What are Mystery Schools Part Two

wisdom teachings Aug 07, 2022

I'm known for saying in my book, I think it's like page four.  I'm pretty sure it says, I tell every student who I teach, do not believe a word I say, all that i ask, is that you listen with an open mind and consider what is being presented. If it resonates with you, then take it and think further upon it. If it does not, I only ask that you do not disregard it completely. But rather than throw this information away, leave it available to reconsider at another point and time. There's no judgment, there's only acknowledgement and acceptance.

And I say this in the book for two very important reasons for all my students to read. The first being that this journey is about self exploration and discovering, not listening blindly from another person to find out how to live your life.

And second, it's very important for every student to learn to discern within themselves, what feels right for them. Students in the Wisdom Teachings are taught to go within and trust the wisdom coming from their heart, rather than what any other person may tell them is the right information.

So where are the Mystery Schools? Well, they've often been referred to as temples. And in the past, there were physical temples and centers built in locations around the world. But the true mystery schools are inner temples, they're created within the heart, the mind and the soul, as well as in the other planes. Some schools still choose to have physical temples for people to attend. But at the same time, the deeper lessons are held in sacred places around the world, where students can connect with natural forces like water, the ocean and the trees, the mountains and caves for certain rituals and introspective work. There are guides on the other side, that work to help humanity. And there are some that are assigned to help with spiritual growth. And they help many in the mystery schools, they help humanity as well to advance further along the path, and to advance into each new age as well. And these spirit guides who assist, will come many times into the work of the school. Students that progress further in the schools, as well as others who do spiritual work, eventually find their way to these guides and working with them. Some of them have once walked the earth themselves, and are considered to be higher consciousness teachers. These include Jesus, Buddha, Mary, ISIS, Kuan Yin, Confucius, Krishna, and many others. I don't try to teach just one form of the teachings, I teach for many of the different groups, because I believe many paths, one destination. And I believe when we get to the core of all of the schools and their teachings, that the truths are pretty universal. And they're the ones that are most agreed on. There are about love, and honesty. And they're very pure.

So I say many paths, one destination. And that we can find this at the core of each of the schools that, at their core, they are deeply intelligent teachings. Sometimes we have to peel back the onion, because they're hidden layers. And so you'll hear this used many times. And it's just how you peel back and go deeper and deeper and you think you know, that you'll be surprised because you're going to find out, you didn't know anything at all. And you're going to start over again, peeling back again.

So I started studying to the mystery schools in my early twenties. And I remembered them from past lives. I remember going to Mystery Schools, studying in them. What I did there. Sometimes as a student, sometimes as a teacher. I remember being in the temples, I remember the initiations, some were more grueling than others. And some of the temples, the initiations were so tough, that it was debatable if you'd live through them sometimes. And other times, they were softer, and more understanding, and really had to do with what was going on within your heart. So in this lifetime, when I came back, I would have memories even in my childhood, of being in these mystery schools.

I would ask my parents about them, I would ask when I would get to go study in them, and they had no idea what I was talking about. So I started to cobble little pieces together. At the age of 12. I asked my parents, if I could study astrology charts, and explained what I wanted to know. And then at the age of 13, I asked them about Tarot. And then I went to study the tarot cards. And they were great about letting me study both and learn. And I started to realize that the mystery schools weren't public like they were in the old days here, they were trickier to find. So when I found my first teacher in my early 20s, and went on to find two other teachers to study in the different modalities, it was exciting to finally realize that they exist, but in a different forum. And my teachers, each told me that I would end up teaching the Wisdom Teachings. And at first I didn't believe them. I was just happy to study and learn. I said, I'm just so happy to be here and, you know, to study these things, but they were right, it happened. And here I am. Now I teach Mystery Schools for many, many years now. And in North Carolina, I had a full physical Mystery School where people came to where I taught, and now I teach online so that I can reach people all over the world, as not everyone has have time to travel to North Carolina and come to a school there. So now as I do this online, I can help people where they're at, study with me privately, some study with the online courses, some study with the groups, it just depends on which works best for each person.

Have do you know if a Mystery School is right for you? It's a good question. It's an inner knowing that you know that the world works in a way different than has been shown to you. It's an inner knowing that the religion you've been introduced to you, really isn't answering those questions, and really has some hypocrisy with some of their stories, or the stories just really aren't explaining the deeper facts of what's going on. So it's almost like there's a search going on within you and you want to know more. And then as you begin to study these things, you realize, these are exactly the kinds of things you want to know about. And they make sense. It kind of resonates with you, it's almost like, you know, there's more, I don't think I could meet a person in this lifetime, who has never been in a mystery school in another lifetime, who wouldn't also be drawn to it the same way now.  I can almost tell the person has done the work before, they just carry a certain energy pattern with them, hard to explain, but you can almost feel it.

Mystery Schools will never come knocking on your door asking for you to learn about them. It has to be a calling for you, something that you enjoy doing.  So it's always for the students to decide if it's the right time for them, and the right place for them to be. 

I enjoy talking about the different types of studies. Egypt versus Greece and how different they are. Egypt was very heart centric with the mystery school lessons, where Greece was very mind centered the logic in that way, both bringing about interesting results. But the goal is to have all three and compensated teachings, the heart, the mind and the soul. And when the three work together, anything's possible.

And in this chaotic world right now, it seems all three are more separated than ever before. And of course, that's a great concern to myself and others. We're looking to see the the light, lift, and encourage each person to be the best they can be out there. And that's because this is a time of evolution. This is a time that we're looking for, to go from the old age of Pisces, into the New Age of Aquarius. Right now we're changing everything. We're renovating the house in the biggest way possible, tearing everything apart and opening up all that was hidden inside. And some days questioning it and say why did we even start this process? What is going on? If you can understand it, though, that it's a renovation, it can help you to look through some of the messy parts that happened and say, Okay, this is part of it. We had to break this apart in order to get to the dream we're having about the other thing. So when you know, it's just easier to work together like that, and just see the possibilities and the outcome, and that will get you more excited in that way.

One of my favorite Mystery School teachings is that we're children of the universe. So we're children of the Creator. And with that comes our freewill, comes our ability to create it and think about things and decide according to that free will, what we're going to do with it. Do we appeal to our highest nature or our lower nature. And in Egypt, it was called higher and lower Egypt and described in that way of how we worked up and down through the chakras. The lower chakras deal with fight or flight and with the ego. It's all about me, me me, while the higher chakras say, I've got you covered. And I'm protecting you, but also wanting to bring all of that out into light, and to present it on a layer and at a level that transmutes the ego.

But first there's a lot of ego wrestling there. So there's a lot of back and forth on that. And that's what's interesting to watch. When you meet a person, that's kind of what you're finding out when you talk to them. When you ask them questions about their life, what they're doing, you're kind of getting to know them a teeny bit on the basic level, because their aura starts to wash over you with their energy. Their energy signature washes over into yours, and now you're absorbed with that palette. So when you feel that, pay attention, that's this person's energy, getting to know you, nipping at your heels, seeing what you're like, which explains how important these things are. So always use that as a good opportunity to learn about the other person, and what makes them tick, what makes them interesting. When you do that, it really opens you up for an exploration. Once you train yourself to do this, it becomes a very handy tool.

There are so many things I could say about the Wisdom Teachings and maybe I'll go over them a little bit at a time, going deeper. So if this interests you hope you come back and listen again. With that in mind, I'm gonna leave you with a little quote, one of my favorites from Albert Einstein. "Matter is energy. Energy is light. We are all light beings".

And this is my quote.... what I say when I teach, is that "We are all one, a sea of energy floating and vibratory fields. We are all one, one light".

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