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ask kala Sep 23, 2020

Welcome to Ask Kala! In this column  –  Kala invites you to email your probing metaphysical, magical, spiritual, and supernatural questions.

Due to the volume of email she receives, she isn't able to answer back individual e-mails. Instead, she’ll choose interesting questions and answer them here.

Today's question is:

"Hi Kala, I thoroughly enjoyed your interview on the Edgar Cayce podcast. I then purchased on ITunes your audio book 9 Life Altering Lessons. Very correct. Now can you explain the purpose of receiving a Golden Lotus. This gift arrived in a dream. Infinite Blessings, Richard

Hi Richard,

Thank you so much for sharing your kind thoughts about my interview on the Edgar Cayce podcast! I really enjoyed presenting at the Edgar Cayce ARE Conference (Oct 10-13, 2019) entitled: Unearthing the Hidden and Forbidden Histories of the Ancient Past. Hundreds of people attend this conference every year and it was wonderful to meet so many of you!

I also appreciate your kind thoughts about my 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled book, including that you enjoyed the Audible version. Many people have shared with me that they enjoy hearing my voice as I read the book and that it helps them on their journey through the nine lessons. I hope it was as helpful for you in this manner.

Ok so on to your question, which in this case is about a dream you had. You may like to check out another one of my books, The Awakened Dreamer: How to Remember and Interpret Your Dreams.   In this book, I teach techniques including lucid dreaming, and how to communicate with your guides in your dreams.

When I work with clients and students to interpret their dreams, it's during a private consultation, where we discuss the dream in great depth and create a plan to ask for further guidance from spirit to communicate again in a new dream. 

This is how it was done in the ancient temples. When a person would receive an informative dream, they would reach out to a high priest or priestess and consult with them on the meaning of the dream, in order to determine what action to take next.  The dreamer would actually spend the evening in the local temple, where they would discuss their dream with the interpreter, and then sleep in a chamber where certain crystals, gemstones, floral extracts, botanicals, teas, colored lights, and color therapy would be prescribed to enhance the dream state. All parts of the dream from the previous evening would be discussed and the next day after awakening, the consultation would continue to explore what was occurring in the person's life at this time.

In this case here with your email, I don't have any information regarding your life currently. The only detail I have, is that you received a Golden Lotus. 

There are so many details that matter in this dream, that are missing....

Questions I would ask the dreamer and that you can ask yourself to interpret your dream include:

How did you receive the lotus, how did it look, how did it feel, what were you doing, who else was there, what else occurred in the dream. 

Without this information, it's like giving just one small part of the puzzle, such as saying.... tree! and the person has to determine what the person means by tree, which could mean thousands of things including the shape, size, color, health and appearance of the tree.

I hope this is making sense. Dream interpretations can be very helpful and very profound during a consultation when all aspects of what is going on in a person's life are pulled together and looked at during a session.

Since you've read my 9 Life Altering Lessons book, you have a sense of how I work as a wisdom teacher and guide and that I'm going to work with you to help you find the answers within you!

In my book The Awakened Dreamer, I offer tips on how to interpret these dreams for yourself so that you don't have to have sessions with interpreters like me.

Sometimes, you just need a little help like I mention in the book to discover the meaning for yourself.

Questions to ask yourself to find the meaning in this dream include:

What has been going on in my life lately, have I been asking for a sign, do I communicate with my spirit guides, what does a lotus mean to me personally, do I have a connection with eastern spirituality, what does the color gold mean to me, was the lotus in full bloom or still a bud,  what else was around the lotus in the water, what else happened in the dream that feels significant, have I had this dream before, what was I thinking about before I went to sleep that night, do I keep a dream journal, are there any clues in my dream journal that have been leading up to this dream, what has changed in my life since having this dream, how did I feel when I work up from this dream? These are just a couple of questions that can help with dream interpretation.

For a quick answer, which my wisdom teachers referred to as a western style fast food answer, :) meaning a temporary solution with little sustenance, I can give you a quickie general answer of a golden lotus.

The Lotus means:

As within, so without, the spiritual work that one has been focusing on, is now ready to bloom and come forth. The lotus symbolizes this by growing in the muck and mud (earth plane and in our mental thought field) until it bursts forth from the waters and blooms brilliantly (spirituality reborn on earth and through the aura).

It represents spiritual growth, a symbol of hope and that the soul is eternal and that there is always an opportunity to rise above whatever struggles and challenges we face on the earth plane.

Golden lotus means:

An attainment of spiritual enlightenment. A spiritual lesson learned and mastered.

Without knowing any other information from your dream or other factors ongoing in your life currently, what I can say is that the golden lotus is acknowledgement from your spirit guides that something you have been working on, (on your spiritual journey), has been achieved. It is being acknowledged by the other side and most likely, been noted as an achievement in your Akashic Records with your soul. Great job!

Keep going, it sounds like you are receiving signs that you are on the right path and moving forward in a good direction. If I can help you further as a guide, feel welcome to meet with me through a Private Consultation.

All the best,


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