What Are Mystery Schools Part One

wisdom teachings Aug 07, 2022

I get a lot of questions from people asking me, what's a mystery school? So I wrote a book about it, that my students really were kind of really great about encouraging me to do, to write a book about the first nine lessons that a student has to study, and to work through when they first enter study into a Mystery School.

So I'm going to read you a page from my book here. And if you're interested, this book is actually available on audiobook on Audible, where you can listen to me read the whole book, if you like.

Well, let's do a page tonight. To answer the question, what is a mystery school would be similar to attempting to explain the nature of humanity as they are intertwined together. The schools are always working in some form of service to humanity, both of the seed and the unseen. As humanity evolves, the teachings continue to advance, offering their wisdom as well, for those who are ready to enter the temple and become a student of the esoteric teachings. Some of the more well known schools were in Sumaria, India, Egypt, Greece, and throughout Celtic Europe. There were many other esoteric schools all around the world. And certainly being one of the best known does not always apply being the best.

Legends, fables and stories regarding the esoteric teachings, and the mystery schools have spread over into the secret societies. And they branched out from there into other groups and organizations. It's not the focus of my book here to teach the history of the mystery schools in the East and in the West. Nor is it an attempt to explain all the details involved. For this material can be found elsewhere.

The purpose of this book is to interest you to pull up a chair and join me here for a thought provoking conversation, like philosophers have done throughout the ages. I've spent this lifetime and many others engaged in conversations such as these, some call me a teacher, I like to say I do not teach. Rather, I help souls remember who they are. This knowledge is timeless and universal, and belongs to no one. And it belongs to everyone still, at the same time. Each person retains this information deep within their soul where they hold the key. And when they're ready to release this wisdom, and remember who they are, and why they're here, they do so for some people, the way to take this journey is through the mystery schools with a teacher and a guide. If I may be of some service and its capacity along their journey, I'm always pleased to do so during the time we share here together, My wish is that this book will stir your soul, entertain your thoughts, and inspire you to explore the magnificence of who you are. Have no doubt that you are a unique and beautiful soul with much to give and share here. And now in this beautiful universe and our though which we reside.

It's not possible to fully discourse or teach nine lessons here in this book, for the extent of their depth and their wisdom would take volumes. It's also difficult to create a bibliography as the resources provided in this book have been shared in private Mystery Schools in oral fashion for thousands of years. However, the information provided will most definitely help one decide if they would like to study the esoteric teachings further and learn more.

And so that's where I start my book, as I begin to introduce myself as a teacher, and explain what the mystery schools are. They're called esoteric teachings, Wisdom Teachings, enlightenment teachings. And they've been known by other names throughout the ages. They were shared through all these places that I mentioned, but they're much older, they're older than the earth. And the wisdom has always been felt when you look with it. In certain times in history, some of this material was presented in a written form, sometimes in sacred symbols, sacred geometry, in scrolls, papyrus, sometimes inscribed on old stones and parchment, sometimes carved into buildings, there are always clues, showing you the mysteries of these powerful teaching.

But here's the interesting part. These teachings can't really be experienced or mastered by reading the book, or through just listening. They are just guides along the way for you to open up to introspection, and self observation. You have to explore within and take this path. The teachings when they're shared, have a way of touching your heart and your soul and leading you in many different directions that you may not have thought you would ever go there to start your emotions. And even when you read and discuss the lessons, you're going to find there's layers and layers in these teachings, what's called in the Mystery Schools, peeling back the onion. I explain it when I work with a new student, that my first goal is to explain the concepts of the Wisdom Teachings. It's like I'm planting seeds of knowledge. And it goes into the mind of the new student. And over time, if the student cares for the seeds, contemplates and cultivates them, the seeds grow and they yield fruit into the future. It's like a garden. It takes a dedication of working with light, and earth, and elements and energy to produce a garden with delightful results and an abundant yield.

And this is how the teachings work, rather than you absorbing them in one big, grand gesture. You let them take hold of you and absorb into you. And over time, they change you,  they change who you are. They change your perspective and how you view the world and they take you on a deeper journey. That's how the mystery schools work. And if this intrigues you, then this is where we would get started. If you're a new student, you're called a neophyte, and that means beginner. Someone new, newly planted to bring forth as a neophyte. And so in the esoteric Wisdom Teachings, a neophyte is a student who has just become aware that they may be more than what they previously considered themselves to be. They understood that what they thought to be their consciousness is really more of the mind just running, running from emotion to emotion from one random thought or experience to the next, and not as focused and conscious as they could be. They also understand that they're only exploring a small part of what lies beneath the surface of these thoughts and emotions. For many students, they've done some intense soul searching and it's led them to the understanding that they do need to look for answers. And so over time and study, their journey leads them to the ancient mystery teachings. Some of them connected with their intuition, and that leads them to me, and others find me in really strange and interesting ways. I always enjoy hearing the stories. As you join the school as a neophyte, you remain that way until you progress. The next level which is called initiate and the definition is that you begin to take action on what you have learned, to initiate. 

So mystery schools have guidelines for what neophytes must first learn and accomplish before they become an initiate. The ancient schools had very demanding protocols, and a series of checkpoints that were set by the schools on what you had to learn and when you're ready to go further. Some people also wonder about the word esoteric, saying that mystery schools are only for the select few, as esoteric the word does mean for the few. But it's not selected the way that you think, it's selected for the people, at any given time, who truly want to work on themselves at such a deep level, when to really ask themselves these questions. Who am I? And why am I here? Did they want to understand and look beyond what their ego has been telling them? Did they want to perceive life in a different way? Did they want to evolve where they want to have an open mind and different perspectives about the why the way the world works? Typically, there's usually about 2% of people in the world who actually want to do that kind of work. So if you're even thinking about this, congratulations, you're part of a very unique group of people who even think about these things, and want to know more and do more. Another misnomer, I feel I should clear up, is it some people think they join a mystery school, and then they're handed the secret book that contains all the knowledge of the world. And even if a book could be written, which I don't think it could, the answers would be so complex, that the person reading wouldn't understand it, even if they read the answers. That's because there's a series of what we call sacred passages in the mystery schools that were created with inside each person. And these passages are portals of entry, that you have to gain entrance into every portal, before you enter into the heart, mind and soul, which are opened with alchemical changes their first chemical and then alchemical changes inside the body and mind. And this takes a while to open fully. And when each one is open, then the wisdom is granted to the student. These portals are your chakras, and you have to work through each chakra and open them and balance them. And then as you do so, and you go back through an alchemical reaction happens, and that opens each of these gateways. And then they open all the way to the third eye with intuition. And then you enter into the higher planes. This is how this is done, it can't be done quickly. There's not a cheat code, you have to do the inner work. This is where you begin to understand some of the terms you may have heard about Mystery Schools, such as, as above, so below, as within so without, these are all hints to the mysteries, what is done up above, in the higher planes of the macrocosm.

The same pattern is created within you, the microcosm, the smaller version. What you do inside within what you think about the emotions you're feeling, the work you do on the inside, is what emotes outside of you without in your aura, in your energy bodies, what people feel about you, if they feel you're trustworthy, or kind or good, or otherwise, what you do within reflects without, so as above, so below, as within so without. Another thing about Mystery Schools is they're not occult. And they prefer that you don't change any beliefs that you have when you first begin to study with them. They're not a religion, they're not trying to convert you to a religion.


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