Charming Holiday Decor under $50.

holiday decor Nov 25, 2019

Think you can't have great holiday decor unless you spend a lot of money? 

Think again, it's all about using what you already have around your home and adding a bit of holiday sparkle and magic to it!

Here's a quick and affordable way to create a Traditional Holiday Look:

I already own this Sophie Terrarium and use it year round.

I add colorful eggs in it for Spring, create a beachy vibe in the Summer with seashells and in the Fall, I stir in a Halloween mix that is downright spooky.

Here now for Christmas I've added two candles that I use all year in other spots around my home. The candles are battery operated and on a timer. You don't want to light real candles when they are placed inside a structure like this terrarium. 

So terrarium, already have, check, candles, already have, check. 

Next came the sprigs up top that I bundled together. I took old garland that I had owned for years. The garland itself was worn out and had seen better days. It needed to be retired. However, the sprigs of berries and greenery attached on the garland were still in great shape, so I removed the sprigs using wire cutters and bundled the greenery together using floral tape. 

I then attached the sprigs to the top and still, I haven't spent any money on this decoration. The sugar berries placed in front here are also from the old garland. 

So what did I buy for this Christmas vignette this year?

I bought the tiny tree that you see inside, from Pottery Barn, at a whopping cost of.... wait for it.. $8.50   Done :)

Want to create this look for your home?

If you love this Sophie Terrarium, it's currently on sale at Pottery Barn for $39.

You can also use something you have around your home already to create a vignette like this, like a lantern for example. 

And check your old holiday decor that you aren't using anymore, and cut the sprigs off to repurpose them.  If you don't have any sprigs available, craft stores like Michaels have lots of them to choose from.

If you are new to making craft displays, here's a beginners set of tools to use, for $12., which includes a wire cutter, floral tape and floral wire. You'll use this for a variety of purposes once you get comfortable with how to work them.

Take a look around your home, you'll discover many everyday items that can be included in your holiday decor. Add something new, a sprig, ribbon, ornaments and create a festive budget friendly look.

Happy Decorating! If you'd like some help with your holiday decor, check out my Intuitive Interior Decorator Holiday Packages!

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