Explore Ancient Mysteries with Kala Ambrose and Edgar Cayce

wisdom teachings Jul 18, 2019

Ever wonder what it's like to study in a mystery school?

Come uncover the mysteries and wisdom of our earliest civilizations, SEE the latest discoveries from the field, EXPLORE suppressed histories of humanity’s origins, and EXAMINE the influence of the ancient past on our current culture and destiny.

Search mystical Egypt, China, and Asia, new findings in prehistoric Europe and the Middle East, experience the esoteric insights of ancient mystics and prophets, and even the evidence for ancient aliens and extraterrestrial contact.

Why? BECAUSE YOUR SOUL WAS THERE! Latent within you are all the memories and skills your soul possesses from those ancient times—lost knowledge waiting to be found. This conference stimulates your deeper mind to recall all you have known and to awaken it to this incarnation.

Join me, Kala Ambrose as I teach about the mystery schools at Edgar Cayce's ARE: Unearthing the Hidden and Forbidden Histories of the Ancient Past Annual Ancient Mysteries Conference

Robert M. Schoch PhD, Andrew Collins, David Hatcher Childress, Kala Ambrose, John Van Auken, Carol Sue Janes, and Mark Anthony bring their latest discoveries along with insights into ancient mysteries, age-old prophecies, mystical teachings, and esoteric knowledge from around the globe to the stars.

Mystery School teacher and psychic Kala Ambrose brings the timeless esoteric wisdom that was presented in ancient temples through the High Priests and Priestesses of Ancient Egypt and Greece in a unique experiential workshop. As you reconnect with the Divine Mysteries, you will ask yourself: Are you the person you thought you were, or are you someone greater than you ever imagined?

Meet the presenters at our Speaker Reception and Author Book Signing!
Saturday, October 12, 4:00-5:00 p.m.
Meet the presenters and authors close-up. Ask that question that has been on your mind. Get the latest books autographed by the authors. Enjoy like-minded people, conversation, and light refreshments.

The Conference will be held October 10-13, 2019
My interview with Edgar Cayce ARE is out! Here's the details, you can listen via podcast or watch the video on youtube. Love the ARE, looking forward to teaching there this October! On this episode of Edgar Cayce Reflections, our host Peter Woodbury interviews Kala Ambrose and she talks about Mystery Schools.Listen to my interview where I chat about the Mystery Schools on Edgar Cayce TV
Hope to see you there as we explore the ancient mysteries!
All the best,
Kala Ambrose
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