Kala's New Podcast - The Kala Ambrose Show

Today I want to talk about-

My New Podcast -
The Kala Ambrose Show

I'm so excited to announce my new podcast - 

The Kala Ambrose Show

Many of you know I had a podcast several years ago that ran for seven years, where I interviewed hundreds of guests and discussed many metaphysical topics.

That was an amazing time and while I loved every minute of it, I never got to go as deep as I wanted to go, discussing metaphysical, supernatural and spiritual topics that I've dedicated my life to studying and teaching. 

This new podcast is dedicated to this journey, as I share wisdom teachings and other fascinating and enlightening topics. 

New episodes on The Kala Ambrose Show are already available to listen to, including: How to Find Past Life Connections, Energy Vampires and Empaths, Gratitude, Numerology and Angel Numbers, Having Dinner with Spirit and more. 

You can find The Kala Ambrose Show on Apple iTunes, Google Podcast and Spotify.

Here's the RSS feed link if you prefer and you can find The Kala Ambrose show on my website as well. 

I'll be discussing so many different spiritual topics and I'll be answering  Ask Kala questions on the podcast too.

Do you have a metaphysical question that you've always wanted to ask?   Email via the CONTACT FORM and ask your question. I'll be choosing from the questions that are the most often asked and from some of the most intriguing ones as well. If you'd like to hear your question discussed on The Kala Ambrose Show, email away, let's hear from you!

AND I'd love to hear from you if you're enjoying The Kala Ambrose Show podcast and if you can, please leave me a review where you're listening to the podcast, like on iTunes. Your review helps my show get ranked well in the podcasts lists so people can find it. I appreciate your support so much!

Here are some testimonials already coming in about the Podcast:

"Hi Kala, I was excited to see that you had posted a new podcast and that it was about Numerology!  I was just driving and listening  when as you began to speak about 5’s I pulled up to a traffic light and the car in front of me had a license plate that ended in 555!  Such an awesome and validating moment!  I have seen numbers in 3s for the last few years.  Most of the time it’s in license plates for me. 

I just want to share that and let you know that I love the podcasts!  I love hearing your voice!  The sound of your voice is… I don’t know if familiar is the right word, but it always makes me feel so comfortable.  So much that there are times when I have had to go back several minutes in a lesson or podcast because I become so relaxed that my mind just wanders off deeply thinking about something you’ve said. 

I’m looking forward to the beginning of the Wise Woman course!  Can’t wait to learn more about the deeper meanings of traditions and such. The podcast about Halloween was great.  I think deep down I’ve known there is more to this, but only understood what had been taught to me in the Muggle world"!   - Crystal W.

"Kala, I’m so delighted your continuing your podcast!  It got me through my mom’s death and dad’s death back when". - D.K.

"Kala, this podcast is gold! Keep up the good work". - C.K.



Kala Ambrose is considered one of the country's foremost experts on mystic spirituality and intuitive ability. She has taught thousands around the world how to create a life through conscious intuitive awareness that is in tune with their life purpose and goals. Study with her at her Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences.


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