Make Magical Gatherings for Halloween


I love decorating for Halloween, starting with the entrance to my home. This year it's challenging in a new way, as I'm in a condo, where there are some restrictions of what I'm allowed to do and I don't have a yard to play around with. I do have a landing though where I've been able to decorate.

The video above shows the area where I have some outdoor furniture on the landing and the photo here shows the entrance. No matter how much space you have or don't have, there's always a creative way to make some seasonal fun, that you and visitors will enjoy. Even my UPS delivery guy tells me he loves seeing the changes I've done as he delivers throughout the seasons.

Here's a few pictures of what's new. My ghost girls are still floating around, if you remember pictures from other seasons where they were out in the front yard. I have them sitting in flower pots this year so they can stand up and do their thing.

These white hutches are probably my most favorite pieces of furniture that I have currently.  They were created to hold dishes in a dining room, but I use them in my office as they make great storage.  The glass doors highlight some of the items I keep for inspiration when writing.

If you've studied in my Wise Woman Course, you'll recognize the aromatherapy "mojo bags" here in the background that I'm making for Fall. Upfront here is a bit of white candle magic, always good to include in the work.

Closeup view of the mojo bags I'm working on to share, I wish you could smell how amazing they are, the house is full of their incredible scent right now!

And well, what can I say... what's Halloween without at least a potion or two roaming around.... :)

In this case, I have a Love Potion on the bar cart, ready to be served. :)

I love the gold tray and caramel color of all of the various whiskeys and liquor. The love potion fits in perfectly here in its very own special bottle.

My gargoyles always travel with me and in our new home they guard this area and stand ready to greet my guests and of course, offer them a potion or two. ;)

There's a lot of magic brewing over at my coastal castle, :) as I hope there is at your home too. I hope you enjoyed this little tour of haunting happiness. Happy Halloween!

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