Communicating with the Dead After They've Reincarnated

ask kala psychic Sep 09, 2020
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Hi Kala, My name is Tammy. I’m from Kansas City, MO. I have been wondering if when a loved one has passed and reincarnated, can you still make contact with them as the person you knew them as? Hope that makes sense! I’ve listened to many mediums – John Edward, Lisa Williams, Mary Occhino… But I’ve never heard anyone speak to my question. Thank you!
Hi Tammy,
This is a great question. First, we must look at the soul.
The soul is a container which holds all that we are energetically.
We often think of our soul as being inside of our body, while actually, only a tiny part of our soul resides inside the body. The largest part of our soul stays up in the spiritual planes and only a small part of it comes down to the earth plane to be inside our physical body.
The best way to picture this, is to visualize a pyramid pointing upside down. So the giant base of the pyramid (your soul) would be up in the higher spiritual planes. The tiny capstone (point) of the pyramid is the section that resides within your body, near the heart area.
The capstone contains the spark of life, the energy which activates the soul and the body. As it enters the body, it begins to pour all that is You, from the higher planes, down into your heart area when you are born. 
This capstone area of the soul has a crystalline structure which captures all of the experiences in your life. Each night as you sleep, it returns this energy information back up to the higher planes through a cord connection and stores this data in the akashic records.
Now we have an understanding of our soul as a container, which holds the essence of all of who we are and all we have ever been in every lifetime and we understand that only a small part of the soul is inside the physical body, while the major part of the soul remains in spirit world.
You are a greater energy than you realize and contain much more than what is described as your body, mind and spirit.
Now let’s look at the higher planes surrounding us. We are on the earth plane, where we are grounded through the lower chakras.
We tend to think of the higher planes as places above us, way up in the sky, where people point to when they are speaking of Heaven. There are many levels to the higher planes, but let’s stick to the basics for this question.
Some of the higher planes can be reached from various points of your body, including your heart, throat and third eye region, so the higher planes are closer and more accessible than most people realize. In the higher planes, (which are higher energy vortexes, rather than high points in the sky) the confining rules of the earth plane do not exist, including the limitations of time as we know it as well as the concept of being in one space at one time.
The deeper one ventures into the spiritual planes, the greater the ability is to be omni-present. This allows us basically, to be in several places at once.  When we pass on from this lifetime and return to our soul body, we are omni-present and able to communicate without the confines of one body or one lifetime on earth.
As we take this big picture look at the soul, we see that the majority of the essence and energy of what makes us who we are resides in the higher planes and that only a small portion of our soul trickles down into the physical body which reincarnates from lifetime to lifetime. The larger part of ourselves in the higher planes has a greater consciousness and awareness and is the sum of all of our parts, with full knowledge of all of our lifetimes and experiences.
When we reach out to speak to a loved one, who has passed on to the higher realms, we connect with a part of their essence, what we would refer to as their Higher Self.
The Higher Self retains memory of all of their lifetimes including the recent one that we are reaching out to connect to them.
The Higher Self, not bound by the restrictions of time and space on earth, can continue to communicate with us with these memories and connections of one lifetime, while also having the freedom to incorporate another portion of the self and soul, into a new body to gain new experiences at the same time.
To do this, the soul creates an entry level point (a cord of energy) when the person enters into another physical body to begin a new lifetime to generate and record new experiences.
At the same time, the largest part of the soul/higher self up in spirit world remembers each lifetime.
When a person reaches out to this soul and calls them by their name in a specific incarnation, the energy cord from their aura reaches out to this particular experience and incarnation, which connects to the soul.
The soul can then transmit information back to the person on earth, in the form that the person is requesting to communicate to the soul, in that particular lifetime when they were a mother for example, while also using a different cord that is connected to a new lifetime to transmit data from that experience at the same time. 
So at the Higher Self/Soul level in the spiritual realms, the Soul retains the memories of all of its lifetimes.  It is not as emotionally connected to one particular lifetime, as we are here on Earth, still living out that time. The soul remembers two lifetimes back when it was living entirely different lives as different people and part of it has already reincarnated into a new lifetime as well simultaneously. So to talk to the Higher Self/Soul, we often have to speak of specific memories in order to assist it with recalling a particular lifetime.
This process continues further into multi-dimensions but that is a question for another time.
In my Wise Wisdom Course called Lesson Ten: Working in Spirit Realms, I describe the journey and experience of the soul and how to communicate with someone who has passed on, so that you can connect to a specific lifetime of that soul
I also explain how you can visit the Akashic Records to see the records kept from your previous lifetimes and what you can do to bring this information back to your conscious experience here in this lifetime.
You can take this course at my Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences.
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