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holidays rituals Dec 01, 2019
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Happy Holidays!
I hope that this post finds you well and taking the time to enjoy the holiday season. As we know, life moves by fast and it's important that we all take a moment to breathe deeply and look around and take it all in.  All these years later, it turns out that Ferris Bueller had the right idea all along. And if you're reading this and are asking, who is Ferris Bueller, Google him and find out how his movie is pure philosophy. ;)
The Fall season leading into Winter is my favorite time of year and students who study the mystery school teachings with me, are taught about the secret wisdom of Fall and how if we choose this time to plant seeds of careful thought within, that true magic occurs in the Spring when these seeds blossom forth.  This is a practice that I've done myself for over thirty years now and it's never failed me.
This year as I work to emerge from my grief (of the passing of my beloved husband), I've created the thought and goal to emerge from my cave and cocoon status in order to become someone and something new this new year.
I started this work by going within and spending a lot of time alone, in self-introspection, self-observation and embracing being alone with myself and my thoughts and feelings. Over time, this allowed me to re-engage with the broken bits of my soul and then to return to my connection with the other side and Spirit.  What a long, strange, and at times deeply indescribably painful journey it has been.
I've described this journey as feeling like I was walking along the beach when a tsunami wave crashed over me and destroyed my entire life in a moment.  I struggled to survive in a tiny boat as wave after wave threatened to pull me under for the final time and there were several times when I was sure this would be the most I could handle.  However, Spirit in its infinite wisdom concludes that I still have things to do here and so I push on, doing what I know to do, in the best way I know how to do it.
During this process as I journeyed within, I've been able to gather and return the bits of my soul that broke apart during this traumatic time and I'm aware that in doing so, my soul has changed a bit from the experience and so have I. The only constant in life is change and so here I grow again, open to evolving and learning and in the process, hopefully being in service to others as I teach and share from what I've learned and experienced and walked through, from the best of times, to the worst, when I walked alone in complete darkness with only a dim light coming from deep within me to guide my way.
In a way, isn't that a bit of what this time of year is about?
The Winter Solstice and the Return of the Light... From the darkest day of the year, the Sun returns and we rejoice and are grateful. For even in the darkest of times, the only constant is change and the light returns once again.
During this journey, I've felt like a Phoenix, burned down to ash and nothingness, in a limbo like rest and then one day, when least expected, the Phoenix rises from the ashes and is reborn.  This is what is occurring for me now.
I have no idea where this journey will take me. What I do have, is my faith and trust in Spirit to be my guide, like I have all of my life and for this I am deeply grateful.
I begin this new chapter by showing my face in the photo here. 
It's a selfie photo I took in my office the other day, where I'm working and writing and not wearing any makeup. It's just me, my face au naturel.  I felt it was important for me to do this, to show me, without makeup, just who I am, laid bare for all to see.  It's the outward expression of who I also am inside, new, reborn, and natural.  For reasons too long maybe to explain in this newsletter, this was a defining moment for me, to show my face without makeup on, after a lifetime of being told by society that I needed to present myself looking a certain way always wearing makeup.  That somehow just being me, au naturel, wasn't good enough. Today I know, I'm good enough, just as I am. I certainly am not alone in these thoughts. I'm not the only one to have loved and lost someone close, nor the only one to feel insecure about themselves at some level. 
So while I do this for me, putting myself out here au naturel in this way, I also do it for everyone who has ever felt this way. For those who have struggled in grief and wondered if they could find their way back into the light and for those who have struggled with feeling less than in some way and wondered if they could find the way to love themselves as they are.
If this feels right to you, I hope you'll find the way to show your true self to someone, whether it's sharing your deepest thoughts, feelings, or your inner self in a way you've not felt able to do before.
As I celebrate my birthday this month, my wish is for all of us to find the light within and to let it shine brightly for all to see!

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