Let Go and Create Space for Light

wisdom teachings Jun 21, 2019
 I'm up early this morning in order to watch the Summer Solstice Sunrise from my balcony. This ritual has always been a favorite one for me, but this year it feels even more special and needed now more than ever.
Summer Solstice is the longest day of light in the year. It is the day where we can soak in beautiful rays of light into our energy body and if we choose, to become enlightened. It's an opportunity to evolve, but like all things, it comes with a price.
To accept the light, to grow, to evolve, we must be willing to sacrifice, to let go of something that we have held onto tightly. For many of us, we hold on to the past, sometimes it’s out of fear, sometimes anger and many times because it's become comfortable to blame others for our problems and resist looking within to see how we could change. In order to embrace the light, we must let go of the past. If we do so, we then create a vacuum, a sacred space within that is now open and available to bring in the light where hate, anger, hurt, and resentment once dwelled. If we do not create this space within, there is no room for the light to enter and no room for it to make a home.
For years now, we have been living in tumultuous times and it's easy to get confused, to feel hurt and to want to strike out in anger. But if we look around, we see that what goes out, only ripples and creates more of that energy, while at the same time, it crushes and defeats us from within. As Within, So Without, what we carry inside, is felt by others and those feelings either nurture or destroy. The world around us is hurting and everyone is crying out for relief. Today is a powerful day of light, where you can make the decision to let the past go, regardless of the reason or justification. Let it go and let the light in and decide - will you make today the first day where you nurture yourself and by doing so, nurture others or will you continue to hold on to the past, tearing away into yourself and others around you with painful energy.
We are Creators, Every Thought, Word, Action and Deed we do, affects us on a daily basis. When We Become Conscious of This, We Understand that What We Do and Say, Builds Positive or Negative Energy Around Us. Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind.
Two very wise women that I spoke with this week, who live in different parts of the world and don't know each other, both shared the same message with me this week. They said RIGHT NOW, that we are at the fork at the road, humanity is deciding which path to take, one of new experiences, evolution and soul expansion or one of fear of change and holding on to the past. We are standing at this precipice, the time to embrace the light is here.
What you have wished for deep inside,
an opportunity to let go and let the light in is here.
Don't miss it.
Here are some steps of how to let the light in today….
1. Take three deep breaths in and out and as you do, surround yourself with white light and ask that any anger, resentment, pain, grudges, and past memories leave your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body and be released and dissipated into nothingness.
2. Visualize any person that you have felt this negative energy against and speak to their higher self on the soul level, rather than in person. From your soul to theirs, explain that you are forgiving them, because it is best for you to do so and for your good not to hold this old toxic energy inside of you anymore. Wish them well on their journey, while advising them that you have learned the lesson you needed to learn and won't need to repeat it again with them. This releases all karmic attachment and by letting go, you heal this and the light burns it away.
3. Find three minutes today to stand outside in the sunlight. Raise your arms up in the air, face the sun, take three deep breaths in and out and ask that the divine light be brought into your body, cleansing you, releasing all old negative doubts, fears, pain, resentments, grudges, memories, and anger. This is powerful, release it, let it go, see it drift away and dissipate into nothingness. Then ask the light to come into your body, to fill your aura with its pure light. Give thanks for this opportunity, for this day, for the light and for the gift you are giving yourself, which is to let go, so that you can heal and make room for the light inside of you to shine.
4. Once you feel the old energy leave and the light washing over you, cross your arms over your chest in a X formation. This is an old Egyptian ritual from the mystery schools, the arms are first raised above in the V formation to gather the light and then crossed in the X formation to seal the energy within the aura energy body.
The time is now and the opportunity awaits to change your life starting today. Please share this with anyone whom you think might appreciate this information.
In love and light,
“Some call me a teacher. I like to say I do not teach, rather I help souls remember who they are including how to awaken their intuitive abilities. This knowledge is timeless and universal and each person retains this intuitive information deep within their soul where they hold the key.
When they are ready to remember who they are and why they are here, the inner door to the soul opens and true wisdom/gnosis (knowledge combined with experience) is revealed. I believe that humanity is raised to its highest level when individuals gather with mystical wisdom, deep compassion and a discerning desire to provide service to humanity.
It is my philosophy that intuition is all encompassing, living within and amongst us in each moment, thought and action, and so the journey begins…” – Kala Ambrose ExploreYourSpirit.com

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