Make My Holiday Modern and Metallic

I have clients in Manhattan who are in their 30s and live in a beautiful apartment there.  The details in the space are gorgeous but space is at a definite premium as is the case in the city.  Their home is about 850 sq feet all together and the location is pretty great.

They enjoy the holidays but aren't into traditional Christmas decor.

They hired me as their Intuitive Interior Decorator for my Holiday Decor package to assist them with decorating their space.

Here are their requests:

1. They love modern decor.

2. They don't like traditional Christmas decor.

3. They don't want to buy many decor items, as storage space is pretty limited for them and so they needs things they can pack up in one box.

4. They'd love for the decor to be versatile and look great for New Years as well.

My suggestion to them based on their likes, wants and needs?

Make it Modern and Metallic!

They have a console that is very similar to the console I have in my home. It's part of the feature wall in their home, though they may change that next year, as they fell in love with the Faux Fireplace decor that I recently shared in a blog post and will be creating one of their own with me soon.

For this season though, they want simple and easy.

I created some ideas for them by laying out the idea on my console here, so they could get an idea of what they could do. Love my console as much as I do? That's the Delano Iron Door Console from Ballard Designs baby, and it's divine!

Let's take a closer look at my console here in the photo. I don't normally decorate my home in a modern style, but I could use the console that is a similar size to theirs, to display some items in order to give them an idea of what we could do.

To keep things modern, I went with this rose gold ball garland, that is anything but traditional. There is no greenery or berries to be found anywhere here.

I added mercury candlesticks (Pottery Barn) that I already have and so do they for more sparkle, and I added some of my gemstones, which they have as well. People ask me where I get my gorgeous gemstones and I tell them, Astro Gallery of Gems in NYC. Their collection is beyond amazing!

My clam shell is always on this console and I like that the interior of it is painted metallic silver. I suggested to them that they use what they have already, which is a big crystal bowl that I found in their kitchen cabinet, which they will place in the area where you see my shell.  Inside the crystal bowl, I suggested they buy a box of silver and gold ornaments, which can be found very inexpensively at Amazon like these or these.

The big purchase I asked them to make for this look, was to purchase the Rose Gold Ball Garland, which I've strung across the console. This garland can be found at CB2, for the price of... wait for it... $25!

I also placed some copper ribbon that I had around the garland, added my Michel Collection candles that I already had in my home and the gold branch goes well that is always on my console and I suggested adding white twinkle lights. This is a look that can easily take them into New Year's Eve.

I suggested that after Christmas, they move the candlesticks closer together to the left side in order to fit a silver ice bucket with a bottle of champagne in the middle here and to leave a bit of room on the right to add champagne glasses next to the bucket.

Of course, you know me, I love gold and silver, but I'm begging for a hint of color to come into the palette here. So I've convinced them to buy one red ornament to place in the middle of their crystal bowl among the silver and gold ornaments to add a dramatic pop of color and vibrancy.

This is a festive look for a young couple in their 30s, who love modern, love NYC and want a splash of a holiday look without it feeling like their parent's traditional Christmas decor.

Total amount they spent for their look:

$25. for the rose ball garland

$15. for silver and gold ornaments

Having my help to pull it all together for them, Priceless. :) 

Ok, not priceless, hehe, my fee for Holiday Decor in a room is $249. and they tell me it was money very well spent. They both love being able to use what they already have around their home to create this look and they tell me that my discerning decorating eye saw the things in their home in ways they never could have imagined, which saved them a lot of money and delighted them to be able to have their items become multi-purpose year round!

Modern may not be your look for Christmas, but this concept may give you some ideas of things you could do for a New Year's Eve party in your home, where it's always fashionable to have sparkle and all things metallic.

Happy Bright and Shiny Holidays! However you decorate, may your home be Merry and Bright!

And if you'd like my discerning decorating eye to take a look at your home and give it some extra sparkle and shine for the holidays, book your Holiday Decor session with me now.  Christmas is coming quick and I only have a few spots left open before the big day!

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