Blending Your Holiday Decorating Styles

holiday decor Dec 02, 2020

Happy Holidays! It's that wonderful, joyful, thoughtful, generous time of year! And it's time to get your decorating on!

I love a variety of decorating styles for the holidays, from the traditional colors of red and green to the new modern versions.  There are so many wonderful options now when decorating for the holidays.  The best part? If you like, you can have several different styles throughout your home, just keep the style the same in each room and from there you can offer a fun tour of different holiday displays in various locations throughout your home.

Here's a few snapshots of the decorating at my place and the different styles, let's take a look...

First up, my beloved "Lady Trees".

I name my Lady Trees and this beautiful lady in red is named Scarlett. She has a traditional look to me with her red and green colors. I tried to wrap her ribbon but it was just too fussy. So we removed the ribbon and adorned her "dress area" with a multitude of berries, picks and birds.

This gives her what I call a -  "I Just walked out of the forest, in tune with winter solstice and mother nature look".   Scarlett sits in front of my kitchen window and I have her on wheels so she can be rolled around when needed to get to cabinets in that area.  I added the two large gold ornaments on each side of the window to set the stage for her grand entrance, as she looks like she is walking in from the great outdoors!

Across from Scarlett is the area leading into the Breakfast Room where my fireplace mantel resides. You've seen this fireplace over the past year in many styles as I've updated it throughout the seasons.  This year, to compliment Scarlett's look, the mantel is decorated in a coordinating style that I describe as - " Scottish Highlands Winter Solstice Holiday".  

Here's a photo of the mantel in coordinating red and greens. I loosely gathered branches, berries and leaves to build height and interest here, giving the appearance of having just walked back in from the forest, where I then laid the branches upon the mantel.

Over in the breakfast room, I have a more modern look that ties into the fireplace by keeping with warm white colors to compliment the mantel. My seashell stays on the table year round and to give it a taste of the season, I've surrounded it in metallic decor, candles and bubbly garlands.

The mixture of silver and gold add a whimsical feeling and the candles warm it up. This look works right through into New Year's Eve.

Bridging the gap between the kitchen and breakfast room is the wall with my black clock and small white and gold table. I merge the color scheme here from the red and green into the black and gold by adding pillows here from all of these colors to blend seamlessly. This crisp clean look provides a bit of relief and space between the other more heavily decorated areas.

I love to take bits and pieces that look like they don't belong together and arrange them into a beautiful marriage that works wonderfully. After all, they say opposites attract.

Here I've used my rustic dough bowl to hold both traditional ornaments with snow flocked branches next to industrial style metal ornaments.  The addition of the large taupe colored ornament ties them all together in this theme.

As we head out into the hallway that leads to the living/dining area, I couldn't resist working all of these colors into the transition here. 

The cedar garland has a hint of metallic with the gold ribbons and stocking holders, while the stockings themselves are traditional red and green.

Next up is my Superstar! Located in the dining area is beautiful lady tree number two, Chloe.

Chloe is more modern in style,  decked out in black, gold and silver. She looks fashionably at home here in the window framed by her gold ornaments. I could see her easily as comfortable in a loft in NYC. She's ready for a glass of champagne to get the party started. My gargoyles are always in the window and they make perfect companions for her at her side.

Next to Chloe is my bar cart. The gold cart already blends in well with her look, but I couldn't resist adding the classic tartan cocktail napkins that match Scarlett's ribbon sash in the other room.

Across from Chloe is a table here where I store linens for the dining room. Chloe's metallic tree decor blends well with the gold here of the table and lamp.

I kept this area modern, using more of the taupe ornaments free flowing here, along with the gold moravian stars that I love. I used more of these stars in Scarlett in the kitchen and popped one of them on the bar cart as well.

These looks are very different, but can be blended from room to room, giving a sense of connection and continuity. The white bubble garland is the same as what I used in the breakfast area on the stands behind the seashell.  Candles warm the area up as do the pillows in gold, so that modern doesn't mean cold or sterile.

And don't forget about the gift wrap!

I'm having a great time with Kraft paper this year and using ribbons and sprigs to coordinate my look. I also love to use wax seals to add texture to the wrapped packages.

 That's how the holidays are kicking off here at my space this year. I hope you've enjoyed this little holiday tour and that it's inspired you to try some new styles in your holiday home decor.

From my heart to yours, wishing you very Merry Holidays

All the best, Kala



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