Here We Glow! Solstice Jupiter Saturn Conjunction - Listen to Your Dreams

dreams Dec 19, 2020

A Life Altering, Pivotal, Earth Changing, Celestial Winter Solstice is here and this year it heralds the ending of the old age and the introduction of new beginnings and a new world including:

  • An emergence from our modern day Dark Ages, into a New Renaissance, where we will 'rediscover' the importance of the arts, culture, creativity, design, architecture, scientific discoveries and most importantly, Intuition.

  • Movement from letting go of old dreams and old ways of thinking and living, into adopting new opportunities for growth and expansion. There is no going back to the old ways, they will no longer work for us.  Each of us will be forced to leave something behind (beliefs, ideals, thoughts, habits, lifestyle, and old patterns) this coming year in order to make room for the new things to come.

We are in the midst of this death/rebirth cycle as we embrace the astrological Age of Aquarius. We will view this celestial energy around the world as a Bright Point of Light as seen in the sky on December 21st through the Great 2020 Jupiter Saturn Conjunction. It's been almost 800 years (1226) since we were able to view this conjunction at night. 

This year it's happening on the Winter Solstice, the longest/darkest and one of the most spiritually significant and impactful nights of the year. The conjunction is creating this light (enlightening us) to see through the darkness on the longest night of the year in order to usher in the return of the light. 

Finally, we are getting somewhere! Here We GLOW again! As we arise and awaken from these dark chaotic times, how do we reclaim our power?

Listen to Your Dreams!

The communication from your Higher Self/Higher Consciousness is trying to help you right now. All the wisdom and guidance you have been seeking is available to you, right now! Now is the time to tap into your intuition and pay attention to your dreams as information from the other side is trying to reach you at this very moment.

Dreams provide direct access to the information you are seeking and messages are being downloaded to us through our dreams. If you need help remembering your dreams, check out my book (The Awakened Dreamer) where I explain how you can connect with the messages and messengers in your dreams.

There's no time to waste, your dreams are the most potent that they have ever been, right now as the energy from this global shift of consciousness has awakened and the Renaissance has begun!

It's time to shake off the dark energy that's been hanging over all of us and take back the light.

This is the reason you're here and what you've been waiting for!

This song says it well - ... "Right Here, Right Now, Watching the World Wake Up from History".  

Make this New Year and New Renaissance the start of something very special- Awaken and listen to your dreams, they will guide you where to go next. Each one is a clue and a communication from your higher self and other guides.  Here We Glow Again, enjoy the journey and embrace the light!

PS: KC, this one's for you xoxo

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