Full Moon Magic and an Amazing October Treat for You!

rituals Oct 21, 2019

Have you ever felt the moon calling for you?  I'm serious, like late at night and you feel like something is calling to you...  If you have, that's your intuition picking up the energetic signal!

The other night I was quietly working and writing when I felt this pull, like someone calling to me. This is not uncommon in my line of work as those in spirit often want to catch my attention and I feel their connection especially in the evening when the fast pace of the day has faded away into a comfortable evening.

This call felt different, it was more of a charming pull, like magnetic energy attracting my body to it. It was so strong that I had to get up to investigate this feeling. It was a siren song, asking me to come play.

I walked into my bedroom, which has a door that opens up to a private balcony. Above the door is a window, which is a nice feature as it shines light into the room by day while allowing for privacy.

As I enter the room, I see who has been calling to me, it's Lady Luna, shining in her full glory right through my window. Her image was so perfect and stunning, I had to take a photo, as it looked like living artwork on display!

Her energy was so enticing that I immediately went out on my balcony in order to spend some time basking in her glow and tuning into to my intuitive, magical side.  It was time well spent.

When the Full Moon calls you, it's important to pay attention and answer. I'm so thankful that I know how to tap into the magical energy of the sun and moon and the spiritual planes.

The moon offers up gifts to us in each of her forms. When we have the eyes in which to see, we can tune into this energy in order to receive...

I was excited to see that the moon had called so strongly to me this evening because... here's what a Full Moon means...

The Full Moon brings the promise of releasing “something old”. It is potent, powerful and reminds us of the intense power we have as Creators and Manifestors.
It is a sign for me that I am being successful in releasing old energy that has been holding me back, something I've been working on for a while now. It is also showing me that I am embracing change and stepping into a new phase of manifesting and creating, finally!

Ready to answer the call the next time the Full Moon calls to you, so you can release any stagnant energy that has been slowing you down in order to reach your full potential?

1. Here's a ritual I'd like to share that you can do.

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Wishing you an evening of moonlight and magic....

All the best,


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