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So today I'm talking about the Elements and the Elementals connected to them. What they are, what's the difference between us and them and how to connect with them if you're interested. 

 Elementals are connected to the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. They know their purpose, they're true to their purpose, and they have specific vocations. There are four types of elementals I want to talk about, that connect with the earth plane, especially.

The elementals that we describe working with are: Earth/Gnomes, Air/Fairies, Fire/Salamanders or Dragons, and Water/Mermaids.

Elementals don't reside here on the earth plane. This is where they come to work. This is their job. And then when they leave, they go back home. They live in a different plane of existence that we describe as a mental plane. It's constructed with thought forms and very defined. The thought forms they construct over in that plane are what they bring with them onto the earth plane in order to create.

Fairies work with flowers and plants. Gnomes with crystals and stones.  Mermaids work with water, and Dragons with Fire. And of these, three of the four are very consistent. earth, air and water. These elements are very easy to find here on Earth. There are huge bodies of water on Earth and of course, there's a lot of earth here, ground and stone and stability. And we breathe in the air that's here.

But fire is the most elusive. There's not a lot of fire just coursing on the Earth, we have light, but that comes from the sun. It's directed to the earth, but it's not on the earth. The closest we get with fire naturally, is when there's a lot of disruption underneath the ground and a volcanic eruption with lava occurs. The other way fire is created, is when lightning touches down to earth, striking something and catching it on fire. Or when we create some type of irritant. If we pour something combustible on something that's flammable, we can create a fire with the strike of a match or lighter or we create an irritant that makes something burst into flames, like rubbing two sticks together until the friction starts a fire.  Fire requires an irritant so fire is the most volatile element and elemental.

As we delve deeper into this lesson and talk about the different types of magic that are associated with the elements, and the Elementals, we are reminded that we also contain all of these elements within us, earth, air, fire and water. So how do the elements affect us and how do we connect with elementals?

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