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books holidays Sep 29, 2020

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Fall is here, give a cheer, oh yes, that's me, I wait all year long for my favorite months, which are October through December.

I'm one of those people who throw a party just to toast to Fall making a grand appearance.  While some are belaboring the end of Summer, I'm unpacking my sweaters and getting ready for crisp cool nights, hot chocolate with whipped cream, pumpkin spice everything and the turning of the leaves, oh the leaves.

Maybe it's the Celtic blood running through my veins that loves how the seasons turn. I'm happiest when I live somewhere that has four true seasons. Each season brings its own magic and rituals to connect with the energy and I love and appreciate each one, but Fall, it's my favorite season. We all have favorites and now you know mine.

This time of year I'm out and about traveling and teaching and usually on book tour, doing signings at Barnes and Noble's, like this one and I'm decorating for Halloween.  I thought I'd take this time to share with you a couple of photos of Halloween décor that I've had in my house throughout the years.  Let's go!

First, I have to mention the video I'm sharing above. As a writer, I could not resist this super adorable typewriter that has a ghostly presence typing away for help. Maybe it's a ghost writer with writer's block. :)  It sits in my office and plays away, sometimes even without batteries in it :0

Next, it's my favorite pillow in the world here! Love this on black velvet with orange satin striping. You Say Witch Like It's a Bad Thing, just cracks me up!  

I've had this pillow for a very long time, bought it at Gumps, which is now out of business and unfortunately, long story, but this pillow was damaged beyond repair and I no longer have it. I've looked everywhere to replace it, I want this exact one on black velvet. If anyone knows where I can find this pillow, please contact me.  Thank you.  Love the pillow here on my console table with my Halloween sign. I have a thing for cute Halloween signs, you'll see a few of them here that I'll share.

In my book Ghosthunting North Carolina I share some hauntingly good stories about coastal North Carolina including tales of Blackbeard's ghost and other pirates. I love stories from the sea and coastal decor, including spooky coastal decor like this Octopus Witch here, who protects my library.

I love grouping things together to make authentic feeling Halloween decor (bust from Grandin Road) that you stumble upon while walking through the home. It gives the feeling that maybe this is the decor of the home all year long...

 Always need candles, everywhere during Halloween. This year I'm introducing some fun black and white pumpkin candles from Mackenzie Childs, along with her mini pumpkins, sending out a warning...

And if you've been or heard stories about my Halloween parties, I'm always whipping up or ahem, brewing up something good for my guests, from Marie LaVeau's Louisiana Swamp Brew, to Good Witch and Bad Witch cocktails to my infamous, Love Potion Number 9. Just a little taste will have you ready to dance and have a good time!  Though honestly, I think my Love Potion Number 8 works the best! Results may vary. ;)

Good Witches need lots of inspiration and Fall is a great time to plant new seeds of thought and wishes for what we'd like to manifest and see blossom in the new year. It's always good to make a wish and then make the magic happen by believing in yourself and taking action!

And.... Here's my little pup doing his annual Running of the Broomsticks in the Hallway to announce that the month of October and all things Halloween have arrived!

I'm going through lots of photos and will be posting more here soon.  Gathering items now as I start decorating for this year.   Stay tuned for more posts and Happy Halloween!


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