I also adore this Marble base lamp from CB2

This Rose Quartz Tray looks great in the bathroom for a spa look or in the dressing room. Remember Alabaster enhances the energy of other stones, so add a piece of alabaster in a decorative carving and place it on this tray and you'll be spreading LOVE ENERGY all around your home.

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