New Trends in Christmas Tree Decor

Happy Holidays! As an Intuitive Interior Decorator, I help clients create the look, feel and mood of their home through connecting with the colors that work best for their energy and then decorating their home to reflect that energy and emotion.

The act of changing the look, feel and mood of my home is a magical experience. It's always delighted me how changing things around and adding new pops of color and fabric and decor can completely lighten, soften or enhance the mood of my home and in the homes of my clients.

Photos show here: Traditional fireplace mantel design by Kala Ambrose with energetic words placed throughout the garland including Joy, Love and Hope

As a psychic empath who also sees auras and interior decorator, I feel the energy of every room I walk into and I find that the homes themselves energetically tell me how they want to look and feel.

When you tune in and listen intuitively to your home, it will help guide you to the look that is absolutely right at the time! Note I say, at the time, because I've spent years studying Traditional Feng Shui, which teaches that the energy in your home changes every year as your home evolves. Yes, that's right, your home has a birthday every year just like you do!

Angel Mantel designed by Kala Ambrose

In TRADITIONAL Feng Shui, each year, the energy changes in your home and moves around, so what you think is your lucky corner, has probably moved two or three times into a new area of your home.

Wondering why your luck has changed?

Maybe it's because you've had your lucky object placed in the wrong area for a while now. Wouldn't that information have been helpful a year ago... That's why when you study metaphysical topics, like Feng Shui and courses I teach like AURA SCHOOL and INTUITIVE DECOR SCHOOL, you want to make sure you are getting access to the best information out there, otherwise you could find yourself spinning around trying all these things and wondering why it never works right for you.

Back to the beauty of Christmas trees, starting with, you may find from year to year you are intuitively picking up on the energy in your home as it moves around and you may feel led to put your tree in a different location of your home. Go with this feeling, as you are picking up on the energy in your home and where the energy of the tree and the lights will best be enjoyed.

Photos shown here: Christmas doorways designed by Kala Ambrose

Also don't be afraid to follow those intuitive feelings further if you feel the desire to change the color and design of the tree, including changing the color of your lights, of the ornaments and ribbons and the entire style and design of the tree. The aura in your home changes just like the aura of every person and you may find over the years that you are called to change your seasonal decor to be in touch with the energy of a particular holiday season!

This year for example, more people are being led to introduce new colors into their trees, moving away from red and green and going into more metallic touches of silver, gold and rose gold as well as muted metals of grey and an alabaster creme.

Over the years my trees have changed and for most years, I've always have several trees in my home. Back in 2000 I introduced a second tree into my home, called a Slim Tree, that does not spread out as far as a traditional tree. This was a wonderful addition to the home as a second tree that can fit into a foyer or smaller area when needed and ideal for those living in condos and apartments.

Let's look at some of my trees from here and now to years past...

One of my favorite trees that I designed was back in 2011, when I focused on the Victorian style Christmas tree designs. I focused this design on my slim tree, so that I could really create the look of the Victorian style, without having to add a lot to my budget.

The Victorian style means a very very full tree, packed with ribbons, ornaments, birds, feathers, fruit, leaves and pearls. Each part of the tree is meant to tell a story about the family and their interests. It's a wonderful way to create a very full rich tree that is deeply meaningful.

In keeping with this style, I went with the colors of deep purple and mossy green, rather than bright red and forest green. I also brought a touch of whimsy into my tree to show my personality, including ornaments from New Orleans, like my St. Louis Cathedral ornament, my Bourbon St street lamp and elemental figures including fairies flying round the tree.

As you can see in the photos below, my tree was full of fruits including grapes and pears and beaded apples and lots of colorful birds in green and deep blue. Purple and green berries entered the tree as well as decadent amethyst and bejeweled crystal ornaments, which were accented with layers of pearls and ribbon. The look of this style of tree is to have as many layers as possible, where it takes one more than a moment to discover all of the layers inside that create the effect. It's my most favorite style of tree to decorate.

Photos show here are the Victorian Slim Tree designed by Kala Ambrose

Moving on from this style, I later ventured into the Coastal Christmas Tree style, in a full size tree that captured the spirit of the ocean and brought it into the home. This tree is layered with coral accents and branches and the colors of turquoise and blue and green.

Instead of a traditional star topper for this tree, I used a starfish and incorporated ribbon that had more of a burlap net feel, accenting with ornaments of starfish, seashells, mermaids, seahorses, crabs and more. To really bring about this coastal feel, it helps if you can add elements all around the room, like I have here with my giant shell filled with sand on the console table with garland and I happen to love decorating with coastal decor, so it was easy to bring my mermaid art and turquoise chest into the theme.

Photos shown here are the Coastal Christmas Tree designed by Kala Ambrose

Next up I'm venturing into Christmas trees with even more personality!

Introducing my Spirited Ladies Trees! Meet Madame Chloe and Madame Scarlett.These beautiful ladies are just getting started, next year their skirts will be adorned with Scottish tartan ribbon in traditional red plaid for Scarlett and a muted black/white/gold Harlequin print ribbon will be worn by Chloe.

I will be also be adding ropes of pearls and custom ornaments that highlight the personality of each tree. I have high hopes for these trees, stay tuned!


Photos shown here are the Spirited Ladies Trees - Kala Ambrose


In the future I'm thinking of creating a tree with "movement". I want ornaments that move around the tree, animated figures, perhaps a train built into the tree and some clocks and other objects that are on timers that move and sing and chime at different times. Coming soon :)


I'd love to hear your thoughts about my trees and the aura energy they project in each design. What do you feel when looking at them? And I'd love to hear how your tree lights up your home and fills it with energy, what do you love to create energetically with your trees?

Like the look of my home decor? The pieces shown in these photos are from Home Goods, Frontgate, Ballard Designs, Grandin Road, Pier One, Joss and Main and Toulouse Royale Gifts in New Orleans. #homegoods #grandinroad #frontgate #ballarddesigns #pierone #jossandmain #toulouseroyale #holidaydecor #auracolors #whatcolorsaysaboutyourmood #exploreyourspirit

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