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ask kala Jun 01, 2020

Welcome to Ask Kala! In this column  –  Kala invites you to email your probing metaphysical, magical,.. spiritual, and supernatural questions.

Due to the volume of email she receives, she isn't able to answer back individual e-mails. Instead, she’ll choose interesting questions and answer them here.

Today's question is:

"Hello Kala, I have been on a journey of studying all about the mystery and mystical universe we are part of. However, I have reached a point where something in me has shutdown completely not sure why. My gifts and abilities seem to have disappeared. I will like to hear your suggestions. Thank you", JZ

Hi JZ,

Great question and this happens to all of us in one form or another. It's a type of burnout. Sometimes it happens in relationships, or in our careers or at times, in our spiritual connection and journey.

It's a sign that we have not been practicing self care and that we have disconnected from listening to our higher self and that intuitive, nurturing guidance.

When this occurs, if we focus on the problem, we actually make it worse. 

Think about something that you've dropped, like a vase and it's broken into pieces. You are upset that you've broken this piece and now you are frantically trying to put it back together. Your stress levels are high and you are working as hard as you can to pick up the pieces and to try and make them fit.  The more you try, the harder it feels and many times, we make it worse at this point, breaking it further as we work so hard to force the pieces back together than have come apart.

This analogy works with most things in life. When we feel disconnected or broken, the best thing we can do is to take a beat and step away from the situation to get clarity and restore balance.

When we feel spiritually disconnected and bankrupt of energy, the best course of action is to focus on giving to others!

Instead of focusing on what is going wrong in our life and what we have lost, focus instead on making someone else's life feel more full and joyful and spiritual. Give freely and with great intention and joy. 

You may not be feeling your deep spiritual connection at the moment, but you are still a wealth of information and wisdom and you can share what you know with another. If you don't have some thing to give at this moment, give of your time and energy. 

Think of someone that you'd like to help and what you can give to them, how you can be of service in their life and for one week, give your all to them.

Give them an unexpected amount of money that could change their life or their week. Give them time, listening to them or caring for them in some way. Give them energy, each morning or evening, when you pray or visualize good in a conscious intention, focus that energy on asking for something wonderful and incredible to happen to them. Don't try to define what that wonderful thing is, just ask that whatever is for their Highest and Best Good to find its way to them in Divine Order.  Fill your heart with joy for this person and give in all of these ways.

Do this with all of the love and joy and spiritual wisdom that you have.  See this person flourish and take delight in the joy of their journey.

Here's the surprising side effect: When we are in this joy of giving, it releases all of the stress that we have been feeling and as we give, we release this old energy and are filled with the delight (the light) of this movement. It clears our aura and energy fields and soon, guess what flutters back into to our soul? It's a new download of energy and connection from our Higher Self and our guides on the other side, bringing a new and deeper connection to our spiritual and intuitive selves. 

We have cleared the energy around us, and in return, we will receive a three-fold bounty of goodness and light delivered to us directly. I've never seen this not work, unless it is with the wrong intention. We shouldn't give to get, we should give for the joy of seeing another in delight!  When our intention is set on this task, the Universe shares its bounty with all. 

Give it a try if it feels right to you and please let me know how it goes!

In love and light,


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