Mercury Retrograde Chaos

astrology Jul 04, 2019
Yes, that’s right, for all you astrology followers out there, I said it, Embrace Mercury Retrograde!
We’ve always been alerted to the dangers and mishaps that occur when Mercury goes retrograde, including problems with electronics and communication.
I’m not doubting that information, I’ve seen it occur first hand and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched businesses attempt technological upgrades and buy equipment during these periods where I thought to myself, if only they had consulted an astrologer, how much easier this could have gone for them.
What I am saying though, is while good old Merc causes his share of trouble when he goes retro, he also brings a wealth of opportunities and if you understand how the retrograde works, you can use this information to your advantage.
Retrogrades bring opportunities to reconnect, revisit, revise, review, reveal, and renew. If there’s someone you’ve been trying to connect with and have been unable to do so, you may find that they appear in your life at this time.
If you have an unresolved issue, it may come to an end during this time. It’s a powerful time to review your life and reconsider some of the decisions you’ve made in the past and resolve to change your life in the future. Just wait till the retrograde is over to take the actual actions and make clear decisions and for heaven’s sake, don’t sign any contracts. For now, it’s time to reflect upon your life in a creative, free-flowing, brain storming type of direction.
It’s also a powerful time to relax and renew, a great time to take a break and do something fun and get away. Just make sure to double check those reservations and have your car checked before you travel far and the rest should be smooth sailing.
So the next time you hear about a retrograde coming, mark your calendar so you avoid buying electronics during that period and double check all communications, including taking a very big long deep breath while thinking twice before you blurt your feelings out loud and say something you might regret later.
Use this time wisely to relax, unwind and enjoy some quiet time to review the path you’re on and where you’re heading next.

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