Ten Magical Ways to Celebrate Halloween

The spirit of Halloween has a tradition for everyone to enjoy. Here are my suggestions for ten supernatural super fun ways to celebrate and embrace the magic of the season:
1. Find love with a magic apple If you’re single, select a juicy red apple and peel the skin in one long piece. Hold the peel of the apple in your hand and say aloud, ‘As I fling this apple peel, my true love’s name will be revealed’. Fling the apple peel over your head and turn around to look at the shape that the peel forms on the ground. It is said that the apple peel will form into the first initial of your true love’s name or if you're at a party, the peel will point towards your true love.
2. Dance in the moonlight No matter what phase of the moon it is on Halloween, Lady Luna will be shining bright. Let your hair down, light a candle, put on some music and dance with the spirits of your ancestors in the moonlight.  Need I say more? Let your inner wild child come out and play!
3. Celebrate the ‘Day of the Dead’ – Mexico style Honor friends and family who have passed on to the other side. Host a special dinner and set a place for departed loved ones at the table. Light a candle at their seated place of honor and include framed photos. During dinner, share stories about all of the wonderful memories of your deceased loved ones. Check out my Wise Woman Wisdom online course, Lesson Ten which explores how to create a special dinner to invite loved ones in spirit to attend during the three nights around Halloween, when the veil between worlds is lifted.
4. Have a ‘Come As You Were’ costume party Take a step back in time and explore your past lives. Invite guests to come to your party dressed in a costume representing who they were in a past life. The conversations will be endless as each person shares who they were in a past life and how they lived.
5. Reach out as a volunteer to help others enjoy the holiday Nursing homes appreciate volunteers to help out with holiday festivities, as do charities with fund raising events. Spend Halloween spreading the spirit of the season with others and make a difference in your community.
6. Have a seed planting celebration Many cultures celebrate Halloween as the end of the year and November 1st as the New Year. Invite friends to celebrate New Year’s Eve on Halloween and make resolutions for the new year. Hand out packages of seeds to each of your guests and invite them to plant new seeds of thought this Fall which will manifest and bloom with new dreams in the Spring. Don’t forget to plant your carved pumpkins in the ground with your seeds, they make great compost.
7. Explore the supernatural on the silver screen and host a movie trivia night
Turn out the lights, curl up on the couch and scare yourself silly by watching some paranormal movies and TV shows. Read my article on Best Paranormal Movies of all time to watch.
8. Enlighten others on the history of Halloween and help end harmful and baseless superstitions Help debunk a superstition that is based on fear, like the one that says black cats are bad luck. In Ancient Egypt, black cats were revered in honor of the goddess Bast. Many cultures find black cats to be the luckiest color of all. Share how Halloween is celebrated in various customs around the world.
9. Go stay in a haunted hotel or visit a supernatural city like New Orleans or Salem The best way to engage with ghosts is to visit them in their favorite haunts, whether it's a local haunted bar or hotel or exploring a city that has a long and diverse haunted history. My super amazing spooky scary books like Spirits of New Orleans book or my Ghosthunting North Carolina are travel guides to these areas and show you where to go visit to have a ghostly encounter.
10. Listen to some supernatural interviews on Explore Your Spirit with Kala
Listen to podcasts on the Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show as I chat with Mary Ann Winkowski the Ghost Whisperer (whom the tv show Ghost Whisperer is based on) along with Werewolves with Dr. Bob Curran, and Vampires with Brad Steiger.
~~~~~~ BONUS IDEA~~~~~~~~
Personalized Pumpkins Give a gift to a newly married couple who is setting up their new home. Help them enjoy their first Halloween in their new home together, with a personalized pumpkin created in poly resin which will last for years. The pumpkins can be personalized with any name, up to 9 characters. Have the couple’s last name personalized on the pumpkin creating something they’ll enjoy for many years to come. Continue the tradition as each new child is born, creating a family of pumpkins one by one with the children’s names.

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