Awakening During Spring Equinox

rituals Jun 30, 2019
Spring Equinox is known as the first day of Spring, which marks a seasonal cycle of rebirth, where the knowledge cultivated from the Fall Equinox (a focused period of self-introspection and reflection) now blossoms into creative expression.
There are tremendous transformational powers available during the equinox and solstices during these three day periods (the day before, the equinox or solstice day and the day after). When we understand the energy available during this time, we can create great change in our lives. In order to know what we must transform, we must understand the past experiences reflected upon during the Fall Equinox, which then allows us to regenerate this information into wisdom and enhance who we are.
We can not fully understand what we have not experienced. Through the action of applied knowledge and experience, we develop the inner wisdom to answer such questions. By doing this, we honor the people and experiences who impacted us on our path, and in honoring these things, we make them sacred and of great personal value. Thus, on Spring Equinox, these carefully planted seeds from the Fall, can now bloom into new life for each us, and we can awaken and begin anew.
It is with this knowledge, that we can change our future. This is created by refocusing our attention on what we truly want to manifest and then actively creating the right atmosphere and attitude to bring it to fruition. Spring reminds us of our ability to be reborn and this is one example of the greatest gifts we were given here on earth, which is the abundant, creative and transforming energy found in nature.
Ancient schools taught how to observe the powerful events occurring in nature to connect with the energy here on earth (below) with the energy from the higher planes (above). This act brings forth the balance and growth of the As Above So Below teachings.
Presented here are activities you can do on each of three days of the Equinox, to release the energy within you, connect with the energy of the Equinox and transform your life. The Equinox ritual consists of two parts, the outward celebration and the inner rebirth.
The Eve of the Equinox:
Reflect upon the seeds (thoughts and goals) you planted during the Fall Equinox and New Year. Consider the lessons and experiences of the past six months and decide what is hindering progress with your goals.
Ask yourself — What important seeds of truth need to be revealed this spring, in order for me to truly know myself and step into my power-filled being?
It’s time to awaken from your period of hibernation, inactivity and self-introspection and put these thoughts and plans into action!
To awaken your higher self and activate your growth cycle, begin the Equinox ritual by taking a shower. As the water flows over your body, imagine all negative energy being removed and washed away from you. As you dry off, visualize white light around your body and say out loud, “All That Happens, Happens for Good – Divine Order is working through me now”!
It’s time for Spring Cleaning. Clean your house and remove clutter. As you clean each room and the items in it, do so with reverence and appreciation for the abundance in your life. Cover your home in loving energy as you clean, picturing you and your loved ones in each room, feeling happy, content, joyful and relaxed. By this evening, you are ready to smudge each room with white sage to purify and cleanse each room. End the day with the shower to remove all old energy.
Day of the Equinox:
This day is what people refer to as “Equinox Day”, It is the day to Celebrate Rebirth, Renewal and Abundance. It is a time to toast to plans of action and growth, ie, “a garden in bloom”! Celebrate with rituals including creating and sharing Equinox baskets with loved ones and friends. The day culminates with dinner to celebrate renewal, rebirth and the magic of the seasons and life and all the wonder it brings, along with sharing dreams being brought into fruition this year. This is a powerful day to put plans into action.
In ancient times, this was celebrated with an outward and inward celebration:
  • Exoterically (outwardly) – people celebrated with egg hunts, (a symbol of the earth and rebirth), by giving and decorating with bunnies, (a universal symbol of fertility for both body – act of creation with birth and mind – turning thoughts into fruition) and by giving baskets, (a symbol of abundance). A special dinner with family and friends celebrates the renewal.
  • Esoterically (inwardly) – people took action on the seeds (goals) that they planted during the Fall Equinox. Spring presented the time and divine opportunity to step forward and create oneself anew with the tools of Gratitude, Abundance and Creativity.
Day after the Equinox:
Celebrate the renewal of Spring and the Divine Feminine. This is the time to emerge from Introspection and Self Observation, into Spring Renewal and Focus on Action, Creation and Celebration. The Equinox is a time to focus on a balance of exoteric and esoteric, and introverted and extroverted events.
Suggestions to activate your creative side and bring new perspective and balance:
Planting flowers in the garden, taking on a new creative project (preferably something new you have not done before), decorating your home; saying thank you to the Universe for the Abundance of OPPORTUNITY in your life, accepting new challenges in order to grow and step closer to your goals, embracing the future; and spending time with people in your life who will encourage you with your dreams and aspirations.
The Spring Equinox is a great time to jump start your goals. Now is the time of Action! Your dreams were planted as seeds of thought in the Fall and now is time to tend to your garden and bring forth beautiful blooms of creativity.
Decide Now what actions you will take immediately and where you wish to be and proceed from there. May the journey into the sacred garden grow in delight with each step!
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